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TransferWise Debit Card

A bright green card to save you money when you pay abroad 💳💱

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Matteo Gamba
The card has not been fully launched yet (you need to have a borderless account, and need to be invited to the beta), but finally also TransferWise is getting ready with a card product. This complements their Borderless account, making TransferWise not only the best way to send money abroad, but also to spend them!
Cristian Dan
I’m a borderless account user. Can I get an invite for the card? Thanks!
Matteo Gamba
@cristiandan try with ;)
Aung Naing Oo
@cristiandan @sliver86 Thanks Matteo for sharing. Appreciate it!
Cristian Dan
@sliver86 @onlynaing thanks guys
Juho S
As a very happy user of Transferwise services (have transferred money to China and Japan from EU with couple clicks and minimal fees last year), this card feels now like a natural next step. Did someone see where you can apply for invite already?
Juho S
Checked the site, there was the sign-up form for US/EEA residents
Ravi Srinivasan
I have a borderless account. How do I get the invite for the card? Love TransferWise 👍🏽
Saif Al Falah
I wish the Borderless Account was available in more countries. Seems like a really good product.
Dan Gray
How does this differ from @RevolutApp? They've been doing the 'multiple currency accounts' thing for over a year or so, and are way ahead in terms of features and infrastructure - banking license in the pipe.
Jijo Sunny
@revolutapp @dan_e_gray Revolut is too good!
Can Olcer
@revolutapp @dan_e_gray I have used both, and Revolut is definitely cheaper with the Premium subscription (at least if you transfer a couple of thousand dollars per year). Also, I had have to see an UX that beats that of Revolut
Andrea Grasso
@revolutapp @dan_e_gray the one key difference is Revolut has a €30k limit per year. Transferwise has no limits of any sort.
Andrea Grasso
@revolutapp @dan_e_gray but yeah, since I went "bank-less" last year I only use Revolut and TransferWise.
Mahmoud Swehli
@revolutapp @dan_e_gray Revolut kept having issues with crediting my transactions and made me call back 2 or 3 transactions i sent to myself. Transferwise bank transfers are also a lot faster, in the UK atleast, and found their customer service to be a lot better.
Craig Barber
Transferwise are just killing it. Sending money OS with them is already awesome. This makes them awesomer indeed.
Vivek Sancheti
One of the best service I have been using since 1-1.5 years. Totally hassle free and less charges than any other competitors. Hope you guys support India pretty soon. And to support India if you guys need any help from local people I can be there for you any time :) #Love4Transferwise<3
Vivek Sancheti
Question: Can an Indian create an account and receive money into it? And use it to pay or send to someone?
Shubhankar Kahali
@evivz Borderless account were suspended in India due to RBI rules and regulations.
Ryan Hoover
TransferWise is an awesome company. We used to use their service for paying international teammates, saving thousands of $$$. Seems like something @levelsio might like.
Daveyon Mayne
@rrhoover Keyword (used to) 🤔
Val Scholz
@rrhoover Can't wait to give you a personal invite when we launch Revolut in the U.S. - @levelsio is already using our service
Sergio Sala
@valscholz I would like one too! (I help digital nomads)
Shashank V Singh
@valscholz Would love to use the revolut in upcoming trips! Are you guys ready to launch in the U.S.? Will appreciate early access.
Val Scholz
@shash2_0 Hey, we'll be launching in the U.S. in the next months. Go to and join our waiting list. You'll be on of the first to try out our service in the U.S.
Bruno Lemos
@valscholz Please launch in Brazil next :)
Owen Williams
Ohhh I'm so excited about this. I use this thing for everything already, so hope I can get one :)
Roby Sharif
Transferwise has a great platform and services but it's been missing a component to replace traditional bank acct.; this card would be able to complement that need, can't wait!
Steven Rueter
Why is this better than my BofA debit card?
Matteo Gamba
@rueter well, because you will not be charged additional hidden markups on made-up exchange rates 😉
Steven Rueter
@sliver86 yep yep fair enough, you got my upvote on that one!
Jimmy Kwok
Shame that this is only available in the US, I see no option to get the card in the UK.
Matteo Gamba
@jimbb actually the card is only available in the EU & UK for now... but you will need to get an invitation for it (if you have a borderless account, they will be rolled out shortly)
Udara Jay
Awesome service! (Not that it counts for anything, but the 'Hello world.' overlay on the card kinda ruins the aesthetic for me, would be much cleaner without it)
dana j. wright
@ujzeee i like the hello world
Oliver Gašpar
"Hello World"... genius :)
Stefanie Amini
If I already have an account can I get the borderless card account too? Do I just login and request one?
Shubhankar Kahali
@stefamini You must have a borderless account within the EEA region, you will be soon invited if you are in EEA region.
Travis Fischer
Looks awesome, but I wouldn't use it for the "bright green" alone. Credit cards colors represent danger much like poisonous animals, the brighter they are, the more risk the user poses which is why people generally prefer gray or black cards and most "intro" cards are red or blue.
Matteo Gamba
@fisch0920 I wouldn't necessarily say so. Monzo has a bright coral-coloured card, and people love it
Vaibhav Jain
A friend recently introduced me to TransferWise and I was mind boggled to see the money i could have saved over the years. Also every time i travel abroad, using Credit cards, forex cards, cash exchange is always too much of a pain. This looks like will solve that! Great product!
Bruno Skvorc
Word of caution: Transferwise will literally DELETE your business borderless account overnight without warning or heads up with money still in it if they conclude, at their own discretion, that you do any business related to cryptocurrencies - even if just blockchain development. The money still in the account will either be refunded to customers or sent to your usual destination account, depending on how long it has been in there. Be careful if you're a next gen business.