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Mix & match robots with a Sketch library

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Man! You are the boss!
Pablo Stanley
@thewinger You're too kind, Win. Thank you :)
เกิดมามีกรรม แต่หำเสือกไหย่
Jad Limcaco
Nice work Pablo! Your work continues to inspire.
Pablo Stanley
@jadlimcaco That's super cool of you, Jad. Thank you for your support.
Not bad.Not bad
Pablo Stanley
@ihorbob4 Alright, alright, alright! Thank you, Ihor :)
Семпай Иван
Kuldeep Sharma
Pablo Stanley taking the sketch symbols & libraries game one step ahead. Love it!
Pablo Stanley
@thisiskuldeep Gotta turn EVERYTHING into a library!!! haha. Thank you for the support, Kuldeep. Really cool of you :)
Darshan Gajara
I guess, Sketch should just make you their brand ambassador. You create so much amazing stuff with this tool.
Pablo Stanley
@weirdowizard Pinging Sketch. Pinging Sketch! Lol. Thank you, Darshan. Let me know what you think of the library!
Alex Kukharenko
This responsiveness is just great!
Josephine Rahadi
Proceeds to tell the whole team to change our avataaars.
Lisa Dziuba
Will I be able to create a "startup founder" bot? 🦄
เกิดมามีกรรม แต่หำเสือกไหย่
Matt Gardner
This is super cool! Idea for the hack inclined here: Node module that lets us programatically generate random looking bots from a hash. Would solve my problem of creating unique default user images for our SaaS product ;) Have always meant to do this with user avatars but bots would be cooler and less potentially offensive!
Brad Oliver
Pablo scores again!
Alvaro Ruiz
Looks great! I learned a couple of tricks from the library!
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊 Will check it out
Nikita Kobylatov
Good idea.
Maxim Leonovich
The next step is to animate them and create a library for after effects 👌
Bradford Wolf
Yo Pablo! This is too awesome! Excited to get into it ;) Love the intro vid too!
Довед Пупкин
That's ... amazing !
I like big bots
Already using your avatars plugin for projects and just saw this robots one, this is some sweet stuff, thanks for working on it! I definitely see color palettes I like, and will be adding it onto my color app community haha