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Uber for Laundry and Dry Cleaning

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Ryan Hoover
In San Francisco few people have an in-home washer and dryer. Visiting a laundromat is a pain, especially for busy professionals. About 1.5 years ago, I created a landing page to collect email address to test demand for a similar concept. I called it LaundryMate (I know, terrible idea). After launching the page, I realized I didn't want to get into the laundry business, no matter how much demand there was for the service. I didn't follow through with the test but based on Washio's initial traction, there seems to be demand.
Sonia Sanchez
We're certainly gonna try it! Plus I'm really excited for the dry cleaning service, which is SUCH a hassle!
Jason Evanish
Agreed this is a big deal in SF. I currently use LaundryLocker which you have to go to their nearby lockers to drop off, but uses SMS well to make it a seamless experience and has more customization than Wash.io (like detergent used, washing instructions, etc) You can try it too here: https://laundrylocker.com/account/main/view_registration?promo=CR35931
Derek Shanahan
Big market, although a nuanced set of human behaviors that are very regional. Chicago's a very different market when it comes to laundry machines and dry cleaning (not a criticism, just a hard growth challenge a la uber).
Nadia Eghbal
There's Prim, as well, if you're shopping around for a laundry service. :) https://getprim.com/
Ryan Hoover
@nayafia - I forgot about Prim. Added to related links.
Jordan Metzner
Im the CEO of @washioapp, AMA
Sonia Sanchez
when will you be spreading out to the Inner Richmond? my friend was sad to find out you don't work in his neighborhood...
Ryan Hoover
Hey @mrjmetz! Thanks for joining us. Let me kick this off... How did you choose pricing for your service? Did you run any experiments to measure demand at various price points?
Jordan Metzner
@sonialsanchez .. soon but no timeline yet. we are working on perfecting service in our zones, but expansion is on its way.
Jordan Metzner
@rrhoover We do our best to provide industry standard pricing. We know there is a lot more to do to create better price discrimination, loss leaders and so on... we will get there as our data science team grows.
Ryan Hoover
@mrjmetz - You call your laundry delivery crew “Ninjas” (which is rad). What’s the story behind the title?
Kevin Li
@jordan - thanks for the AMA, hope you guys are doing well (we met through hiten at samovar months ago). what's the roll out plan for the rest of us / canada?
Jordan Metzner
@rrhoover the @calls dont work always, FYI. None the less, here is my response. Our ninjas are quick, nimble and almost silent. We believe that dealing with your laundry should be as quick and as painless as possible. For the ninjas, its a great way for them to identify with the brand.
Jordan Metzner
@liveink of course i remember...we plan to roll out more major US cities in the coming months. Intl expansion should come later in the year.
Jordan Metzner
@aplusk glad to see u here ;)
Ryan Hoover
@mrjmetz - we had to temporarily disable email notifications for @mentions. Sorry about that!
Jordan Metzner
@rrhoover no worries, maybe i should do this again on a a main post.. want to orchestrate?
Ryan Hoover
@mrjmetz - We're a bit early and experimenting with the AMA format. We have some ideas to improve it -- would love to hear your thoughts on it via email if you have something to share! ryan[at]ryanhoover.me.
Ryan Hoover
Congrats @mrjmetz and team on the $2.25M raise. Lawler covered it today on TC: http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/14/washio-2-25m/

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The highest quality clothing care for every part of your closet.


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