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Zero-fee cryptocurrency trading from Robinhood 💸

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Ryan Hoover
Robinhood is in a great position to eat into Coinbase and other exchange's market share for a more mainstream audience. I'm curious which crypto currencies they plan to support beyond Bitcoin and Ether.
Erik Groset
@rrhoover *rubs hands together* yesssss Robinhood tell us what other coins you're supporting 🤑
Bryan Chappell
@rrhoover "We will connect to many exchanges, up to a dozen or more, over the next several months," Tenev said. "We want to break even on this business, not to profit from it. We view this as an opportunity to expand our customer base and give our customers more access to functionality." -
Reony Tonneyck
@rrhoover Ripple and ADA please!
Piotr Kulpiński
@rrhoover Looks like only BTC & ETH for now:
Kevin Seguin
@rrhoover important to note app isn't available in Canada.
Nassim Bojji
@rrhoover @kevin_seguin I hope crypto & stocks RobinHood App will be available this year in Canada
Prakhar Bhardwaj
@rrhoover Let's hope they have MIOTA & XRB
Gauthier Vdh
@rrhoover Does this mean they do plan to support others currencies ? 🤔 🤑
Laura Pinne
@rrhoover +++
Robinson Greig
Can you clarify the "zero-fee" statement? This was a clear part of your initial positioning, where you competed with budget brokerages that charged a ~$10 service fee per transaction. With some cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, the fee is somewhat integral to how the currency works. Are you covering the cost of the Bitcoin transaction fee, or are you saying that you don't charge a service fee on top of the transaction fee. This might be misleading.
Robinson Greig
Either way - pretty dope to see Robinhood getting into crypto. Don't mean to just rain hate down on y'all!
Damien Tsnkff
@robinsongreig I assume they won't charge any additional fees. Why would they cover the fees of the network ?
Robinson Greig
@tsnkff Yeah, agreed. If that's the case, it's a bit misleading to say "Zero-fee".
@robinsongreig @tsnkff Fair concern, but there are actually very small SEC fees associated with stock sales, which are deducted from proceeds on Robinhood (and probably every other discount broker). The same logic should apply on crypto sales.
Gabe O'Leary
@robinsongreig When they say "zero-fee" I'm sure they are refereeing to transaction fees when purchasing or selling the currency. Coinbase charges 1.49% and GDAX 0.25% for market orders. Robinhood will charge 0%. I don't see any indication that they are going to allow people to transfer BTC & ETH for "zero-fee" - what you are referring to. That being said GDAX does allow for fee-less transfer of both BTC & ETH. They are probably able to offer this due to making so much money on transaction fees.
Sebastián León
@robinsongreig they will likely cover their costs through the exchange rate they give you (eg. Price per btc will be slightly higher with Robinhood vs other exchanges)
Steven Rueter
@robinsongreig best insight on the thread. Does this cover gas prices, too ;)?
Jeff Shillitto
@robinsongreig @sebfeed This is usually referred to as 'the spread' when converting currencies/forex - they will buy BTC at the lowest price they can and sell it for 1% more or whatever markup is competitive/profitable. It's good to see a crypto exchange going in the is direction but it's what forex industry does already. They'll still be turning a profit, don't worry.
Merlin Mason
@robinsongreig I think any Bitcoin / Ethereum network fees will only apply when transferring in / out of the Robinhood. I would presume any trading done in the platform will be off chain, (instant and no network fees), and then there will be no further transaction fee on top of this.
Lama Al Rajih
@2neeraj @vladtenev @bond_alexander @thejgr @bprafulkumar I've been waiting to see whether Robinhood would roll out a crypto product/add crypto. Is this going to be available in the app/on the web?
Masoud Ardestani
This is awesome! Put Ripple on there please :)
@masoudardestani I just updated my app, and $XRP is available as a quote. So it's probably safe to assume that it will be tradable.
Masoud Ardestani
@micahalcorn no way.....
@masoudardestani That doesn't mean a person should buy it. 😂
Masoud Ardestani
@micahalcorn you’ll never know! The coin is promising.
Jordan Jackson
Damien Tsnkff
TAKE OVER COINBASE (please) ps: love the funny design, not sure how it'll integrate with the rest of the app though.
Jordan Jackson
are Y'all working on a decentralized exchange as well - leveraging @0x Protocol or something similar like OmiseGO etc...
Wes Merrill
Low-key high-key pumped for this.
Bryan Chappell
The rumors are true. Coinbase account closing shortly.
Anthony Young
Are you not Accepting UK signups? Tried and only see US states?
Anthony Young
I see your only US for now, hope you can open up to the UK soon :)
This is interesting for existing Robinhood customers, particularly if we will be able to move in and out of stock and crypto positions quickly instead of having to wait for trade clearance and fiat deposits/withdrawals. Is this going to be the case, or, for example, would stock sale proceeds be subject to a multi-day clearance period before using them to purchase crypto?
Dipak Patel
Everything under one hood. Robinhood.... Will wait for it.
Ben Lang
Great news! I hope Robinhood pushes Coinbase to lower transaction fees.
Emanuele Ricci
Will this be restricted to USA and Australia?
Joshua Dance
12k in line when I signed up. Now 14k. Guesses on waitlist in 24 hours?
Kevin Moore
@joshdance 1.5 million?
Ketan Chaudhry
If you also include holistic, zero-hassle tax documentation for the accounts, you would probably dust Coinbase. Great to see this from Robinhood anyways! 👍
Joe Mahavuthivanij
Wow, this changes EVERYTHING. Well done Robinhood!
Chris Frantz
Where's the white paper? I'll see myself out.
Eric Miller
Always good to have competition!
Ken Seals
The designer was definitely pumping the Tron soundtrack on repeat while working on this.
Matthew Dean
@kenseals Tron theme... subliminal TRX? 🤔
Lance Mayfield
@kenseals @matttdean that would be great for me!
Jonathan Pilovsky
@kenseals “The whole Crypto section of Robinhood is styled with an 80s Tron design to denote the 24-hour trading window, compared to its day and night themes for when traditional stock markets are open or closed.”