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A real-time whiteboard for your team. No signups required.

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Gorkem Cetin
Loved the product. Is there a privacy policy & terms and conditions for your product?
Shawn Park
@gorkemcetin good catch -- we missed it and will add it asap
Tekeste Kidanu
@gorkemcetin @roka371 The creators of Wordpress have opensourced their ToC & Privacy documents. https://github.com/Automattic/legalmattic Let me know if you find any thing better and also free :)
Justin Winter
@megaroeny same here
Justin Winter
@roka371 check out Iuebenda. Great simple app to cover all that stuff.
Reony Tonneyck
@gorkemcetin was just about to ask this... Could you link to a privacy statement or security audit? My company won't allow us to use this without evidence of this. :(
Reony Tonneyck
@gorkemcetin Happy to see it up now: https://witeboard.com/privacy.html
Neil Patel
@gorkemcetin totally agree. It's awesome.
Edward Vasquez
Richard Bui
Fun :)
Mathias Elmose
Very useful for educational purpose. Great job!
Daniel Heitz
Simple and good, thanks!
Shawn Park
* We are experiencing slight delay due to traffic. Thanks for the interest guys and we are looking to resolve ASAP! Hey PH! Super excited to share Witeboard -- we've been working on it as a side project to help remote teams collaborate real-time. We created Witeboard to be the "fastest" way to share ideas remotely. Think JSFiddle -- but for drawing. We removed all barrier to entry like sign ups and installs so your team can hop on and share ideas right away. No more awkwardly turning your laptop camera to the whiteboard in a meeting room to get your point across. Would love to hear you guys' thoughts and let us know if there's any way we can make it better for your workflow!
Reony Tonneyck
@roka371 thank you SO MUCH for this!! After leaving InVision behind and committing myself to Figma completely, the one thing I really miss was their whiteboard feature. Now I can just use this for quick virtual whiteboarding since our company is very flexible with remote time. Thanks again
Thorsten Hirsch
@roka371 really helpful in remote meetings
Ravi Srinivasan
Simple πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Sergio Ruiz
It's great this app. I can imagine some interesting uses with it. However, It has to be improved, because I've just tested it with a coworker nearby (in the same network) and we experimented some delays when he tried to draw something. It should be real 'real-time' experience. But If you could fix it (I think so), it would be so useful.
Shawn Park
@sergioruizdavila Yup I believe it's because of the traffic we are getting. We will look into improve the speed and stability over the next few weeks. Thanks for the heads up!
Chris Frantz
An early distraction on Monday morning πŸ˜… Edit: Removed the PH board, that got out of hand quickly.
Tekeste Kidanu
You got my upvote! Very clean and minimal solution!
Matteo Fabbri
Make a security assessment and contact those idiots at McAfee, they are marking your site as "Malicious". As usual, you are not the first or even the last. Your requested URL has been blocked by the URL Filter database module of McAfee Web Gateway. The URL is listed in categories that are not allowed by your administrator at this time. User: mf185129 ( URL: http://www.witeboard.com/?ref=producthunt ( URL Categories: Malicious Sites* Looked up via GTI Reputation: Medium Risk (49) Medium Risk
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊
jake duncan β˜•οΈ
Nice. What differentiates Witeboard from similar tools like Aww app?
Shawn Park
@jkdncn Yup there are tons of whiteboard apps out there. We created Witeboard with one core philosophy to differentiate from others, and that's frictionless onboarding. You should be able to get started immediately -- not even a single modal. (We honestly don't need to tell you how to use a whiteboard.) The moment you go to a Witeboard link, you should be able to see the drawing and draw. It's a subtle difference, but we think minimizing friction across core flow (onboarding > draw > share) goes a long way when it comes to the experience.
Melissa Joy Kong
This is an awesome product - the UX is clean and intuitive. Plus, it's (a lot) cheaper and more portable than Google's Jamboard. :-)
Connor MacDonald
It looks awesome. Adding a shapes tool would make organization waaay simpler and faster. Loooove the frictionless ux
Abhi Kalakuntla
@connorstweetin We're really glad that you like it! We decided to forgo a shapes tool because we didn't want to clutter that area. We do however have keyboard shortcuts and shape detection for rectangles and circles :).
Sabrina Atienza
Awesome job guys :) congrats on the launch! Looks simple, easy-to-use, and super useful!
Michael Goldstrom
sree sreenivasan
Simple, no-signup product that works promised. Collaborative whiteboards aren't new, but not like this. Slack integration and shape detection (perfect on circles, squares; not triangles) is a terrific idea. Easier to type than write w/out tablet+pen. Congrats, @abhi_kalakuntla #coolnewtools
Brittany Layton
Loving the simplicity of UI! And turning drawn circles and squares into crisp shapes is a great hidden gem. Witeboard in action featuring the talented artists over at Loom πŸ˜‚: https://www.useloom.com/share/01dea5c459d54f758c845b75c5ae8342 Experiencing the known delay, but fun all the same πŸ˜…
Shawn Park
@brittlayton Thanks Brittany! We say we made it for collaboration, but in all honesty it's also just a fun drawing tool. (hence the hangman) We are looking into solve the delay issue asap. Also a big fan of Loom's design! Use it personally and for work all the time πŸ™
Wilhem Pujar
I've asked for this in a startup group last week. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
Adnan Ammache
@wilhempujar this is wow
Abhi Kalakuntla
@wilhempujar πŸ™ŒπŸΎ glad we can help :D