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It's a new day for docs.

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Shishir Mehrotra
Thanks for the hunt, @johnolilly1. We've been waiting for a long time to welcome people into the Coda beta! I'm excited that day is here. We began this journey three years ago, and it all started with a simple observation: In a world full of packaged applications and productivity tools, why do we still rely on documents and spreadsheets so much? When I was at YouTube, we ran a thousand-person organization off a handful of spreadsheets. Some people found that scary, but I personally found it awesome. These docs let us build tools specific to our unique ways of doing things. But it's also a bit sad. These docs were invented for accountants and typists 40 years ago, and have hardly changed since. Despite all the new features, today’s documents and spreadsheets are structurally insufficient for our modern workplace. It made me and my cofounder Alex wonder: What would we build if we started from scratch? Today you can join our beta to see how we're tackling the challenge. Coda erases the boundaries between words and data. It's a place where everyone can work together, in their own way, off the same data. And it's built to grow with your creativity. I can’t wait to see what you Coda!
Joelle Alcaidinho
@shishirmehrotra invite requested!
Tin Hang Liu
@shishirmehrotra @joelle_writes me too
Erwin James Will
@shishirmehrotra I really want to try this out at work
Nicholas Sheriff
@shishirmehrotra Invite requested :D this looks awesome
Ben Lang
@johnolilly1 @shishirmehrotra Super excited for Coda, looks like an incredibly compelling product. Can't wait to try it out!
Sarah Hughes
@benln same here!
Sean Jadoon
@shishirmehrotra who is the designer behind the landing page?
Shishir Mehrotra
@sean_jadoon It was a team effort but led by @jerols :)
Corey O'Brien
@johnolilly1 @shishirmehrotra Invite requested as well. Looking forward to trying it out.
Rodrigo R.
@shishirmehrotra Invite requested as well! Really excited to try this out and hopefully put it to work!
Benjamin Dell
@johnolilly1 @shishirmehrotra Hey Shishir. I replied to your onboarding email asking for those that couldn't wait to get started with the beta to email you with their use-case. I replied, but only to find that the email you provided wasnt recognised. What's the best way to reach you? I have a pressing need to get started. Would love to give it a go.
Nida Nizam
@shishirmehrotra invite requested and anxiousness to try increasing because yeeeeesssss docs need to change
Omar Nawaz
@shishirmehrotra This looks amazing! Invite requested :)
Paul Kofmann
@shishirmehrotra This looks very promising! I can't wait long ;-)
@johnolilly1 @shishirmehrotra invite requested!
Baruch Yochai
@johnolilly1 @shishirmehrotra Invite requested. Thanks
John Faig
@shishirmehrotra - invite requested
Hillary McMahan
@johnolilly1 @shishirmehrotra What's the deal with the weird word breaks in this paragraph?
Dylan Field
Huge congrats Shishir and team!! Coda was one of the first teams to fully adopt Figma (before we even launched our beta!) so I've been lucky to get a front row seat to their development over time. It's an incredibly exciting product and the vision is incredible. Shishir is an expert at building platforms and this orientation manifests all across the product; if you spend the time to learn it, Coda is the sort of tool you can use to accomplish anything. We have tons of projects we are dying to use Coda for at Figma... super excited to dive in and get started!
Shishir Mehrotra
Thanks @zoink! As you mentioned, we were lucky enough to be included in the early Figma beta - similar stage to what Coda is at now - and it's been awesome to see the amazing things people can do with Figma here. Looking forward to seeing a similar level of creativity with Coda!
Tracy Chan
I've been using Coda for the last few weeks to consolidate and track work across my teams at Spotify. We've been able to eliminate disparate spreadsheets (with a crazy amount of tabs), presentations, docs and dashboards and consolidate into one Coda doc. With Coda I've been able to link user needs, goals, metrics, people, teams, projects, features and milestones, all together. Given any one of these attributes you get an incredible amount of context all in line. As an example, if you look at a feature, you can see future/past milestones, the team that owns the feature, the underlying user needs it's addressing and the team goals it's driving toward (and higher level goals they're in support of). In the old ecosystem if you updated information in one place, you had to remember to update across the myriad of documents, and information was almost always out of date. In Coda, update once and it updates across the ecosystem. I've been more obsessed with Coda than I'd like to admit, which a testament a great product and I can't see how to see how the product gets better and better over time.
