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Artboard Studio

Online graphic design app mainly focused on product mockups.

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Turgay Mutlay
Wow! Good work. I strongly recommend it. That should try it! 🤟🏻
Jessica Miller
Woow! Amazing tool.
Great product!
Enes Aktaş
Amazing tool!
Orçun Kılıç
Such an amazing tool
Akif Yaldır
Good solution without setup file!
İsmail Çakır
Nice working congratulations!
Uğur Bıyık
Helpfull. Especially for a web based application. I wonder what is the export options and general concept. I really get tired of same packaging products on foods, drinks etc. "Another mock-up pack for a cafe?" or a branding template for cute little company. No thank you. Right now, i'm working on a project for a construction company and i need fast solutions for my presentation. I need high def mock ups including hammers, rulers, hand tools etc. Big bulky things. May be "Artboard studio" can help me on that... I'm waitin' for launch and hoping for not another polish coffee branding project...
Human Askari
@ugur_biyik Thanks for the kind words. In fact one of the most important reasons we decided to create Artboard Studio was so that users would not need to purchase and download and mix and combine different packs from different designers in order to present their products. Instead Artboard Studio features an ever growing library of consistent mockup items and you will have access to all of them inside the same environment. Another good news for you is that we already have a pack for tools (hammers, rulers, hand tools etc.), and we will add more of these packs and items based on users' feedbacks. Stay tuned :)
Uğur Bıyık
@human_a thanks for quick reply... i'll be waitin'
Ramsi F
@ugur_biyik @human_a How we get a access ?
Human Askari
@ramsi_ferkous Artboard Studio is a private beta application, which means, you will have to request your early access, wait for it to be approved, which usually takes a couple of days, depending on how many people have requested to have an early access. Once your request is processed and approved, you will receive an email containing your username and password using which you can login and use our application and have access to thousands of items and templates for free.
Ivan Litvyakov
Not bad, not bad
Екатерина Милославская
Nice tool, i like it.
Gülhan Gülez
Looks great!
Rouzbeh Firouzmand
Game changer!
Ruang Gelap
This is great invention. I've vote for this awesome tool!
Karolina Geller
Good product!
M.Burak Erbaş
Good job!
Ekrem Çetinel
great job guys
Hasancan Yeter
Really incredible
Dilyor Gulomov
Good solution without setup file!
Vgrn Marjorie
Looks like an amazing tool, can't wait to test it! My question regards the price. How much such a wonder cost? Is it a subscription (monthly/yearly) or a flat fee? Would love to add it to my monthly business budget :) Congratulations on this amazing work.
Human Askari
@vgrn_marjorie Thanks for all the kind words. Artboard Studio will be free during it's beta phase, you will have access to all of the features and content during this phase. The pricing and plans will be announced later on, based on your feedbacks :)
Alexandr Mukhair
This is good product!!!