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Notion 2.0

The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

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Ivan Zhao
Hey Product Hunt, Notion founder here. About 1.5 years ago, we released Notion 1.0 on Product Hunt. At that time, the company was just my cofounder Simon and I, and we were nearly running out of money (thanks mom for the bridge!) If not for the Product Hunt launch and the overwhelming support from this community, we wouldn't have made it... Today, we are launching Notion 2.0. In all honesty, Notion 2.0 is really the 1.0 for us. It finally delivers on our promise – a singular tool that handles all your work outside email and Slack. With the addition of tables, Kanban boards, and calendars, along with the existing notes and wiki features, we think we have done it with this release – Notion is now truly the "all-in-one workspace". We have all kinds of users running on Notion every day, from larger customers like Airbnb, Intercom, and Slack, to small creative agencies around the world, or just individuals who want a flexible notes app to stay organized. We want Notion to grow into the general purpose tool for our generation, very much like what Microsoft Office did a couple of decades ago ;-) Next up: - Android app (This could be as soon as early April!) - Much better mobile and offline experience, especially for iPad. - ... and many more. Message us your requests in the app (via the little '?' on the bottom left), and we'll build it. Thank you again for this community. We wouldn't be here without you guys. Ivan Cofounder, Notion
Jacob Bøtter
@ivanhzhao A big thanks from me. Currently paying for Notion as its an indispensable tool for writing my next week, pretty much everything is being done in Notion and with the latest update I am heavily considering moving *everything* in the process to Notion. The tool also gets a nice shout-out in the book itself!
Andrew Mutavdzija
@ivanhzhao hi, thanks for your hard work on an excellent tool. question, though: where is v2.0? App store still lists 1.1 and no update available...?
Samuel Beek
@ivanhzhao First of all: congrats on the update. My company uses Notion a lot and I think these are great improvements. One thing I'd say is a hassle in your service right now and might help adoption for Notion inside companies, is that it's hard to integrate with other tools. I agree that it's best to have everything in one place but the reality is that it's very hard to switch a whole company and all its tools at once. So are you considering building integrations or a more powerful way to embed other tools, like how Slack does that? I think it'd be great if I could somehow link my kanban tool to my teams notion page. Is iPad a big market for you at the moment and is that why you're prioritizing it?
@ivanhzhao great update! I can't wait for the Android app, it's the only thing holding me from fully switching to Notion.
Joseph Wood
@ivanhzhao @andym_dc - This is what I've been wondering all day. I'm super excited to try it out, but I have no idea when it's actually coming out. I assume it's an update that is being rolled out some time today, but I don't really know.
@ivanhzhao @samuelbeek +1 Really really want tighter integrations.
Micah Choquette
@boetter Would really love to see what "writing my next week" looks like. Do you know if Notion has a trello-esque "share your board" feature?
Lee Fuhr
@ivanhzhao @samuelbeek @desmonddantzler Another +1. I tried Notion as our little agency's shared bookmarking repository (call it a wiki if you want) and found it lacking, much more manual than, which I've gone back to. That's just one example, but there are others, where the specialized tool is worth sticking with. I'd love to be able to make Notion the sun in my galaxy.
Ivan Zhao
@boetter @meetmicah Yes. Each board is just a "page" with a sharable URL.
Ismail Pelaseyed
@ivanhzhao I'm running a management consultancy firm and we are looking for a tool to start using for a specific project. Notion looks good, my only question is: Do you guys offer an API?
Mathias Elmose
Congrats! This is just fantastic! I use this tool everyday and been waiting for this update! Looking forward to try it out 👏
Zee M Kane
I've been using this in private beta and can't emphasise enough how impressed I am with what the team have built. I was impressed with Notion 1.0 but never felt it did anything quite good enough to replace other products ... Notion 2.0 is a different story. This can legitimately replace your task management app (particularly Trello), your spreadsheet app (e.g. Airtable), your notes app (e.g. Evernote), your documents app (e.g. Dropbox Paper), Lists/Outliner (e.g. Workflowy) and it integrates them all incredibly elegantly - on desktop AND mobile. Massive kudos. Haven't been as excited about a product like this in literally 8+ years.
