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Skulpt Aim

Innovative device for measuring body composition

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Nadia Eghbal
whaaaaat I want this. I wish it weren't so expensive though.

Use Skulpt to measure your body fat percentage and get a personalized workout plan to burn fat and build muscle.

Get the Skulpt Scanner Bundle for $99

  • Measure overall body fat percentage quickly and accurately
  • Measure local fat percentage in 24 different areas
  • Identify relative strength of muscles and muscle quality of 24 muscle groups

Skulpt App

  • In-depth body fat and muscle analysis
  • Workout guidance to burn fat and build muscle strength for overall improved physique

In-depth body fat and muscle analysis to help you know what to work on to lose fat and improve strength—and be less prone to injury.

Backed By Science

Measure muscle quality and fat percentage directly and accurately with the Skulpt Scanner. See your results, and learn which muscle groups need strengthening for peak performance, with the Skulpt App.

The App also delivers workout advice tailored to your physique and goals. We'll start by helping you achieve a more balanced physique. As you advance, experienced trainers on our advisory panel provide guidance more specific to your personal goals.

“Information that’s far more insightful than your body weight, waistline, or the number of calories you burned on a given day.”

“ learn more about the efficiency of your exercise and can tailor programs that are really making a difference to the strength of your body.”

“Athletes could make better decisions about which muscles to target during their workouts.”

Ready to get started?

In fitness, you need the right data to help unlock your potential. For only $99, Skulpt Scanner provides you the data you need to start getting in the best shape of your life.