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Launchaco 2.0 🦄

Simple landing pages for your startup

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Cameron Rohani
👋🏽 👋🏻 Hey Product Hunt, We're working towards a website builder that: ✨ Is Accessible ✨ - Doesn't enable users to make poor design decisions - Is extraordinarily lightweight so it'll work anywhere in the world - Has a consistent user experience across web and mobile - Takes next to no time to learn how to use - Inclusive for everyone 🎨 Is designed by a diverse set of industry e x p e r t s 🎨 - Templates should be designed specifically per industry niche rather than overly generalized - We partner with individuals for every template to yield the best results for the people! ( 🦄 Is Enhanced by artificial intelligence 🦄 - a.i. that helps individuals refine, improve, and keep their websites copy consistent, understandable, on brand, and on point While we're closer to achieving some of these goals more than others; we are at a point where we are excited to have people start creating websites with it! If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to ask us here, or email us at any time (,
Moe Amaya
@launchaco @cameronrohani Holy S**t, the onboarding of v2 is unbelievably good. In this day in age when you expect products to be refined and well-designed, Launchaco still freaking stands out. So well done Cameron and team! Expecting big things out of you guys.
Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦
@launchaco @cameronrohani you did a great job! Curious to see what will be the next!
Ognjen Vukovic
@cameronrohani This product looks amazing! I will try it for sure. I needed something like this. Be sure to check out our tool, it will be very interesting to you.
Margret Christensen
So proud of you Marc! Stayed up till midnight to wish you good luck!!
Marc Laventure
thanks mom
Sebastian Orozco
@marclaventure Wholesome
@marclaventure what a great mom you have! @margretchristensen
Jeremy Bauer
@marclaventure that’s super sweet and cool of your mom
Arun Sathiya
@margretchristensen This is very cute! Moms are always the best! :D
Resh Wallaja
@marclaventure : Just checking in. I was one of your early paid users. Did something break? A lot of the content is now replaced by Launchaco placeholder content and placeholder images. Any idea how to salvage?
Sasan Aghdasi
This is beautiful. Straight up the most intuitive builder I've ever used.
Sean Walker
Launchaco v1 blew me away. This version is even better! Definitely a major contender in the website builder space. So simple to make great looking landing pages.
Cameron Rohani
@swlkr Thanks Sean. Give us like 1 more year and we'll be there!
Always loved Launchaco—I've used the v1.0 builder a few times and we used the mac+phone for our device mocks on You guys are giong to kill it today! Good luck.
Cameron Rohani
@nikk_wong Nikk thanks so much! You're a killer designer my gosh that website is gorgeous!
@cameronrohani Ah thanks so much. Couldn't have done it without your help ;-)
Hans Desjarlais
@nikk_wong @cameronrohani yah seriously Nikk, your designs are amazing! Great work!
Dennis van Dalen
It's looking really nice! I tried it yesterday and I really like how easy it is to make a simple professional looking website. One thing I missed tho is the ability to change the opacity of the overlay in the header background.
Cameron Rohani
@ieatsalot Dennis, there's certainly some functionality missing from the background images. I think I'll need to sit down and explore some better solutions in the upcoming weeks. Thanks so much for the feedback.
Edward Vasquez
nice its very intuitive, i will test it!
Evan Walden
This is gorgeous. Made a page in less than 5 minutes to test and really thinking about going this route. Quick thing -- it wasn't immediately intuitive to me that the side menu disappears, so I spent a second thinking it was a bug. The one thing I'm missing is an email drop that sends an auto-follow up email/PDF, which might be a dealbreaker. I've been using Unbounce and was considering moving to Squarespace, but this is so much sexier!
Cameron Rohani
@itsevanwalden Evan thanks for the feedback. Agreed - the sidebar disappearing UX needs to change and I'll try to update that ASAP. We are looking to add more powerful tools for marketers in the upcoming weeks. :D We'll get there soon enough!
Evan Walden
@cameronrohani Excited to see the developments. In the meantime, I'm trying to think of a workaround. Have you seen anything work well to date? (e.g. pushing the user to a landing page with an email drop hosted somewhere else, somehow doing it with Mailchimp without making them sign up for a newsletter, pushing to a web-hosted PDF that they could download, sending user to a "mailto:" link, etc.) If I can give feedback or beta test along the way, I'd be happy to.
Cameron Rohani
@itsevanwalden would love to run some things by you over the next few weeks Evan! Why don't we take this to email :) (
Ryan Soury
I used the first iteration of this product and it was really awesome to use. Highly recommend this. Good Luck! :)
Cameron Rohani
@ryan_soury Thanks so much Ryan. Let me know if there's anything we can improve!
Andreas Fischinger
You offer one of the nicest onboarding experiences of all the website builders I tried... Is there somewhere an overview of all the features ? At the moment it seems you can only build quite simple pages with it ?
Cameron Rohani
@afischzh Thanks appreciate it! Unfortunately, we don't have a comprehensive feature overview page at the moment but I'll get around to making one ASAP! Thankfully I have launchaco to help 😂.
Jack Pettman
Beautifully executed. Inspiring.
Rodrigo Hillion
it looks incredibly well done. Can't wait to try it!
Carlos Navarro
This demonstrate that a good combination of UX/UI can achieve an excellent platform. Congrats! ⚡️
Nate Legler
@marclaventure @cameronrohani and the rest of the team very well done! V2.0 is flat out one of the best I've used so far. From the sounds the focus on making it easier for marketers in the future is going to make a lot of other "builders" scared IMHO!
Aelia Yousaf
great job! clean, easy to use, powerful - really good pricing model - only bad thing its going to put me out of business lol!
Perfect example of an elegant and intuitive design. I love it. Great job!
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! Loved the way it so smooth and simple 😊
Nazlı Danış
Best of luck with the new version @cameronrohani, looks great! I remember wanting to use Launchaco v1 for our website at the time, and then eventually going with Squarespace because we needed pricing pages and payment processing. Any updates on that front by any chance?
Cameron Rohani
@nazlidanis We were hoping to get payment processing with stripe in this release but weren't able to quite make it :(. It's a big priority in the upcoming weeks to get it in there!
Nazlı Danış
@cameronrohani Awesome! I'll keep an eye out :)
Joshua Pinter
This is perfect for so many things. One suggestion, use the official App Store and Play Store buttons. They're more recognizable and they add credibility.
Francisco Ramos
@cameronrohani @marclaventure This builder looks to be one of the best I have seen in a while. BTW how did you guys create this domain search site? Was this something open source?
Cameron Rohani
@francisco_ramos thanks Francisco! We initially had our own API which was a nightmare. We ended up switching to domainr which has been a dream 😄