Yaser Ahmady
@zee Exactly how I feel.
Julian Rothkamp
The new release looks awesome! Can't wait to use it. Congrats on the launch!
Rick Sheahan
Notion is so powerful, it's the first thing since mind mapping to seem like a viable way to get out my rapid stream of thoughts and organize them! The new release, from my short view is just another step in a massive featureset that feels like the perfect mix of desktop wiki, notes app, markdown (or markdown-esque) editor, with collaborations and now tables. My only issue is.... it's so much! I am overwhelmed with the abilities and have trouble building workflows that I can use with ease or quickly enough to not just resort to bookmarks or bookmark service extensions and notes widgets. It would be super cool to see interviews with devs ala thesweetsetup (and im sure plenty of other sites) to see how they use Notion for whatever, to get inspiration. Takes the onus off of the team to make tutorials that are subjective, too, so you don't limit imagination with your knowledge-base.
Rick Sheahan these seem to be along the lines of what I'm looking for, but not always great quality and very few, limited perspectives. (sorry, the thumbnails auto appear)
Raphaël Chabaud
@cucumbur Same for me. I believe all-in-one products will always be less refined than specialized platforms. It is more tools to maintain but they come together well with tools such as Station. Notion is still an impressive product and one of the best note taking app on the market with evernote, slite, bear...
Francesco D'Alessio
@cucumbur Thanks for featuring me here! Sorry for the intense thumbnails!
Sarah Hum
We've been using Notion at Canny on a daily basis for a while now. From our daily standups to our interview pipeline, Notion is the home for our docs. I was stoked to see the updates this morning—they add so much more power. Excited to see which tools I can stop using now 😅 Congrats to the team, you're killing it!
Antoine Plu
I've been using Notion 2.0 for weeks now, this release is just amazing! 🙏🏻 So glad to see it live, they added what was missing without having too many features, it's perfect!
Saravana Kumar
Great product, one of the best editing/authoring experience I've seen.
Steven J. Selcuk
pay for a to-do app.. Nice joke. 🤔
Nathaniel Blackburn
@stevenselcuk That is a incredibly narrow-minded outlook on the product, it is so much more than that.
Pawel Kadysz
@stevenselcuk 😬your comment is a perfect example of pure ignorance. Not only Notion is so much more than a to-do app, but it also has a free plan (which is more than generous). And besides that, what's wrong with paying for a to-do app?
Logan Honeycutt
@stevenselcuk Notion is WAY more than a to-do app.
Rick Sheahan
@stevenselcuk As both a critic and a True Believer of Notion and it's potential, I'm willing to call out flaws it has. This isn't one of then. You are not only wrong, but if you WERE speaking based on facts it would still be ignorant
Andrea Di Marco
Tested the beta for a while and I must say I was so impressed from day one. V2 is a masterpiece of usability. Notion crams so much functionality into each page while keeping interface extremely clean, understandable and usable, that it feels almost incredible. I truly believe this is a milestone in the history of UX design. Looking forward: - Calendar implementation is a great start but needs to be more versatile IMHO. Takes too much space on the page and leaves too much unused real estate. I'd like so see a more compact implementation available (I love most design patterns implemented by Fantastical mobile app). - An additional inline date block to make it easy to convert a list to a calendar and viceversa (and honestly I find missing an inline date picker so many times in my daily use). - A timeline view. - A solution for offline use. But ya... I really hate you guys... fantastic designers/makers of things.
Jonathan L.
So impressed by this product. 😍 This is where I organize all my (personal + company) knowledge base. One of the most underrated features is the ability for anyone, especially nontechnical, to build and publish good-looking pages so easily. Thank you so much for this remarkable product. I’m just so happy to pay for it. Keep on the great work, can’t wait for the Android app to be released. :)
Chris Schwartze
I fell in love with Notion even more now 😭
Nicoletta Donadio
This product solved a big problem I always had as a designer; documenting my work so that other people in the team could find it and understanding it.
