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Legal services for startups, powered by ML

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Ryan Hoover
HUGE market opportunity considering how much money and fragmentation exists today. I'm curious if Stripe and Atrium start to collide as this starts to touch on Stripe Atlas' target demo with a similar set of goals (start a company).
Lisa Han
@rrhoover Atrium's goal is to help grow startup companies. Our dedicated early stage team serves many Atlas customers on their general corporate matters and fundraising after they incorporate on the Stripe platform (or through other platforms/law firms like Clerky, CooleyGo, etc.). For founders who are uncomfortable about going through self service incorporation, they can come to us as well.
Vitalik Demin
Rock solid
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊Will check it out !! How’s it different from the usual services provided to the the startups. Would this be compatible with Indian Laws ?
Congrats to the Team and Justin! It's great to see that you have a dedicated Blockchain team! Do you plan any public meetups to educate Blockchain devs about basic legal risks?
Babken Karapetyan
I left private practice four years ago to move to a SaaS company. Most of your time as a new lawyer is spent doing document review or legal research. And there are TONS of ways this could be simplified with machine learning and automation. I'm excited to see what Atrium does over the next few years. There's so much opportunity here when law firms routinely bill their associates time at $300/hr+.
tom meagher
$65M should be more than enough to buy now.
Lisa Han
@tomfme .co is the .com of 2018 :)
Kori Handy
Ha, I remember when Clerky was the ground breaking legal automation for startups, this space has come a long way, looking forward to see with Atrium will do.
Lee Qixian
Yes, yes and yes! I've seen many "legal consultations" and "legal documents" go by a "template" and yet charge sky high prices. This surely will reduce such unnecessary cost in terms of time and money.
Jernej Pavlič
This sounds interesting. I worked for several startups at which the slow pace i was forced to work with our legal partners was killing the process. With daily decisions, weekly sprints, monthly goals, the planning process needs to be backed by knowledge you can access to fast. I hope this can help getting legal insights in real-time.
Ruairidh W McHardy
Definitely interesting. As a former lawyer and an enthusiast in legaltech, one of the main objections I had when selling SaaS apps to law firms was that many were not interested in being more efficient. The billing model isn't aligned to it as the more time is spent on a matter, the more could be billed. That said, a shocking amount of time is written off by firms and the younger generation of lawyers are becoming much more friendly towards technology, so I only see this space growing!
Shawn Arora
What makes Atrium any different than any other law firm?
Does any one else not see anything different from all the other legal firms that promise to integrate tech into their workflows? Checkboxes to mark in a project management UI aren't gonna cut it