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Offline Mag

Mobile Magazine with Full Audio

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Nathan Bashaw
This looks pretty cool! @tylr are you a subscriber? I feel like these things live and die by the content, and it's tough to get a lot of distribution when you lock your content behind an app
Tyler Howarth
@nbashaw I subscribed, I really like this sort of thing.
Adam Kazwell
@rrhoover have you tried this? seems right up your alley
Ryan Hoover
@kaz I haven't tried it but it does! Will check it out. Side note: I'm not a fan of the name "Offline". It doesn't communicate much to me and hard to search for.
Adam Kazwell
@rrhoover yeah...agreed that it's not a great name. Everything else looks pretty good though. polished design, decent experience. looking forward to seeing it develop.