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Mitch Grasso
Thanks for checking out Beautiful.AI! I've built a bunch of content authoring tools in the past (including SlideRocket) and finally realized that building tools that required design skills from it's users wasn't serving the needs of most people who don't want to spend their time aligning shapes and picking font sizes or hiring a professional designer to help. So we created Beautiful.AI so that everyone could have beautiful and effective presentations easily and quickly. Beautiful.AI uses AI expert systems and heuristics to provide dozens of smart templates that adapt their layout and styles to your content in realtime. We think it's a dramatic improvement over traditional authoring tools like Powerpoint and let's you spend your time focused on what you want to say in a presentation - not how to make it look good. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
Nat Robinson
@mitchgrasso Congrats Mitch and team!
Taylor Banks
@mitchgrasso Really nice work, guys! I'm a Slidebean AND HaikuDeck user and Beautiful.AI still brings something fresh and new to the table. Looking forward to giving this a spin with a presentation I recently created in one of the aforementioned tools to see how it does in "full auto." :)
Daniel Levelev
@mitchgrasso Love your produt. Is it possible to insert Emoji & Links into presentations?
Nikhil Basu Trivedi
Super excited for to be open to the world!
I really dig Beautiful AI. I think with more polish and features this product will be used by many companies. It just feels like an obvious choice cause we all want the same things: - One place where company presentations can live, so people on enterprise teams can reference them. - Easy to make presentations, easy to share presentations. - Worry less about falling out of brand guidelines, worry more about what you are making. I can't wait to see how this product grows! Cheers and thanks for launching it.
Mucahit Gayiran
It is good, but why you call it AI. Which part of it AI?
Mitch Grasso
@mockupzone Hey Mucahit, We are currently using expert systems and heuristics (kinda old school AI) to make automatic layout decisions that adapt to your content. We also use some image analysis to automatically crop your images to the most interesting part depending on the crop size. While we currently aren't using machine-learning yet, we are working on features to automatically analyze your presentation to point out places where things could potentially be improved as well as helping you structure your story or pitch. For more on our thinking behind our evolution of Design.AI, check out this blog post: thanks!
Anna Rys
I can see how this would be useful for quick presentations (I love the fact that you can pick your own theme colors and have a nice variety of slide layouts!) but I probably wouldn't use it for a more personalized, branded presentation. I'm just testing creating an investor deck using Beautiful.AI vs. a Keynote template I bought for $15. It is a very good theme and it took me a while to find one that answers most of my needs (funnily enough, I didn't find it under "startup deck" or "business plan" – I sort of accidentally found it in the "marketing" category). So, here is a quick comparison: 1. Beautiful.AI is definitely easier to use if you don't have much experience with Keynote (I only have some). Setting theme colors and making sure everything is in order (the app does it for you) is easy peasy. 2. It's quicker to find a good enough slide template on Beautiful.AI but it's not easy to find all of the slides you need and the existing templates are kind of restrictive for some purposes. 3. Adjusting everything on Keynote, when you're not a pro, is a bit of a pain. But at least you can control every little bit of your presentation (even if you have to spend a lot of time on it and google some options up... but hey, you live you learn). And you can add your logo on every slide ;). 4. It's much probably easier to collaborate with others on one presentation and make sure the layout stays consistent throughout. Haven't tested this option yet but I can see a lot of potential uses with the collaborative aspect in mind. 5. No idea about the costs... I'm assuming it will have to cost something to use Beautiful.AI at some point? :) For now, it's free, which is definitely a plus ;). I can definitely see how Beautiful.AI could be used for building templates for the entire organization, to make sure our external communication is consistent, no matter the level of Keynote/PowerPoint skill or sense of aesthetics of a team member. I would for sure use such a tool for our sales presentations (if they needed to be changed around a lot), for example. Or internal presentations, for that matter. For our investor deck though, this time around, I'll probably stick to a Keynote template.
Jacob Wallenberg
@rysanna Thanks for taking the time to compare and share your notes - super helpful!
Anna Rys
@jrwallenberg You're welcome! FYI – showed Beautiful.AI to my team of marketing/sales non-designers and they quite love it :)
Mitch Grasso
@rysanna Hey Anna, thanks a ton for your detailed feedback! I wanted to you know we'll be adding a lot more templates very soon and we'd love to hear what you or others feel is missing. Regarding pricing, we will have a premium tier at some point but it's our goal that most if not all of the features that are available now continue to be free forever. We may decide to limit the number of presentations you can create and/or add premium features and templates but anything you create in the tool today will always be available to you at no charge.