Shishir Mehrotra
@tracypchan Has been amazing watching the Spotify team run with Coda. You've been inspiring our team and stretching our imagination. Can't wait to see what's next. Big thanks!
Shishir Mehrotra
@tracypchan Oh and +1 to this: "I've been more obsessed with Coda than I'd like to admit".
Daniel Beguería
This looks amazing!
Hunter Walk
Got a preview of Coda a few weeks back and it felt like the future. I will also attest that Shishir's YouTube spreadsheets were nuts so this is definitely a product invented from the team's personal pain points :)
Shishir Mehrotra
@hunterwalk You'll be happy to hear that all those spreadsheets have been converted to Coda docs :)
Alexander Horré
Just requested an invite. I'd love my team at iZettle to jump on this. Exactly what I've been looking for!
Chris Messina
Man, there's an all-star cast here singing the team's praises! This feels a bit like elements of Google Sheets (duh), meets AirTable, meets Asana, meets Trello, meets Google Wave. Gaining adoption of a complex enterprise tool like this is tough though, so I'm curious if this is targeting a specific cohort of users to seed adoption (similar to how Slack started w/ information workers with some familiarity w/ IRC).
@chrismessina From the reviews here and in news article it looks like a current sweet spot is project managers who like being able to flip from boards to more data-centric views.
@chrismessina yeah, the product looks slick, but I don’t see this working for a data analyst for a bit. Looks awesome for product / task management though
Chris Messina
Also, not to be confused with Panic's Coda...
Fraser Smith
@chrismessina That was my thought too. How wise is it to launch a new product with the same name as an established one? Surely it'll lead to confusion for new users.
Erick Barron
@chrismessina @frassmith yes, it did for me - specially since both products lean towards developers.
Steve Luvender
@chrismessina That’s where my mind went. I’m a heavy Coda (text editor) user. This (new) Coda looks downright awesome, but the duplicate name is going to get a little confusing if I bring it into my workflow – which I might like to do because the features look great.
Zeke Gabrielse
@chrismessina agreed. I thought it was a new release for Panic's Coda. Not a good idea to use the same name.
J. Alexander Curtis
@chrismessina I also thought this was a new version of Coda (the text editor), which feels due for a new update. I was confused when I saw it was a spreadsheet/not-spreadsheet program.
Sergio Mainetti Jr.
@chrismessina Very well pointed. So confusing... I wonder why, smart people like everyone seems to be, they were so not creative with naming. A new "Coda" if there's already a "Coda". And it cannot even be argument that's another area, because one is an editor anda the other is, well, an editor... Isn't there copyright protection in the US?
Dave Mulder
@mainetti_ — Interesting question. It looks like Panic Inc doesn't care about registering their trademarks, as they don't appear to have registered Coda with USPTO. (Unless I'm missing something.) This new Coda has freshly registered marks on "coda" and "codadoc". It's not too late for Panic Inc. to challenge the trademark registration. If that happens I'd be curious to see how it works out.
Shan Sinha
@chrismessina I think everyone here is over-reacting to overlap issues between Panic's product and Coda. Name overlap happens all the time (we started Highfive, when Hi5, the social network, still had some brand awareness; But we were building business video conferencing, so it really was a non-issue). In this case, Panic's Coda editor is a tool for a very different audience of people -- namely web application developers.. It includes like key sync, website configuration management, ssh & website preview. Coda on the other hand is a new kind of document for the general knowledge worker. The same person who is going to get value out of Coda is not going to get value out of Panic Coda. Think about those financial analysts, business operations folks, product managers & program managers, marketing professionals, etc, etc, etc. These are all people for whom Panic's Coda offers little to know value. Likewise, Coda doesn't offer any true value to the web application developer. Coda is not going to embed ssh, key management or the plethora of support needed to make web application development easier or more convenient. These two products are simply positioned for different types of people (and are valuable in their own right). Of course, for those developers that might be managing their own web application projects and also needing to create documents about them, there might be a little inconvenience of having 2 tools named Coda to rely on, but that's probably a relatively small group of people relative to each of these product's target audiences!
Chris Messina