Joseph Wood
@nikla88 - I love this idea of documenting your work so other people can understand it. I'm totally going to start doing that!
Elliot Jay Stocks
I’ve been using Notion for a while now and can’t recommend it enough. For those who might’ve held off, this 2.0 update brings a whole load of features that might sway you away from Trello and the like. But really, it’s unfair to compare Notion to Trello because it does *so* many things. It’s like multiple apps in one, and yet somehow never feels cluttered. It can be completely tailored to your own use, so if you’re not interested in this feature or that feature, just don’t use them and they’ll get out of your way. Congrats on the release of 2.0, guys!
Kim Døfler
Love using Notion ❤️ I use it document all ideas and learnings. It is the best knowledge base as a service I have come across 🔥 The new features in Notion 2.0 look absolutely stunning and I can't wait to test them out. Notion team, you rock 🤘 All the best Kim Døfler
Enrico Nahler
A huge Thank you to Ivan and the Notion Team for creating a workspace that has the power and the flexibility to substitute many of the apps that we use in our Agency today. With Version 2.0 we ditched Todoist and moved our Task lists to NOTION. We were never happy with any of the „standard“-„State of the Art“-„highly efficient“ CRM tools out there — NOTION has us covered, finally. Finally we can embed documents that are located inside our own cloud into our notes without having to create duplicates. We used Evernote Business as our Business hub until we found NOTION 2.0 The flexibility and the intuitiveness helped to convince even our clients to jump on board the Notion Ship with us. A huge shout out 🙏 to Brian and Lillie for their support during our transition. THANK YOU very much
Rob Corradi
I really want to use Notion as a repository of useful links for my teams. Sadly if i want to use their visual web-bookmarks (Notion looks up the link to grab an image and article name), i can only add bookmarks one at a time. With several hundred i want to share, it would take too long. Add the ability to batch add links this way and i'd be signing up immediately.
Chris Schwartze
@ribrob Should look into
Lee Fuhr
@ribrob @chrisschwartze Yeah. Exactly, precisely this. On 1.0, at least, I tried this for our team. Paid an intern for a bunch of hours to move us out of Raindrop so we could simplify to Notion. Then… I never added anything because it's so manual and one-off. Back to Raindop now, but half-heartedly.
Rick Sheahan
@ribrob @chrisschwartze @cozysd Remarkably similar situation to me. Bookmarks in Notion, one of the main uses I planned it for, are such a chore and unconfigurable gross preview like on facebook. It's one of the primary reasons why I can't abandon Bear, Workflowy or OmniOutliner, Things 3, AnyList, and a variety of boookmark/tab tools including Raindrop (premium). I would love to switch to Notion but it's just innefficient.... It's too slow to build the system architecture for my organizational structures i plan
Chris Schwartze
@ribrob Hmm, I just create Full Page Tables and put links that I wanna save in there. I then tag them accordingly. It works for me and it acts as a database which is great :)
Rick Sheahan
@ribrob @chrisschwartze Had the same realization today!
Lee Fuhr
@ribrob @chrisschwartze @cucumbur Mmmmmmmeh! That's no solution. I mean, I could use Google Sheets to organize every kind of information in existence, but that'd be a sad solution for me.
Rick Sheahan
@cozysd intentional tag of me....? Otherwise I'm kinda confused
Lee Fuhr
@cucumbur Nothing intentional, I just used the little "REPLY" button. :)
Floris van Eck
Hi Notion team! Amazing update. This tool is quickly becoming my swiss army knife of tools and is replacing Todoist, Google Docs, Trello, Markdown Editor and even parts of Slack for me. The new features put it on steroids. Tables, databases, calendars... embedded views! Wow! Keep up the great work.
Arpit C
Just can't stop using it ever since I started. I use it to write articles, take notes, save code snippets etc. Can't wait to get started with Tables.
Wesley Forlines
Was thrilled and extremely surprised to see everything drop yesterday. Did not expect such a big change but couldn’t be more welcome.