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Thomas Chrétien
1.5 year ago, I started to launch several curated directories of pages here, like Pricing Pages (, Product pages ( I got tons of feedbacks and I understood a key thing - people like pages. I spent 2 months to create the ultimate directory: I'm building this product to help designers, coders and marketeers to create better web pages. (s/o @matonias) 2 new features: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Now it’s collaborative - anyone can signup and submit pages. 😎 User profile, you can collect the pages you ❤️ More to come. Let’s hunt!
Akshay Kadam(A2K)
@tchret Wow that's another great resource @leo_bqecker has created another awesome resource Both are nice for design inspiration 🎨 Congrats on the launch 🎉
Thomas Chrétien
@leo_bqecker @deadcoder0904 nice stuff Leo, cross-promo 🙌🏻
Akshay Kadam(A2K)
@leo_bqecker @tchret Naah he doesn't know but maybe now he does 😂
Julien Gomez
@tchret thank you! This is a great idea.
[deleted user]
@matonias @tchret I can't login with Twitter.
Thomas Chrétien
@matonias @dawwito fixed
This will be very valuable, for both designers, coders and marketeers. So nice!
Thomas Chrétien
@matonias So happy to read that, those are the people I'm making it for :)
Julien Le Coupanec
This is dope!
Thomas Chrétien
@lecoupa thanks man!
Yvo Schaap
Interesting part of your family of directories! Also smart to launch + show you are available for hire. Idea: toggle between the landing page as mobile/desktop experience.
Gorkem Cetin
Good list, but why does the system want to post to my twitter when I want to login?
Thomas Chrétien
@gorkemcetin sorry I forgot to update the permissions. should be read only now :)
Gorkem Cetin
@tchret Great, thanks! Much better now, and assuring!
Bernardo de Castro
I have "pages" in my favorites since the previous version, it's great to open my mind. Now it looks better.
Thomas Chrétien
@bernardocastro thank man! it will stay healthy for your mind, I promise 😄
Tudor Baidoc
Is it generally web pages? Because I keep seeing Pricing Tables on the website.
Thomas Chrétien
@baidoct every web pages! You can of also suggest new categories. There is a lot of pricing pages though, it was the original concept :)(
Conall Laverty
Hey! I just posted a page but I need to update the screen because it had the sidebar in it. Is that possible?
Clément Falchier
"must website!" 🔥
Jeff Osborn
Nicely done @tchret!
Edyta Niemyjska
I love it! As a designer, I always look for inspiration. I'm wondering about a few things. How do you rank pages? Are they displayed in the order they were submitted or do you organize them in any way? I'm not sure if I understand the difference between featured and upcoming. How do you decide what gets featured? Good job! Thanks for sharing!
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! Can we make personal websites as well ? Is there a free version
Srikanth Noah
@ayush_chandra These are the curated web pages from nicely crafted websites. This is not a website builder.
Another great directory!
Nastya Grebneva
Hi Thomas, got a little confused when I clicked a submit button and got to the main page of your own website. There shouldn't be a message that says about the successful submission? And in "Profile" page I see: posted "1", but the page is empty. Also, makes me wonder if my submission worked :) Other than that, cool resource!
Boris Berenberg
This is great, though focused on SaaS and marketplaces. Would love to see more examples of great service based companies.
Nishchit Dhanani
Thomas, It's amazing man. Thank you for your great work :)
Nazar Gulyk
Great project, guys! I will definitely try it.
Ed Jamal
Nice work. However, who needs this product and when do they need it? I find it hard to come up with a reason to remember it as a web developer.
Alfonso C. Betancort
Almost every single page collected is directly related to technology (services & products) but the world revolves around more things that tech in the world. Besides bests practices are usually advanced by making pages to business outside the tech world, mostly because of their huge quantity, diversity and goals.
Camron Cade
I love Pages, and reference it all the time. I only wish there'd be a bit more seems like most are all SASS products.