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Braille Neue Typeface

A new typeface that blends visual with Braille

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Rich Peterson
Nice idea!
Anthony Da Mota
That's actually a very very nice idea. Is there any way for them to make the dot (the braille part) to another color? This can be awesome for laser-cutting machines since the different level of cutting are recognised from the color of the file you send. (I know this is possible on Illustrator by creating an outline of the written text, but I meant on a faster way)
Sean McCall
Cool and practical Idea! Took a look at your website as well - big fan of the past art as well!
Bill Mc Kenzie
Yes, it is useful.
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
Great concept
Michael Duncan McArthur
This is awesome. I read the title immediately realized what it was. Simplistic awesome.
Lama Al Rajih
Really really like this idea @ootori_t. I know braille books/tablets are out there, but I'd love to see someone use this and try to make a Kindle-esque product for the seeing and the blind.
Allan Jiang
Really like this idea!
Michał Urbanowicz
Great idea! Do you maybe have a concept how to print/dot simultaneously? Cheers!
Anna Filou
This should be the default typeface on all physical products!!