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Stripe Billing

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Waldemar Juschin
This is so awesome. Why did it take so long to launch this?
Ryan Hoover
This is a massive release, aimed for SaaS startups. Nice work, @noahmp and team. @vesln, we should look into this for Ship (plug! 😉)
@noahmp @rrhoover ⛵
Leo Bassam
@noahmp @rrhoover @vesln Omg... its like you read my mind... 🤯 Perfect timing! 🤗 Just been in touch with the sales team, thanks guys! 🙌👏
Masoud Ardestani
This fucking legit. Definitely going to utilize this when I move to a subscription model for my startup. Well done team!
Alexander Smekhov
@masoudardestani was it helpful?
Jason Crawford
Looks great, only wish they had had this about three years ago!
@jasoncrawford I needed it one day ago... I just updated pricing yesterday and it would have been a good time to upgrade to the new API. Instead it's now at the bottom of my ever growing backlog list in Trello.
Suchit Agarwal
Congrats @noahmp! @romainhuet
Ryzal Yusoff
Ah what a perfect timing!
Joshua Anderton
@noahmp, is the 0.4% fee for Stripe Billing added to Stripe's usual 2.9% transaction fee? It's not super clear.
Phil Freo
@noahmp @joshuaanderton Stripe cofounder added some good insight here:
Joshua Anderton
@noahmp @philfreo Thanks Phil!
Jonah Greenberger
Super exciting and something we could definitely use. Is it available only in the US now or is it something we could consider for our markets in Mexico as well?
Alessandro Tesoro
This is so beautiful congrats! I wish EU VAT MOSS was handled by Stripe, without it, I can't use Stripe :(
Moritz Kobrna
@themesdepot i just wanted to ask. so this is not handled by stripe? so its also useless for me :(
Alessandro Tesoro
@neuling2k as far as I know, it doesn't. This is a big pain point for a lot of people and many are switching to FastSpring because it acts as a reseller so you don't have to handle it. There was also a thread on indiehackers opened by a Stripe co-founder and it was mentioned they'd be looking it, but nothing more.
Helmut Juskewycz
@themesdepot yes Stripe, if you are listening fix EU VAT MOSS once and for all! Billing without MOSS support is useless in EU.
Gaultier Laperche
Disclaimer: Octobat co-founder here. We've built the missing part about EU VAT. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about VAT, I'd be happy to help ;-).
Sajid Niazi
@themesdepot @hjuskewycz totally agree. Wish Strip will handle VAT along with payments/subscriptions and act as a reseller like @fastspring & @PaddleHQ. This would truly make life easier for so many SaaS startups & other software vendors in EU. I have asked Strip support about this issue few times in the past, but they neither confirmed nor denied about this feature availability in the future. I just want to get paid at the end of the day for my software like in Apple App Store. Nobody wants to handle/maintain/charge all the different (20+) EU VATs themselves or use additional third party services like @avalara etc just to handle taxes/VAT.
Carlos Hernández
@themesdepot I built Quaderno to deal with this nightmare for Stripe users. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help ;-)
Aleks Bochkov
Thats genius! Will use it for our products!!!
Jeir Lazo
Does Stripe Billing integrate with Shopify for subscriptions? Would love to try this instead of existing competitors.
Tim Shnaider
@jeir Shopify don't do native subscriptions. Third party addons like Bold King and Recharge do, but will manage subscription lifecycle themselves.
Mark Osborne
Is this available in New Zealand?
Joseph Cooper
Congrats! Looks amazing guys. Can't wait to use this in the future
Paul P
Good ! But still missing features for EU businesses : VAT support for different countries, etc.
Phil Freo
This is huge for new SaaS businesses (and a bad day if you're a company building subscription billing on top of Stripe). Stripe has been (unfortunately) very limited in supporting non-trivial subscription billing that's common in SaaS businesses, like per-seat pricing on different plans, etc. Looks like they've got all the pieces and more now.
Mike Barwick
@philfreo I agree! Not the easiest to translate to, if you have a huge block of subscription-based code. I'm going to leave it be myself, for now. Looks legit though :)
Tung Thanh
This looks amazing. Congrats!
Utsav Patel
This is something, we are waiting for a long time. That's amazing. Congrats!
Allan Caeg
I'm gathering that... we can bill now via Stripe hosted checkout links? This is the difference, yeah? Pretty significant change as we can now skip custom code or 3rd party software. Wonder if there's anything I'm missing :)
Const Gavrilenko
Nice work for Saas startups ) Congrats!
Júlia Meira
Amazing! It's frustrating that 25% of all online purchases in Brazil use boleto bancário. This makes it difficult for us to give up national gateways and switch to Stripe.