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Control and build your own VPN 🛠️

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Tim Wang
Like the execution, skeptical of the source. 4/7 thumbs up.
Amrith Shanbhag
@besttimyouknow You're skeptical of Google?
Alessio Fanelli
@amrith People use VPNs to hide themselves from companies like Google, so I'm sure there's doubts on whether you are actually protected here.
Amrith Shanbhag
@fanahova Fair point, but this is completely open-source and self-hosted so AFAIK, everything's controlled by you.
J. Pablo Fernández
@besttimyouknow I understand your point. In this case, I think Alphabet's (Google) goal is to allow freedom of speech, which Google is generally for. Google benefits from the world being open (literally, they make more money with democracies than dictatorships) so it is in their best interest to protect journalist in those countries. I wouldn't use it to avoid getting ads though ;)
Alessio Fanelli
@amrith In the second screenshot it prompts you to choose a server, so it was not clear if the servers were hosted by third parties or if you could set those up yourselves too. It looks like you can though, which is pretty cool!
Aggelos Gesoulis
@amrith Hiding Google (not a single mention on this website) does not help decrease the skepticism, especially nowadays... Nice idea though, but @besttimyouknow makes a good point!
Amrith Shanbhag
@anges244 hmm, this initiative is by Jigsaw, which is an Alphabet company
@pupeno "Alphabet's goal is to allow freedom of speech" -- That's highly debatable. But you are right, they make more money with democracies than dictatorships.
Abhi Agarwal
@besttimyouknow You're actually creating a DigitalOcean server when you use this tool. What they're doing is creating a DigitalOcean server and you use that as a VPN to protect yourself. There's no or little involvement of any Google servers in between.
Eric Miller
@amrith http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article206394929.html
Carlo F. Quaglia
@amrith @fanahova Some data is collected automatically, some upon opt-in. The specifics are described here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/outline-vpn/index.html#/en/support/dataCollection
@besttimyouknow @pupeno Google actually makes money from advertising — not freedom of speech. There is advertising in dictatorships and Google makes money there too. Freedom of speech is a virtue to you, me and others; but sadly to Google (and Facebook) it is little more than a tool to obfuscate and shield their real motivations and actions from their users and regulators.
Larah Armstrong
@besttimyouknow you have 5 thumbs?
Ayush Chandra
Great job!!😊
Preston Stafford
Good product, love that it is open source
Vikash Rungta
This is great, self hosted servers are much safer then using an vpn saas provider. Going to give this a spin
Seems like a good solution if you need the extra control. Running your own server can "start around $5 USD per month", as they say, I paid $5 for fully hosted TunnelBear last year. So definitely not a cost saving measure.
Wojtek Witkowski
@grantgamesgames Sadly TunnelBear has been acquired by McAfee so you should cancel immediately.
@pugson 😱
Muhammad Vaid
@grantgamesgames @pugson Wow. That is some horrible news!
Troy Osinoff
No love for Apple :(
Kun Ran
People in China need to try this out 😅
Binoy Xavier Joy
@rankun203 Tried and working http://startuplivingchina.com/how-to-outline-vpn-setup-china/
Uday Singh
This should be fun to try out. Love what the team at Jigsaw has been doing. Really liked their work RE: redirect. Looking forward to giving this a spin.
Shucks, no MacOS support.
Mike Heininger
... but it’s a socks server and no VPN, no? If I am correct this means not all applications are supported and their FAQ eg mentions no UDP support on Windows ...
John Saddington
Any timing on when macOS support releases?
Saxon Brooker
is there a zip version?
Christopher Leach
Just set it up and it's awesome. I would go with vultr because you get twice the bandwidth for same price as digital ocean
Tolgahan Bozkurt (aradabir007)
@leachy114 I assume you haven’t seen Hetzner or Scaleway, you get 10 times of the bandwidth on Hetzner and unlimited bandwidth on Scaleway. Also not to mention 2GB of ram (instead of 1) and 2 CPUs (instead of 1). And all of this are for $3 per month on both providers.
Vivek Sharma
Newsrooms were previously using something like: https://github.com/trailofbits/algo, which is not as easy to setup. Both are open source, so take your pick!
Ain’t this cute..