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A community of makers shipping together 🚧

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I am learning how to code so this community would be a great way to ship my first app :)
Stephen Johnson
Day 1 WIP member checking in! So awesome to have a community of motivated helpful and all around awesome people to learn from and ship with! Let me know if I can answer any questions 👋
Wouter van Lent
WIP has been an amazing community over the last few months. Very nice way to keep yourself accountable on your daily todos. Besides that very actionable discussions among, mostly, self-funded entrepreneurs and makers. Very valuable addition to my daily "tools". Congrats @marckohlbrugge on the launch!
Marc Köhlbrugge
👋 Hi PH! I'm so excited to finally share WIP with all of you! A few months ago I started a simple Telegram group for a couple of makers to share what they were working on and keep each other accountable to ship daily. Today this group has grown into a vibrant community of makers working in public, sharing their progress, and motivating each other to keep shipping. Here's how WIP works: 💬 Group chat Most of WIP happens in our Telegram group chat. Here's where we discuss what we're working on, ask for help, and share the occasional meme. We have a chatbot that lets you track your todos, and when you've completed them. This way everybody gets to see what the rest is working on which is very inspiring. 🤖 Chat bot We have a bot called @wipbot that lets you easily perform tasks in the chat. For example you can type "/done launched on Product Hunt" to create a completed todo, or "/ask What are best practices to launch on Product Hunt?" to post a question to the group. 🔥 Shipping Streaks If you complete at least one todo each day you will earn a streak. Kinda like how you can earn a streak on Product Hunt for upvoting, but with WIP it's all about shipping your own products. There's a public leaderboard of who has been shipping the most consistently. Currently dominated by Product Hunt Maker of The Year @levelsio with 162 consecutive shipping days. (This guy ships!) 👩‍💻 Maker Profiles Each maker has their own maker profile. It shows the world which todos you recently completed and which are still pending. It also shows your shipping stats so you can get a better sense of when you are most productive. Here's mine: 🤔 Q&A Got a question for other makers? Looking for feedback? You can ask in the chat, but it might disappear after a while. That's why we've got slash commands like /ask that cross-post your question to the group. Recent questions: 💰 Paid membership WIP is a bootstrapped product so to support further development all memberships are paid. This also makes sure the community doesn't grow too big too fast. There are monthly and yearly subscriptions available. ---- For more info see and for all our public numbers. I'd be happy to answer any questions!
Marc Köhlbrugge
Major shout out to all WIP members for helping build the platform. Without you and your feedback WIP would just be me talking to myself. I can't possibly @mention everyone here (well actually I could with a simple database query, but I don't think PH will appreciate me @mentioning dozens of people), but you know who you are. Thank you so much for your support!
@marckohlbrugge just added!
Emily Hodgins
@marckohlbrugge hi Marc, looks like a great community. Congrats on the launch and for building a place like this for Makers! 💯 Quick observation from your homepage. I see 40+ guys (+1 cat & 1 dog). I don't see any women. This may sound small but it makes the community seem much less welcoming (to me personally). If you have women in your community, be great to highlight on your homepage to feel more inclusive. If you don't, do you have plans do diversify your community?
Mo Rajabifard
@marckohlbrugge @ems_hodge That actually seems like a really good point in my opinion as well, I don't think there are more than a dozen women in WIP, @marckohlbrugge maybe you can share some stats?
Jonathan Kosgei
@marckohlbrugge @ems_hodge Hi Emily, there're definitely women on WIP. What you see on the homepage sidebar is a leaderboard of the individuals with the longest streaks. In the middle is a stream of the most recent ships by the members of the group. Anyone can get on the homepage based on their level of engagement with the community.
Emily Hodgins
@marckohlbrugge @jonathan_trev hey Jonathan! That's good to hear. I was mainly referring to the two header images on the homepage and about us page. They were the first 2 things I saw when checking out the community.
