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Simply beautiful open source icons

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Dre Durr💡
These are very well designed icons Very Dope 🚬🚬
Jordan Nesbitt
These look great! Also the plain white landing page is really effective, that looks great too.
Yigit Pinarbasi
Never say "no" to icon packs!
Noah Kim
@yigitpinarbasi especially ones that dont require your email
Darren Liviniuk
Looks great - I will give these a go for my next presentation!
Cole Bemis
Thanks for posting this, @kevinfischer! I encourage anyone that's interested to get involved in the Feather community on GitHub. If you don't see the icon you're looking for, feel free to request an icon with a GitHub issue. In the future, I'll be accepting icon contributions as well. Get involved: https://github.com/colebemis/feather Enjoy :)
Fred Rivett
@colebemis Thanks for these Cole, they look sweet!
Daniel Klopper
Great icons, some of the best I have used.
Parthiv Patel
Great icons, can't say no to icon packs!
Josh Khoury
Good idea!
Whitney Hummel
Frank te Pas
Can never have enough nice icons! Thank you!
Nicolas Nguyen
Just installed on my site Waatcher and it looks awesome. Works great with Bootstrap and easily replace Glyphicons without any effort. Awesome work! I have been looking for icons as clean as this.
Amool Nuthalapati
Bring on this!! thanks for making it @colebemis and hunting it @kevinfischer
Gaurav Mathur
awesome @colebemis!
Mahadev Majaladar
Great icons! Loved the idea.
Marat Zakaryan
Elayan Hamamrah
Very well designed, Fantastic :)
Leo Bassam
Wow those are stunning!
Awesome! A lot of icons I needed before!
Marcelo Torres
F*ckin Awesome!
Click and download individual .svg files idea is brilliant!
Download npm install feather-icons