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What Is My Day Rate?

A simple tool to calculate your freelance rate

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Rich Peterson
Clever tool, love the design and the ability to alter the calcs.
Manny Orduña
Really love the design and illustrations! Would be nice to see the "ideal hourly rate" as a start as well
Nice. Inwished this included tax deductions and GST..
Nice. Inwished this included income tax, deductions and GST..
Almen Barnetta
@lyondhur Yes, would be good.
Simon Minton
@lyondhur @almenbarnetta @acr hey all, thanks for taking a look! We wanted to create something that was as simple as possible to get an answer with a clear explanation from without tripping over too many fields. Taxes were briefly considered, but they are generally variable based on circumstances and type of employment(not to mention country/state) so we figured keeping it gross would be best. We might revisit this in the future though.
Simple and efficient. Unfortunately it's not detailed enough, but still gives you a rough idea on how to meet your revenues goals.
Andrew Crookston
Pretty cool, but somewhat incomplete. Missing taxes, especially employer taxes. Some countries don’t charge for healthcare etc. overall, nice app!
Mikee Shattuck
Day rates = cap on your income as a freelancer
Joseph Ayoub
Really Cool. Was expecting a tool that was going to show me the average salary in my position. Turned out really cool.
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
Interesting product. You could also include the desired monthly salary, since in many countries that's what people actually think about (as opposed to the annual salary in the US)
I found this to be a lot more useful than I thought it was going to be. The breakdown of the values is also amazing. HOWEVER... as you are using the app to tout for work, I was disappointed to see ux errors. I wouldn’t hire you for mobile work given that you can’t make your own site pixel perfect. I have screen grabs if you’d like me to send you them. I’m on an iPhone 8+.
Simon Minton
@mickc79 hi Mick, absolutely, please drop me a mail at simon@technicalchops.com - this was built as a Friday night project so probably won’t be pixel perfect - the change location certainly won’t be as it was added last night from feedback on reddit. Would love your feedback though!
Sarah Evans
Well done. I love tools like this and add them to my own entrepreneurial arsenal. Thank you!!!
Sarah Evans
Well done. I love tools like this and add them to my own entrepreneurial arsenal. Thank you!!!
Evelynn Mimi Jae
So easy to use! I love the explanation of the calculation and what's considered. The only thing that looks like that wasn't considered is paying taxes. If that's considered, the rates would be higher.
Daniel Kiedrowski
Simple and nicely done. Love it!
Daragh O'Shea
Really nice way to explain the calculations with ability to adjust.
Pierre Ragois
Nice, you guys really nailed this.
Raja Simon
Can you tell me the resulting value is Dollar or Selected country price.