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Video recordings of users' interactions for your iOS app

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ash bhoopathy
I've been looking for something like this for a while! Thanks @_DanFriedman!

Watchsend records video of your users interacting with your app.

Video crash reports

Watchsend can upload videos every time your app crashes, so you get to see exactly how to reproduce every crash in your app.

Beta testing

Graphs won't tell you the full story. See exactly how your users are actually using that new feature you pushed last week.

Automatic Events

Don't waste time defining events upfront: Watchsend automatically records and groups every screen viewed, button pressed, and action taken, so you can filter your recordings and look at exactly what matters.

Privacy First

We take privacy seriously. You can choose to hide sensitive information, only record certain sections of your app, or even pixelate out all text entirely.

Tag Sessions and Devices

Attach tags to any recording session or device in your code. View, search, and filter by tags later.

See Where They Touch

We track wherever your users' fingers touch the screen and display them in recordings.

Ultra-low Bandwidth & CPU

Watchsend uses less than 1MB per minute of recorded video, won't slow down your app, and doesn't impair battery life.