@shansinha1 yeah, I mean, I was just observing the overlap, not commenting one way or another about it. Just because I have that product association doesn't mean that everyone does. "Panic Coda" is sufficiently distinct that maybe that's how Panic should refer to it going forward? I dunno — probably doesn't matter quite that much in the scheme of things.
Craig Keeling
@shansinha1 The fact that so many have expressed confusion already warrants the discussion. Just because name overlap happens doesn't mean it's ideal.
Dean Brady
@chrismessina @shansinha1 I'd disagree. Space is too close for both. First thing I went to as well was Panic's product.
Milo Delgado
@chrismessina 🙋 guilty of that haha. Coda editor....The good ol'days!
Corey O'Brien
@chrismessina I thought the same thing. When I saw it I wondered why Panic, Inc. would be creating an app like this. Had to look further to figure out that it was a different product and company.
Michael Roberto
@mainetti_ @muldster They have it in their footer on the website and they do have a trademark in the database. Categorized as "Web site development software". IANAL, but the Panic TM is registered and covers the same classes as the Coda application which is still a new application. Interested to see how this turns out.
Karim Maassen
For a second there I thought had a new release. Luckily they didn't. This is better. :)
EbrahimKhalil Hassen
My life would be so much easier if I did not need to toggle back and forth between text, data and pictures. So I hope this product is the stuff and have requested an invite. I have however tried several similar takes on "new docs plus spreadsheet" before. They were cool. The real challenge is that the docs need to be compatible and shareable with other systems. The reason - I might know I need a better tool, but my clients and co-workers are so busy they cannot see the value of switching. Good luck.
André de Albuquerque
I am going to be honest. I find it interesting, but need to see it in action, from the start, to understand it more clearly.
it looks like new copy of
Yarden Sachs
@jordanslon Yup, copied the name and the concept
Sam C Burke
Hey @shishirmehrotra - I do agree there are some similarities (and differences). Interested in your thoughts!
This is the best landing page ever. I am so on board with this non-Panic Coda. Gimme an invite, please!
Jeremy Olson
@cleavatron hey, thanks! Learned a thing or two about CSS animations in the process.
[deleted user]
It's look nice !
Sam Ayres
It's a shame that the name of this new app conflicts with a rather popular text editor. I think this may cause some problems for you in the future, I thought this was a strange overhaul by Panic.
Jonathan Stones
@sam_ayres totally agree, I was going to say the same thing if you hadn’t already!
Ash Pearson
Awesome website. Awesome looking product.
Eric Quinn Hargrove
Really looking forward to using Coda. Invite requested.
Erick Barron
Hehe, the website is awesome - the way it tells a story as you scroll down 😁
Jeremy Olson
@erickbarron86 thanks! Had a lot of fun working on that.
Jeff Osborn
Oh man, this looks like an amazing collaboration tool. I'm checking it out now and excited to learn / share it. Thank you @shishirmehrotra and team for making!
Julian Lehr
Nice! This looks like Airtable on steroids! Looking forward to give Coda a try.
Dean Brady
@lehrjulian I do love AirTable though :-). Wish I could check out CODA. I have 4 teams I'm moving to ASANA. AirTable is a little too "table" focused. CODA sounds perfect but can't wait until ??? to get an invite.

It’s a new day for docs.

For years, your team has been split across spreadsheets, docs, and apps. It’s time to bring us back together.

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Documents haven't changed in 40 years.

The first spreadsheet was built for accountants in the 70s. Since then, we’ve updated the interface and piled on features. But it’s still just cells in a spreadsheet.

The parade of packaged software.

Meanwhile, we’re flooded with productivity tools. Niche, cloud-based apps promise to streamline our workflow, but actually silo it. The thing we all rely on to actually get work done? Docs.

Why docs and sheets still run the world.

We love docs and spreadsheets because they’re light and flexible. And unlike apps, anyone can make them. But we need a doc that can keep up with today’s super-collaborative world.

All you need in one doc.

No more ping-ponging between spreadsheets and docs. Coda keeps all your words and data in one place.

Everyone gets their way.

With customizable views, your Trello-loving designer and Gantt-head PM can work off the same data.

Grows with your ideas.

Coda docs start simple but have infinite room to grow. Think Minecraft for docs.

What will you Coda?

We’ve seen Coda docs launch products. Name companies. Even coordinate hundreds of people. We don’t even know everything this doc can do. Help us figure out its potential.

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