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Polymail Calendar

Schedule meetings instantly over email

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Brandon Foo
Hey Product Hunt and thanks to @nickabouzeid for hunting us! πŸš€ We're super excited to announce our newest feature - Polymail Calendar! Polymail Calendar eliminates the tedious back-and-forth of scheduling meetings over email by making it easy for anyone to book meetings with you instantly. By creating a Polymail Calendar page, you can quickly share your available meeting times and allow people to schedule a meeting in one click. It syncs with your calendars in real time to know when you're available, so you'll never have to worry about double bookings! With Polymail Calendar, you can now book more meetings with prospects, clients, and customers - faster than ever before. It's available today on all of our paid plans, and you can learn more about it here: https://polymail.io/calendar πŸ—“ If you have any questions / feedback, feel free to let me us know in the comments below. Thanks again, and looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon! πŸ’Œ
@nickabouzeid @foolywk Nice move.
Yury Molodtsov
@nickabouzeid @foolywk Interesting. What's the difference from Calendly and others?
A Carlos Warde
@nickabouzeid @foolywk. // Does it work on Android? Would you recommend it over Google Calendar and Calendar for business2 fot a single individual? Thank you// acwcloud9@gmail.com
Matthieu de Luze
Logical but still nice move :)
Will it become part of the email app?
Brandon Foo
@ispekhov Yes! Polymail Calendar is already part of our web app (app.polymail.io/settings/calendar), but once you set it up there you can use it anywhere - including Polymail Mac, iOS, etc! πŸ’Œ
Adam DePasqua
This is great! Excited to see it hitting the desktop app.
Brandon Foo
@adamdepasqua Thanks, Adam! Stay tuned :) πŸ™ƒ
Ben Swinford
Polymail has been on my Mac for 2 years now. It's been a life-saver, time-saver, and game-changer. Pumped to try out the new feature. Thanks @polymail
Nick Abouzeid
Sunrise is back, and it's called Polymail. Years ago... Polymail strategically launched on the day beloved Mailbox shut down. Now they're filling another hole left in our hearts. Keep killing it team! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’Œ
Matt Mclelland
Excited to check this out. Anyway to integrate into other email marketing platforms?
Daniel Schwartz
I love Polymail and pay for a Pro account. As a Pro account user i'm disappointed to see features such as "Prevent Double Bookings" locked behind a Team or Enterprise plan. Certain things like the Salesforce Integration make sense to lock behind those plans, but the "Prevent Double Bookings" feature seems extremely useful for Pro members. Any reason why you made that decision?
Chris Duell
@daniel_schwartz came here to write exactly this, I've been a paying customer for quite a long time now, and was excited to set this up, then felt extremely let down that you're asking me to pay for team / enterprise to allow access to something that seems like a Pro user would need. I have a personal calendar and a work calendar, but the Polymail calendar is useless to me if I can't take both into account to prevent double bookings.
Tam Ayers
@daniel_schwartz I second this! Its very sad to see a move like this! Long time Pro user here.
Brandon Foo
@daniel_schwartz thanks for your feedback and for your long time support, Daniel! To clarify - the ability to Prevent Double Bookings for one calendar is currently available to Pro users. We've found it much more common for users on a team to need to work with multiple calendars, which is part of why we decided to make that distinction. I do appreciate your feedback and understand that's something you'd find useful as a Pro user. I will review this with our team to see how we may be able to improve this experience for Pro users. πŸ’Œ If you have any other questions / feedback, feel free to shoot me a note at foo@polymail.io
Brandon Foo
@daniel_schwartz @duellsy Hey Chris, appreciate the feedback and long-time support! I understand where you're coming from - we're looking into how we may want to change this for Pro users and will keep you posted with any updates. In the meantime, feel free to let me know any other questions / feedback you may have at foo@polymail.io πŸ’Œ
Evan Farrell
Is this available on the Mac client? I already lost my link, and using web browsers is so 2017
Greg Stone
@foolywk, is there a reason why Pro Users are locked out of the "Double Booking" feature? This new calendar feature is practically useless to Pro Users like myself without this. I would easily switch over from Calendly, but their free plan already offers basics like this out of the box. I've been a PolyMail User since you launched and it's been revolutionary for my business, and I'm thankful. However, as a Pro User, I can't upvote this feature as it doesn't realistically have Pro Users in mind.
Brandon Foo
@gregstone14 Hey Greg, appreciate the feedback! Just to clarify - the ability to Prevent Double Bookings for one calendar is currently available to Pro users. We've found it much more common for users on a team to need to work with multiple calendars, which is part of why we decided to make support for multiple calendars a Teams feature. That said, I appreciate where you're coming from and our team is considering how we can improve this experience for Pro users. If you have any other questions / feedback, feel free to let me know at foo@polymail.io πŸ’Œ
Greg Stone
@polymail @foolywk oh, well that definitely changes things. Based on my experience and what I'm reading from other users, this doesn't seem very clear. Maybe make this a little more obvious to Pro Users? All in all, I still think realistically that most Pro Users have more than 1 calendar their scheduling with. As a paying customer, it would still be nice to have a better solution in the Polymail Calendar -like at least 2 scheduling emails. But, I will definitely upvote this now. Thank you for your reply!
Mark Espinola
Big fan of @polymailapp but there are way too many calendar sharing applications to choose from. I had Calendly, then switched to Drift, now here's Polymail...🀯
Isaac Perdomo
Sounds a lot like Calendly, BookLikeABoss, or AcuityScheduling. What's your differentitator?
Joseph Cooper
Super excited to check this out. Amazing idea guys. :)
Vishal Nema
How is it different from sending calendar link on your mail?? By any chance, is there a way we can select slots within the mail itself?
Lee Fuhr
I continue to feel like Polymail is playing catchup with Mixmax…
Might want to change the pricing page to reflect that the Double Booking feature comes with Pro accounts (https://polymail.io/pricing).
Erik Torenberg
Congrats on the update! :-)
Chris Muiruri
I love it
I love the idea of bundling this with Polymail, but I'm finding it a bit feature-limited at the moment. Maybe I'm just missing where the options are, but it seems like meetings can only be limited on an hourly basis (i.e. I can't let people book a meeting beginning at 3:30pm), and that the system carves out 30-minute slots for even 15-minute meetings. Excited to see this evolve and hopefully remove the need for Calendly/Mixmax/etc.
Reony Tonneyck
Still waiting for Android... I won't switch until that happens. I'll leave Newton for Polymail if you launch Android! Is there a Windows app too? I use 3 OS' β€” Mac for work, Windows at home and my phone is Android.