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Typeform v2 (beta)

Build beautiful conversational forms, surveys and more

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Ben Tossell
Anyone else been lucky enough to use Typeform v2 yet? I did yesterday on my account (I think they are still slowly rolling it out) I like that the flow of building a form is now linear and you can see what is going on the whole time. https://d26q4c7c3t1139.cloudfront.net/app/uploads/2016/11/24122916/editor-and-livepreview.jpg The design will take a little time to get used to but that's ok. Typeform is a product I love so will be happy to! The one thing I was slighlty confused with was the 'Results' page (an example below). As it wasn't a great way for me to scroll through ~50 responses. The summary didn't really help at all. But when I clicked 'Responses' it was all fine, so I wonder what the thought was behind that decision? https://d8p41h8u5mnk3.cloudfront.net/uploads/2016/12/27153938/v2-faq-7.png
David OKuniev
@bentossell We have not rolled out the new responses section yet (coming very soon). Expect a kind of "Inbox" for typeform responses instead of a table.
Ben Tossell
@okuiux cool. I just found it difficult to understand the UX when I have lots of responses that I'm trying to take a look at. But one of your PMs has reached out and I'll be jumping on a call with them shortly to provide feedback :)
David OKuniev
@bentossell Awesome, appreciate you putting in the time!
David Oliver Doswell
@bentossell Playing with it, now. Been about 2 weeks. Very nice.
Amrith Shanbhag
inb4 @dhof's v2 😼
Nice work @okuiux Typeform remains one of the most useful and beautifully designed tools in tech, nice to see it's been updated to be even more user friendly.
David OKuniev
@abadesi Thanks! It's a big change from how typeforms get built at the moment on v1. We want to make typeform building feel like writing a document.
Steve Messer
Looking forward to giving this a go. I've had to write guides showing people how to use Typeform before and although it was relatively straightforward, there were still a few areas where I thought refinement was needed. From a quick glance, it looks like those issues have been addressed with this.
Vineet Devaiah
The results page redesign is really bad, I need more insights not less with my pro account. Somehow I feel there is another 💰 upgrade coming soon for in-depth analytics
Chris Messina
The new editor looks super clean. Eager to try this out!
Roy Tal
Great product! Will there be an Hebrew support soon?
Reony Tonneyck
And it was already so nice :D
Louis de Vaumas
It’s a nice and welcomed update but what about analytics and insights? I’ve been asking Typeform for -at least- Facebook pixel support and I’ve been told to wait each time...
Adrian Salamunovic
I’ve been using it for a while. Typeform is a truly remarkable company that I wish I was an investor in. I’m a user, huge fan love their culture, UI and branding. Even their office is cool and they are based in Barcelona. Big thumbs up.
Pantelis Korovilas
Sagi Shrieber
I love typeform @okuiux, using it regularly and can't wait to give v2 a try! Question: Any chance of you guys having RTL support in the roadmap? Currently, this is a real problem for me and I bet all Hebrew / Arabic speaking audiences.
Oron Ogdan Adam
This was my plan for http://txtform.com, I'm glad to see someone has executed it better :-)
David OKuniev
@oronoa Are you no longer developing it?
Oron Ogdan Adam
@okuiux No, it was too big of an effort for me as a single founder, I used a couple of freelancers, and have a working prototype ... but it's not as polished as you guys have made it and I realized it would be impossible for me to compete :-) I wanted to supply what you have in V2 + a full API like you guys used to have. But as I was moving forward it felt very clone-ny and I figured I need to rethink what I'm doing. At least I'm happy to see my UX and UI thoughts were very close to what you guys made. I admire your culture and execution so hats off to you :-)
David OKuniev
@oronoa Would be curious to see what the service looked like...
Oron Ogdan Adam
@okuiux Here you go, found some old video I prepared for some preview. This is a very old version which still had you selecting block types. Later I realized at least for English I can understand the block type from the context of the question text most of the times so I had a version you just typed in and automatically recognized the Q type. What was very important for me was that you can copy paste text from anywhere to start, so you would treat the form 'code' just as you would a document, which would enable developers to work with forms in github for example, or send forms via emails and other mediums. As you can see the view part is a complete clone of TF which I felt bad about ... :-( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3xSsTr6984
David OKuniev
@oronoa Wow. My mind is blown! Amazing to think that we were working on the same thing in 2 parallel universes at the same time. I guess that means that the idea of a text editor to build forms is not so crazy after all. By the way, we also have block prediction, right now it's hard coded, but we're adding ML soon to make it more reliable.
Yuriy Krisarchuk
Guys, you are the best!
Leah Gibbs
I hate it why change a great product when it’s not broken