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Ryan Hoover
Product Hunt started as a simple list, surfacing new products to the world. Since then its evolved into a database of products with videos, images, conversation, related products, and much more, curated by the community. We've been quietly working on some big updates to the product pages. Our goal: make product pages more useful for the community and makers. Today we're introducing some additions: πŸ† Badges β€” You'll notice some product are awarded a badge to highlight their popularity and past achievements (e.g. β€œ#1 Product of the Month on May, 2017”). Example: Not Hotdog ✏️ Descriptions β€” Descriptions help illustrate what the product does, who it's for, and how it works at a glance. Example: Membit 😻 Reviews β€” Upvotes are a simple, powerful method of curation but they don't necessarily represent the β€œquality” of a product nor is it a fair metric when comparing products. Now you can write reviews to help others discover products you love (and those you don't). Example: My review of Spoonbill πŸ”— Around the Web β€” We often see people link to news articles, reviews, funding announcements, blog posts, and other web links within the comments. Now you can add these links in a dedicated β€œAround the Web” section to provide more context and give everyone a place to learn more about the product. Example: AirPods 🐀 Social Links β€” You'll begin to see links to the team's accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, MySpace (j/k), and more. Example: Honey ✌️ Jobs β€” Often the best time to recruit is on launch day. Now makers can promote their open jobs on their product page by simply adding their AngelList company profile. Example: YC-backed Scale is hiring engineers Next up: We're improving the product submission process to make it much faster to share products with the community and making improvements to the above based on your feedback. Thoughts/ideas/questions!? Let us know. πŸ™πŸΌ
Ben Tossell
@rrhoover πŸ¦„
Kyle Stratis
@rrhoover These changes are absolutely incredible.
Egbert Oostburg
@rrhoover nothing like using your own product to launch your own product #winning =)
Anthony Boschman
@rrhoover These all sounds awesome, will these features be carried over to the iOS/android app?
Ziv Rubin
@rrhoover whoooohoooo!! πŸ‘ πŸ‘
Dainis Kanopa
@rrhoover any paid features coming up in a future?
Patrick Samy
@rrhoover already said this to @nickabouzeid but these updates are fantastic and a tremendous contribution to lowering to barrier to entry for young entrepreneurs which is much needed in times like this. Jobs are not coming back, we need to create new ones :) Thanks team <3
Ryan Hoover
@spaztik we're focused on the web right now so no immediate plans to update the iOS app with these additions (yet!).
Ryan Hoover
@dainiskanopa we're working on another big project that might have a paid component. Subscribe here for details. πŸ˜‰
Gorkem Cetin
@rrhoover Congrats again, and keep up the good work ✌️
Jaoued Ahmed
@rrhoover This is really cool! Btw, if you plan to update the iOS or Android version, I will be happy to let you use @MyAppConverter. We also taking requests to port to React Native from iOS or Android input :-)
Sven van der Zee
@rrhoover Love it! Congrats!
Eli Weiss
@rrhoover WOW! Never thought it can get so much better!!! PH rocks!
Abhilash Jain
@rrhoover This is a substantial update, another great add that I think would be great is if Community members can mark themselves as available for Jobs/Consulting etc , so makers can reach out to them directly.
Vlad Korobov
@rrhoover I con't see your review of Spoonbill and how it is look like on a product page, could you point me with a big red arrow?
Andrea Balducci
@rrhoover Can't see the review? "Example: My review of Spoonbill ("
@rrhoover when will the app get updated?
Seth Louey
@rrhoover part of me is super happy about these changes and the other part of me is super bummed. We've been working on features like these for BotList, but you beat us to them. Tough being a bootstrapped company. Keep being awesome PH. Love you.
Karina Mitchell
@rrhoover amazing!
Arun Sathiya
@rrhoover @spaztik first, let them make an Android app.
Arun Sathiya
@rrhoover @sethlouey you're magical in your own way, Seth. BotList is the champ for anything bots. Keep innovating. More power to you. 😊
Arun Sathiya
@dainiskanopa @rrhoover already a member. πŸ˜‰
Arun Sathiya
@spaztik @rrhoover please don't forget Android. Something basic at the very least.
@rrhoover this is awesome!
Sourav Kumar Pradhan
@rrhoover Wow! You guys are awesome :))
Ali Siam
@rrhoover Congrats! Product Hunt is an amazing platform!
Axel Aigret
@rrhoover Great work and good move, keep this focus and pleasure to find the best new product πŸ˜„
Maxym Gerasimenko
@rrhoover thanks for your work! I'm sure that all PH community will appreciate all of those changes!
Dillon Nichols
@rrhoover Speaking of Medium, the icon is outdated. Blame the speed of technology
Paul Tomkinson
@rrhoover Congrats to you Ryan and the whole team. Loads of work it looks great. Was watching your CMXHub talk from 2014 earlier, I remember that first site iteration and shortly after first podcast (which I miss). Congrats on v4!
