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Startup Gym

A podcast about what goes in to building a company

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Laz Alberto
Hey PH! I'm so excited to finally share this. We've been working hard here @Scienceinc to put together a great podcast that captures some of the conversations that happen as a result of building companies in an open environment. The name Startup Gym comes from the fact that, on any given day here at the office, people meet, challenge each other, and put in the hard work necessary to make their dreams a reality. Shoutout to @delane for first making the comparison. For our initial launch, we have four episodes for you to binge: 001: Mike Jones, Science Inc. - What do you want your headline to be? 002: Kartik Mandaville, SpringRole - Building on the Blockchain 003: Tiffany Hakimianpour, Handstand - When becoming a founder happens naturally 004: Benoit Vatere, Mammoth Media - Engaging users a few minutes at a time While our rockstar launch lineup includes all Science founders, in the future you can expect the podcast to feature other friends of Science as well. Thanks for listening! :)
Tudor Baidoc
First I thought that it's related to fitness. Anyways, good luck with it! PS: Maybe we should have a section for Podcasts since it's not a "real" product? @rrhoover
Laz Alberto
@baidoct haha yes I expect that to be a common misconception. That said, episode 3 with Tiffany is about Handstand, a fitness app :)
Ben Tossell
@baidoct there was a section for podcasts a while ago ;) Would miss out on some awesome startup-related content if podcasts weren't posted
Nick Abouzeid
Been watching Laz build the Startup Gym from the beginning, so excited to see it finally go live for the rest of the world to listen. He's a podcast #content genius. 🔥
Razvan Ilin
Awesome! This looks like a valuable resource. Thanks for sharing 🙌
Jim Rand
Nice analogy. Listening to it now. Good choices for the initial four.
Laz Alberto
@jimsrand Thanks Jim!!