Jonathan Kosgei
@marckohlbrugge @ems_hodge Oh right! Good point. I haven't seen this page in a while :)
Marc Köhlbrugge
@ems_hodge Hi Emily, thanks for your question. The ratio female/male is something we definitely need to work on. We have some amazing female makers in the community, but not enough. I've talked to some of them about how we can attract more female members and make everyone feel comfortable joining a currently male-dominated group. It feels a bit like a catch-22. There's few women, making it less inviting for other women to join, leading to relatively even fewer women. I'm curious to hear how you address this at PH? One thing I'll try and change is to show our female members more prominently in the website header, etc. It would give a skewed representation, but with the goal of diversifying the group.
Brendon Rell
@wipbot @levelsio @marckohlbrugge Huge fan! WIP, much more than any todo app/tool, has made me more productive. Bonus is the community, which helps you not only build your stuff, but keep you motivated. A must-join for any makers out there!
Emily Hodgins
@marckohlbrugge Hi Marc thanks for replying. 😊 It could be worth reaching out to some women led groups in tech via social /their contact forms, and inviting them to take a look around the community and either a) invite their members to join, or better yet, if they aren't ready to join, make recommendations about how the community would be more inviting to them. If have you have a bunch of women friends or contacts in tech, ask them to join and make recommendations too. Building a diverse community doesn't happen over night, but making inclusivity a commitment from the start will set you up for building an awesome community for all in the longer run.
Sarah Hum
@marckohlbrugge @ems_hodge I definitely noticed this as well when I saw the homepage. In addition to the header, it'd be great to see some female voices in the member testimonials. Congrats on the launch!
Sarah Ball
@marckohlbrugge @ems_hodge Hey Emily! I'm one of the women in WIP. We're definitely a small minority and I'd love to see that change, both in this community and the maker community at large. I've spoken to Marc about this at pretty much day one, and I've seen that it's an issue he cares about and has made an effort to address. On my end, I'm always keeping an eye out for female makers and have invited several to join, though I haven't had much luck so far, and community-building is pretty far out of my realm of expertise. It's an amazing group and I'm committed to seeing it grow and succeed, but for this to happen, it absolutely needs to become more diverse. Thanks for sharing your feedback on how we might better make that happen.
Emily Hodgins
@marckohlbrugge @_satelliteeyes Hey Sarah 👋Glad to hear the community has been useful for you. I've enjoyed reading all the comments today, WIP seams to be really well loved by those who use it. It can be daunting to enter such a male dominated community, particularly putting yourself and your creations out there for all to see. Perhaps offering an initial discounted or free access to some women led Maker groups in return for their feedback, and if they enjoy the community, promotion within their Maker circles could be another way of attracted more women to the group. Looking forward to seeing even more great products come from this group of talented Makers down the line! 💯
Marc Köhlbrugge
@ems_hodge Thanks Emily. These are some great ideas! I know some women running "women in tech" groups so reaching out to them seems like a no-brainer. I guess what has been holding me back is our memberships being paid and I don't want it to come across as a sleazy sales pitch. That said, I could simply offer free trials (something we normally don't offer) so people can give it a try.
Marc Köhlbrugge
@ems_hodge @_satelliteeyes Thanks for chiming in 🙌 By the way if you know of any female makers that might want to try WIP let me know and we'll work out a free trial.
Sven van der Zee
Great community! Thanks Marc, I also just launched my product I've been building public on what a coincidence!
Awesome community and tool, i've never been able to use todos, with WIP its now part of my daily habits. Really nice to share todos and task done with other WIP since it always triggers useful discussion and feedback. Also the corgi in the chat is the best <3
omg i forgot, i wanted to write a comment mostly because i'm trying to keep a collection of all products launch by WIP Member here:
Patrick Loonstra
Great way to publicly show what you do. A great motivation to keep pushing it forward.
Pieter Levels
WIP has kept me accountable for the last 150+ days: I've shipped more than ever: 773 tasks in 162 days. WIP's chat on Telegram has been very solid to get quick feedback on new ideas I have, and help newbie and advanced shippers with issues they have, that we might have had in the past. Think "which payment processor to use" to "should I use Discourse for forum software or build my own?". I'm a solo maker, and at times that can also be lonely and being in a chat with ~1,000 people chatting about shipping and making friends has helped me a lot there. I know @producthunt is building something similar, and for good reason. Mixing community + accountability is a great idea and I think WIP validates it. I wonder what more products we'll see pop up. There's now so many indie makers, and WIP shows you can make products that help them ship.
