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Die With Me

Chat with strangers when you have less than 5% battery

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jake duncan ☕️
Who’s been willing to let your phone get down to 5% to actually use it yet? I guessed it was an art piece from Miranda July before seeing the devs. I consider that a compliment. It reminded me of Chris Bolin’s offline site, and I love it.
Amrith Shanbhag
Came here from @jasonfried's tweet 😂 This is genius! I guess I'd be in here all the time 🙈
Jipy Mohanty
@jasonfried @amrith https://twitter.com/thecomp1ler/status/954168633717964801
Edward Vasquez
funny idea, hehehe. I see the problem in that, people don't want to touch their phone when there is not much battery, Why do you think they are going to chat if they run out of battery faster?
Igor Akulov
Uhm... When my phone is on 5% with no charger nearby, my plan is to conserve the crap out of that last bit of juice for something potentially important. When I do have a charger, I use it sooner than at the last 5% mark. Personally, I'd use this app on exactly 0% of occasions.
Hans Gerwitz
The "I don't get why this is useful" comments here are exactly what I would hope to see when Dries and Product Hunt meet. 😆 I have a feature request: I'd like a "drain my battery" option to waste as much energy as possible so I can chat.
Dries Depoorter
@gerwitz We are here! Some comments are really funny about how useful the app is :) Ok good new feature idea!
Steven Rueter
@gerwitz Apple is working on that option now, right after they finish the update that allows you to turn off performance throttling
Matthew Boogaard
@gerwitz "Drain my battery" aka turn my phone into a portable heater mode
Phyo Arkar Lwin
@gerwitz Nice , when drain my battery mode starts , it runs a XMR Miner. INSTANT PROFIT!
Dhrubajyoti Das
A novel concept 🤔😂
Mihec Podlesek🚀
Ok, that is one original idea @driesdepoorter. Hands down.
Dre Durr💡
Completely left field Dope🚬
Graeme Fulton
Can't wait to give this a go, it's friday, currently on 54%
Dries Depoorter
@graeme_fulton let's us know!
Ryan Manor
This is incredible. I really can't quite wrap up how simple and fantastic of an idea this is.
Dries Depoorter
@rage_rave Thanks!
Ryan Hoover
Better hope uBeam never launches, @driesdepoorter. 😉
Dries Depoorter
@rrhoover hahaha one day we gonna do a collab :)
Rld Lrsn
@driesdepoorter @rrhoover Should put that as a huge risk in Your series A pitch deck
Adith Victor
@driesdepoorter @rrhoover 😂
tom meagher
@driesdepoorter @rrhoover @rld doesn't look like uBeam with ever launch.
Simon Bromberg
Note, if your battery is that low you're generally better off turning your phone off than letting it go to 0 — for the sake of your battery's health.
Dries Depoorter
@shimmb yeagh waw you are right! I gonna delete the app in the App Store and Google Play Store! Thanks Simon!
Simon Bromberg
…oooook then
Menachem Pritzker
All you haters in the comments don't know a genius app when you see one. This is almost as useful as Yo.
Dries Depoorter
@mdavep Yo was the best app ever! They started to add features and it killed the app totally :)
Matthew Usdin
Why make it 0.99€?
Dries Depoorter
@matman because we payed Apple 100 dollar to be part of the developer squad
Dries Depoorter
@damjanski <3
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! Very innovative app !! 😊
Sven van der Zee
Haha orginal concept! I'm a fan!
Sven van der Zee
Just going to drain my battery now to see how the app works!
Oleg Avrah
Tapas Chandra Barman
You can fake your battery charge % too chat all time :p
Sabri Helal