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Silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing

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Andy Albani
Good idea! Can I 'muzzle' a specific friend?
Brian Burkett
@andyalbani Haha.. we all have that one friend.. don't we? This just toggles on Do Not Disturb, which kills all notifications.
Andy Albani
@brianburkett does your friend also message you only while you're sharing your screen? ;)
Brian Burkett
@andyalbani why do you think we made this app? :)
Radu Judele
@andyalbani @brianburkett "we all have that one friend.. don't we" if we don't, then we are that friend
Brian Burkett
@andyalbani @radujudele very #showerthoughts of you :)
Tom Hill
Best landing page hahahahaha
Brian Burkett
@tomjohnhill ;)
Jaynti Kanani
@tomjohnhill Ha ha ha ha.. Best so far.
Dũng Nguyễn
@brianburkett such a great product Brian, I didn't even noticed that I would ever need this haha
@tomjohnhill who wrote those jokes?? he/she is a comedy genius!
Brian Burkett
@tomjohnhill @gianpaj thanks!
Karan Rajpal
This is great. Any plans on supporting more platforms? Linux maybe?
Matt Sephton
@karan_rajpal this just leverages a system feature.
Nick Bren
Looks like my usual notifications. What the point to use this? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Brian Burkett
@n1ckbren to have a feed like that, you sir, must live an interesting life.
@n1ckbren @brianburkett Though I didn't have an interesting life like you said, I upvoted coz of your landing page.
Adam Davies
I love this landing page. App looks cool too. Great work guys 👍
Brian Burkett
@adammydesign Gratzi!
I love the landing page!
First of all this is an excellent idea ! But what's really good is how you sell it : your landing page the fact that you display some really embarassing notifications such as d*ck picks, grindr etc situations that can happen in real life are a good call to action to use your product haha. Do you have any plans to do the same things for Windows ?
Brian Burkett
@thomassimonini probably not. we were just having fun and flexing our individual skillsets. Bryan is a mac developer, I'm a web developer. Hence, you have a mac app, and a website. If this traction continues, we may have to reevaluate.
Joseph Stahl
@thomassimonini If you're on Win10, look in Settings > Systems > Notifications & actions for an option called "Hide notifications when I'm duplicating my screen" that does about the same thing this app does Picture of the setting in question:
Mohammed Rafy
Best landing page ever? That's what I said when there was another app launched few weeks back.
Brian Burkett
@rafyasarmatta yeah, but this is dat new new
Maria Gordienko
Great landing. I couldn't stop reading all those notifications :D
Peter Mayer
funny messages!!!!
Ayrton De Craene
I love the simplicity of this. At one point I can see Apple expanding the do not disturb settings and integrate this functionality directly. Until then, this is great! 😊
Isaac Naor
@ayrton dude. It's arelady in DND mode, ins't it?
Tony Schumacher
The sidechick silence alone is worth it. :D
Ryan Hoover
Wow, that landing page 😳 PLOT TWIST: Muzzle is saving all your embarrassing notifications for future blackmail.
Edwin Klesman
@rrhoover DOUBLE UP PLOT TWIST: It does so for up votes on PH 🙈
@rrhoover I hope this starts a landing page humor arms race!
Ziv Reichert
@rrhoover that's the real biz model behind it
Paul Loffredo
@rrhoover @liquidchickenqq That's what dreams are made of Kerry, we can only hope.
Ben Adamski
@rrhoover I wish I found Product Hunt years earlier. I finally feel like I'm home ❤
Gal Dubinski
Made me laugh for like 10 minutes :)
Donte Ledbetter
Really creative landing page!
Maury Rubin
too real. 10/10
Should have it's own award
Michal Ptacek
Doesn’t work on my Mac Sierra :/ It says the file is broken.
Niv Dror
In May we wrote about an app called Peek, calling it "the best landing page ever," but clearly we spoke too soon.
Arda Yaman
Simeon Kim Duke
@nivo0o0 this one took it a nasty step further lol
Arjun Sundararajan
Those landing page notifications are gold !! 💯

a simple mac app to silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing

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