Kovács Máté
Awesome product that helps me to build my apps publicly! It has a great community which motivates you and helps you when you're stuck, worth checking out. It's like using IRC again. Last time when I launched one of my apps on Producthunt some WIP members gave me advice how to do it better and helped me to reach the front page so congrats on the launch @marckohlbrugge!
Andrey  Azimov
Finally congrats on the launch! WIP is one of most viral product that seen that was building in my eyes. I'm using it to building my products on regular basis: Can you please share plans for near future? P.S. Thanks for adding me on GIF :)
Marc Köhlbrugge
@andreyazimov Hey Andrey, thanks so much for your support! I will develop WIP based on the community's feedback and requests. One of the most popular requests is the ability to keep track of milestones (e.g. getting 100 customers) and setting goals/deadlines (e.g. turning break-even). At the same time I will continue to evolve the current functionality and user experience.
Marc Köhlbrugge
Looks like there are a few other WIP members on the Product Hunt frontpage today. Make sure to check them out as well to get a better idea of what type of products our community is building.
Sam Cambridge
The WIP community has given me a huuuuuge boost in productivity. It's a diverse, humble set of humans who are all willing to help out and share their opinions to push each other on and launch products. 10/10 would WIP again
WIP is the best. I am in a couple masterminds and this group beats them all hands down. The amount of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration shared every day is amazing. 👌 Seeing everyone ship has made me want to build more products. 7/7 would WIP again.
Akshay Kadam(A2K)
🚧 WIP is great. I had questions about Webpack & I posted all over the internet & I got my answers only in WIP You want designers. WIP has it. Developers. WIP has it. Marketers. WIP has it. It is diverse community of makers from all over the world 🌐 It is the only community with full of positivity. No bullshit. Although it is a community of shippers, there is a lot of help from the community if anyone ever gets stuck. Mostly all questions are answered. I've joined WIP 5 months ago & its only been a fun ride. #wip4life ❤️
Leo Baecker
Joining WIP has been a turning point to me. I before spent a whole year working on side projects and had no one to share my progress, to ask technical questions, talk about pricing and even strategy. I was going to the wrong direction. Since then, I've been shipping every single day for the last 3 months: alongside with a 9-5 job, which led me to launch my project and reach $100+ MRR within a month. All credit goes to WIP and its people 🙌
Mohammed Rafy
It's inspiring how Marc has built this community of makers by constantly iterating through a feedback loop. It feels amazing to be part of this community from the start. 😻
Lowen is a great product and idea. Awesome to see you succeed Marc! I remember what you said on my bday party and now it's growing so fast. feedback: sometimes find the signin a bit of a pain and going through the checklist. Maybe that's just my experience w telegram as I don't want to be online all the time for my own sanity+focus. Other than that I've decided to become a bit more involved in the community instead of just lurking 😅 Perhaps there's some improvement there for beginners to get involved in some kind of gamifying system. Like the feedback from Sally Poulsen in this article from justin jackson
Marc Köhlbrugge
@mijustin @flowen_nl Thanks for your feedback Lowen. I agree the sign in flow isn't ideal. It used to be semi-automatic, but it only worked in about 90% of cases. In the remaining 10% it was impossible to sign in at all. I'll continue looking into ways to optimize the sign in flow. That said, it does set a cookie so you _should_ not need to sign in all that often. If you don't stay signed in please message me on Telegram and we can debug what's happening.
Carlos G.
By far the best community of shippers i've been part of. These guys r awesome and thanks @marckohlbrugge for this amazing platform (finally you fixed the login thingy :)) Now let's get back to 🚧. Ship | Die
Congrats on the launch Marc! 👏 I've been hanging out on every-single-day, for the past 5 months and I'm still excited to jump in the conversation every morning ☕️ Being around makers, each at different stages and working on different type of products helped me learn A LOT. Needless to say, creating and completing tasks in public helped focus of getting stuff done and stop obsessing over details. Weather you're still looking for ideas or cruising at $50K /month (s/o @levelsio), has something to offer. Join us!
Marcus Karoumi
One of the best communities for entrepreneurs out there. Love being a part of it 👏🚧