Frank Denbow
@rrhoover Really digging the evolution here (especially badges and reviews) Maybe I'm dense but is "descriptions" just the text field below the images on a post?
Pulkit Agrawal
@rrhoover nice work! one of the dilemmas I always have is how big to launch a new feature and whether to roll it up as a bigger launch, or just release it quietly and incrementally continue to improve the UX. How did you guys decide to wait to release these features as part of v4.0?
Jerry Becker
@rrhoover : smart smart smart - love it. great work from you and the team!
John Espino
@rrhoover Would you be implementing a feature where product updates can be appended to a current ProductHunt post? I've noticed that while I've upvoted some previous products or saved them somewhere, they're not necessarily the latest versions as there's a new PH post for that (Alfred, Alfred 2, Alfred 3, for example). Maybe that'll clean up things, if ever. Or I'm completely wrong. Haha! But congrats on the PH 4.0 update!
Stellar Data Recovery
@rrhoover Thanks for the details. Appreciate every single piece of this info.
Hannah K Zambrano
@rrhoover great updates, and this is a beautiful release summary #prodmgmt take note ;)
Nur Myrza
@rrhoover ilove so much PH, lets crowdfund the buyout!!!
Dayal Dave
Kireeti Varma
The moment you see Product Hunt on Product Hunt: Inception moment. Pretty slick update!
Arun Sathiya
@kireetivarma This is soon going to be the most-upvoted Product Hunt listing ever. :D
Kireeti Varma
@arunsathiya lets see. :D
Product Hunt
@kireetivarma yes v meta
drew olanoff
so meta, nice work team!
Arun Sathiya
@drew people are already calling it the "Wikipedia of products".
Andres Destefanis
Amazing!!! Just after our release <3 great team @ProductHunt!
Ash Pearson
Why can't I upvote up to 50 times per product?
@theashtube The "Claps" feature won't arrive until version 5.0
Ryan Hoover
@theashtube @ramykhuffash πŸ˜‰
Kai Gradert
@theashtube Kitty coins to tip maker πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
Product Hunt
@theashtube πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Daeshawn Ballard
Solid update.
Liam Boogar
Love it! Spent the day overhauling Algolia's previous product pages! Can't wait to use these new features in our next launch :)
Ryan Hoover
@liamboogar beauty ✨
Julie Delanoy
@liamboogar Thank you for taking the time Liam πŸ’•
Andy Santamaria
Nice. I like the subtle design and layout changes. Really makes these pages look fleshed out on desktop. Are the changes mobile web/app too?
Ryan Hoover
@andysantamaria changes reflect in the web app but not in the native iOS app right now. Truthfully, we're focused on the web experience right now.
@rrhoover sad hear this, that I will not be able to see any significant improvements to iOS version as your focus is on web.
Eric Friedman
Badges! ;)
Ryan Hoover
@ericfriedman suggestions of other badges we should add? πŸ€”
Ingvar Helgerson
@rrhoover "RIP" )
Eric Friedman
@rrhoover I think "of the month" is great because it can change so often - ideas here: πŸ€– Bot of the Month, πŸ“ Design tool of the month, etc... Then the top categories or sectors of the month too so it ebbs and flows with the real world - this summer may be a β›“ most recommended blockchain tool of the month (from the new NPS tracking). Other idea: βœ‚οΈ best focus - something that was CUT vs added - FOCUS award πŸ˜„.
Ryan Hoover
@ericfriedman awesome ideas. We could create badges around specific topics (there are 100's of them) quite easily.
Joost Schuur
@rrhoover @unnamedteam Not sure if that's what Ingvar meant but a 'this product is dead' badge would be a useful heads up. Also a page listing all the badges (not every instance of the product ranked ones of course).
Ingvar Helgerson
@joostschuur this is exactly what I meant, mark outdated / not supported / dead products.
Abhilash Jain
great update everyone @Producthunt :)
Steve Luvender
Great work! The Product Hunt team is so impressive with consistently iterating and releasing new features while still preserving what PH is all about.
Romain Sourdiaux
Nice! Really like the "Around the Web" feature! Good job! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Arun Sathiya
@imromains that's my most favorite too. 😊
Colin Brauns
Love the new ProductHunt/Angelist jobs integration. Love a company's product? Why not work there. It makes total sense. LinkedIn needs competition on the jobs listing front because it can be pretty frustrating to use. Angelist is awesome but there ought to be more jobs on there IMHO, which hopefully this helps solve. Nice work.
Nate Westheimer
Great set of features!
Jeremy Bauer
Jason Kintzler
These improvements are super thoughtful. Nice work and good luck with the new features!
Troy Osinoff
Heck yeah. Congrats on the new launch PH Team!
Ingvar Helgerson
So great! Truly believe that going from up-votes everyone around seems to be trying to game to reviews will make PH much more useful.
Nikola Stojic
Cleaner interface, better overview. What I would maybe change is the horizontal scroll bar, to something more minimal so it fits with the whole new look.
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