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Gets your company to amplify news together

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Sonia Sanchez
We've been trying to get more company engagement, maybe this will help! Eager to try it!
Eyas Kelani
@sonialsanchez Hi Sonia! I might be a bit biased. But you should definitely check out Sociabble. It's the leading Employee Advocacy and Social Selling platform. https://Sociabble.com
Nathan Bashaw
We've got a long tradition at GA of sending an email to team@ to ask them to spread the word about announcements, etc. This seems like a good replacement!
Derek Shanahan
Addvocate is in this space, beta tested them for a campaign last summer. https://addvocate.com/
Kia K.
^ I was just going to bring up Addvocate! Anyone know how these two differ (if at all)?

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Hundreds of the world’s largest enterprises, including customers in 21 countries around the globe, trust the Dynamic Signal platform to deliver company and industry news, and content to the right employee, at the right time.

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