Anna Rys
@mitchgrasso Great, thanks for the info!
Ben Flowers
I really like this! Allows me as a non-visual designer person make nice interactive slides with ease.
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! Super useful !! 😊
Eric Miller
Saw this launch yesterday, seriously stunning product! Home run, @mitchgrasso ✌️
Maddie Hall
Great product! How do you plan to further develop and incorporate AI as you grow your user base and feature set? What's on your roadmap?
Mitch Grasso
@maddie_hall1 Hey Maddie, we are definitely in the early days of what we're calling Design.AI. Over the next few months we will be optimizing and adding more flexibility to our design expert systems to support more templates, styles, and variations of the slides. And then as users create more and more presentations, we'll be able to use machine learning off that data to help users structure their presentations - not just how they look but what they say. Other short-term stuff coming over the next few months includes: - Better international support - Non-chrome browser support - Offline editing and playback - Unlimited revision history - New templates like tables, maps, orgcharts, stack diagrams, etc. Beyond that we've got some really cool stuff in the works that we think can really transform how you think about presentations but we aren't quite ready to talk about yet... For more on our thinking behind Design.AI. please check out this blog post thanks!
Craig Jarrow
@mitchgrasso @benjanik Wow. Very impressed with Beautiful. Love the UI, and the simple and powerful slide makers. I am am big Keynote user... but I have already started my latest two presentations in Beautiful. Keep up the great work!
This looks great! Great job @mitchgrasso & team - love the UI and the tour was helpful.
Carl Sabounjian
@mitchgrasso I can seriously see this as an app where you can show off the presentation kinda like Prezi - nice!
Jeff Osborn
Looks fantastic! Great timing, I have a presentation I'm starting work on today
Afanasiy Savvin
Great job guys! How did you come up with this idea?
Mitch Grasso
@afanasiy I've built a bunch of creative tools in my career (including SlideRocket) and I finally realized the core problem with traditional tools like PowerPoint. Most likely, you are an expert at what you do - but that means you probably aren't also an expert at design. Yet when it comes to communicating your ideas visually, you are suddenly faced with a blank canvas and a million different ways to represent those ideas. Do you really want to spend your time picking the right font sizes, aligning shapes, or any of the hundreds of other design decisions that are needed to make your presentations look great? Probably not. And certainly not at 11pm the night before a meeting. We built Beautiful.AI to give everyone the ability to create beautiful and effective presentations quickly and easily. That way you can focus on telling your story while we make it beautiful.
Afanasiy Savvin
@mitchgrasso Thanks! When do you plan to add Safari browser support?
Mitch Grasso
@afanasiy Very soon. Should just be a couple of weeks hopefully.
Steven Hambleton
@afanasiy @mitchgrasso Still waiting?
Afanasiy Savvin
@stinhambo yes
David J Bland
Saw a demo of this yesterday at SaaStr and was impressed. It's like you created your own Noun Project for people to tap into that is stylistically coherent. I think corporations could be an interesting target segment, because managers don't have hours to spend changing font sizes, timelines, etc on their recurring internal presentations to leadership. One minor point though, if you do target corporations, they'll be wary of putting internal intellectual property into your platform unless they know it's secure.
Rafic Sinno
Beautiful frictionless experience. Simple, Powerful, Beautiful. I only noticed one instance in which my Chrome Browser hung-up on my Mac as I was trying to browse through the logo section. Aside from this bug, it works smoothly. Looking forward to using this and it will be something I use! Any chance that it will be available as a native MAC app?
Mitch Grasso
@rafic Thanks for the feedback! We have a desktop version coming very soon. It's not fully native - ie. it still uses html and javascript like Slack and Spotify do - but it will support offline editing and playback of your presentations.
Ivan Sirditov
Great product! Do you use Firebase as a backend solution? Have you encountered any problems while scaling?
Mitch Grasso
@sirditov So far it's been great! We are still using the Firebase realtime database and plan to switch to the new Firestore eventually.
Ivan Sirditov
@mitchgrasso Thanks
Natalie Van Coevorden
Beautifully made product and its much needed.
Matvey Badaguev
Looks great!
Romain Violleau
Looks great, I'm testing right now so I will give you my feedback after a couple of presentations. PS: @mitchgrasso Be careful, when we share to someone, there is a mistake in the email: " (via" with a U at Beautiful