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Smart Glasses that look normal

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
"Google Glass, and the Glassholes who came with it, gave head-worn displays a bad reputation. HoloLens is aiming for a full, high-end AR experience that literally puts a Windows PC on your head."
Amie Serrano
Interesting concept.
Johnny Lemberg
They looks amazing!
Julie Delanoy
me: THIS IS THE FUTURE! also me: But I had lasik to stop wearing glasses!
Leo Bassam
@syswarren 😂
Joshua Pinter
@syswarren @loaibassam I also had Lasik and I actually miss wearing glasses a lot. The biggest benefit: wearing sunglasses whenever the eff you want!
Julie Delanoy
@loaibassam @joshuapinter I have sooooo many sunglasses. They are my thing now.
Amitava Saha
Insert 'shut up and take my money' gif
@amitava82 Consider it done, courtesy of @neuling2k's Chrome extension (
ahounou khaled
Very interesting concept. I can't even imagine all the applications that would come out of it. But how to apply for early access?
Fletcher Fowler
@ahounoukhaled intel needs to figure out how to make a prelaunch signup page
Steven Tonson
It changes lives. Amazing! Would lov to check them out
Bobby Marli
It is future! Incredible thing
Count me in. Plus they don't look like they weigh 10 pounds like other glasses out there.
Matt Klein
I'd be curious to hear what health professionals think about this type of constant retinal projection. We discuss "too much screen time" today... What happens when up the ante and consistently project low-powered lasers into ourselves throughout the day? I'd still wear a pair tho...
Rudy Lee
@kleinkleinklein That's a really interesting point.. I still think a lot of people would want it no matter what
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! Loving this project hopefully this should ship to India ?
Emiliano Della Casa
I work on a company developing AR Glasses and I actually wonder where are the batteries and how long will this device last. Based on my experience, battery duration will be very short.
Jonathan Zhan
@emilianodc The linked article says they’re aiming for 18 hrs of battery life!
Anthony Da Mota
Yes please, Intel, we need that.
Nic Perry
Exciting! I can't wait to see how these perform in the real world, this is the kind of usable AR I've been waiting for - toss in the ability to define some places to see data and I'm sold (i.e. show me our daily sales chart on that wall whenever I look at it.)
Bonny Madbunn
Would like to get those! Wow
Paul Shapiro
I want it
David Nelsen
This seems like a better first step entry into wearables. Something people might actually use on a daily basis.
Marie Morton
That guy looks like Vsause from youtube :)
Edward Tay
would it be better than this though
Haoyang Feng
@iamedwardtay I want to know too
Sean Han
Hope to get one!