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Create 7-Second Music Videos

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Ryan Hoover
This is one of my favorite new mobile apps. I wrote a product deconstruction a few weeks ago on PandoDaily - http://pandodaily.com/2013/11/04/want-to-feel-badass-a-design-teardown-of-music-app-mindie/
Nathan Bashaw
"She makes me smile, laugh, and feel good about myself despite her young age." - Ryan Hoover, professional creeper
Shaan Puri
the new design is really slick
Ryan Hoover
Nathan- Yup. Gotta open with a compelling (creepy) hook!
Ryan Hoover
I was fortunate to meet a few of the Mindie guys (Greg and Stan) while they were in SF for a few weeks (you can probably guess why). If you've been following the service, you may have noticed more pickup from tech "celebs" like Ashton Kutcher, Jack Dorsey, and Dave Morin using the service. The product is following a similar trajectory as Frontback -- not only in its product design but adoption and growth.
Nick Zieber
I think there should be an option to rotate videos from landscape to portrait. I found that trying to upload old videos created some difficulty. I get really confused when trying to adapt to the interface quickly - possibly some UX design tweaks could lead to a smoother experience. That being said... I had an incredible moment when I started flipping through Mindies and it just worked flawlessly. I couldn't believe how clever some of the people were who made this 10 second music videos. For me, this was a lot cooler than swiping through Instagram videos. The element of having music with every video is wonderful. Mindie is awesome.
Alec Dickinson
Just tested the Mindie Integration with Facebook Messenger and it felt just right. Instantly share to Public and Messenger by selecting multiple places where you want to share. I also liked the fact that each Mindie now has a messenger share button, it looks nice, it's well placed and it's non-intrusive. I do feel more inclined to sharing content a bit more.