Inky® brings the first comprehensive solution to deep sea phishing with advanced email phishing detection and protection.

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Inky Phish Fence Email Server Gateway

Take advantage of of Inky Phish Fence’s advanced phishing protection for all the email entering your enterprise mail server. No client installation required. Works best with Exchange Mail Flow Connectors, but other deployment options are available. Customizable policy controls to quarantine dangerous emails and/or insert warnings in the body of emails. Works with all email clients, including iOS Mail and Android built-in email apps.

Our gorgeous analytics dashboard for enterprise customers keeps administrators up to date with all the threats arriving in employees’ mailboxes. Can be easily customized with the reports you need to keep your employees safe.

Phishing protection directly inside your existing email client that doesn’t interfere with your current workflow. Detailed profile information for verified senders, and warnings to protect you from clicking malicious links or falling for any impersonation attempts. Free for consumer email accounts. Advanced options and administrative controls for enterprise customers.

Use the Inky Phish Fence RESTful API to leverage our sophisticated threat detection algorithms as part of your own email service or platform.