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Electrified, dockless bike rentals ๐Ÿšด

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Ryan Hoover
JUMP was acquired by Uber for ~$200M, which wasn't too surprising with previously rumors swirling and the JUMP + Uber partnership that was announced last month. Here's a good video from @titoyooo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KwJD2XzP4Q Those in SF and Washington DC have seen these bright red bikes littered around the city (along with several other bike and scooter rentals), which for residence is causing frustration. I saw a photo of a Bird in a garbage can the other day. ๐Ÿ˜ Personally, I'd prefer to fly around SF.
Tito Hamze
@rrhoover Ryan โ€˜The CEOโ€™ is such a great guy too. So glad to hear of such a solid outcome for him and the company. That was a fun day.
Andy Feliciotti
I used these a lot this week in Washington DC and they are a blast!
Charles Magnuson
How does the ride on these Jump bikes compare to LimeBike? I tried an electrified LimeBike this afternoon for the first time and it was as fun as eating a wet sandwich. In fact, the ride was so unenjoyable that instead of going for a jaunt on the Bay Trail I rode straight home.
Lee Qixian
I've seen how "manual" bikes are being abused here. How exactly does JUMP, which I assume electric bikes will cost much more to produce and maintain, prevents/mitigate such an issue?
Ross Currie
Every time I've seen a story about rent-a-bikes, the biggest problem seems to be that they all stack up in one area - people ride to work, and take the train home. I remember seeing trucks constantly driving trailer loads of bikes around in Brisbane when they tried it there. Is that something that's a problem in other markets?
Eli Edrian Tan
@rossdcurrie Perhaps people could be hired to return them? Just like how Uber hires drivers to drive around? That could be a solution right?
Duarte Martins
@rossdcurrie Sounds like that could be resolved with an incentive or with trucks driving them back at night.
Drew Meyers
@rossdcurrie @duarteosrm Seems the companies should pay people to ride them back. Maybe there would be a way for the homeless to earn money for doing a bit of bike riding in the late evenings.
Jitesh Dugar
It's awesome to see automated bike rentals market catching up well. Even we are totally psyched up working on automated scooter rentals for the Indian market :)
S Shree Tejas Aithal
@jitesh_dugar The last mile solutions need a bigger push here in India. I've seen dust collecting cycle rentals next to metro stations. This would be great here!
Jitesh Dugar
@sshreetejasaithal True! We're already seeing tremendous response to our scooter rentals introduced a year back in Bangalore. With an automated solution, scaling this would be much easier.
Duarte Martins
Shame this wasn't around in Lisbon before they started installing the public e-bike docks. Would be perfect for such a hilly city. On the other hand, one entire year on the current public system here is the same price as 7.5 hours of Jump.
Sergey Biryuchinsky
I liked I live close by and access to bicycles is not limited.Every day I drive to work and back.