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The Startup Playbook

How-to guide for building your startup from the ground up

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Ben Tossell
Will be reading this :) Brad Feld wrote the foreword. "The Startup Playbook is our personal how-to guide for building your startup from the ground up. In it, you’ll find a collection of the major lessons and shortcuts we’ve learned that will shift the odds in your favor. We’re sharing our tips, secrets, and advice in a frank, founder-to-founder discussion with you."
Nilanchala Panigrahy
Looking forward to reading it. By the way is it available on Google play books?
Taylor Edmiston
Kindle edition is $0.99 for the first week
Rud Steinar
@kicksopenminds it is cheap
Tomer Alpert
Super cool, thanks for hunting!
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊
Cody Fitzpatrick
I'm always a fan of more startup "self-help" resources, and @bfeld & @rajatabhargava certainly seem to have been there and done that. Quick question -- will this particular Startup Playbook get into VC, IPOs, and private equity sales? I ask as I see you both have significant experience in these areas. Lastly, while I will very likely be picking up a copy of this book (and I recommend you do too if it seems applicable to your career and/or ambitions), there are some other free resources out there to help you along the way in conjunction with this book: - Startup Playbook, by Sam Altman ( - How to Acquire More Users, by Julian Shapiro (
Bala K
@codyfitzpatrick thanks for Sam Altman’s book. Looks like a must read 👍
Graeme Fulton
Nice one I bought it, what a great offer! Next, I will read it
Pedro J. Martínez
Great job. Just bought one on Amazon, 0.99€! I'll be reading it in the next weeks:)
Shaun Johnson
Congrats @WillHerman! Bought it and plan to start reading this weekend. 📚🐛
Bala K
Nice offer for $0.99. Bought it
Michael Musgrove
What type(s) of startup is this book focused on? SaaS? Physical goods? Agencies? It would be nice to know who the target market is a little more specifically.
Afanasiy Savvin
Thanks! Purchased it.
Степан Афанасьев
A must read for every startup
Dmitry Suholet
Thanks for such a fantastic gift. $0.99 is a bargain. Bought it immediately.
João Caetano
Just bought it, looking forward to reading it!
Olga Krivoshapkina
Looking forward for it!
Will Herman
Thanks for all the great feedback everyone, just adding myself to the maker list as a co-author @willherman. Happy to answer any questions.
Edvins Antonovs
Nice, just bought a kindle edition