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Kirill Makharinsky
Thanks for posting @chrismessina. Hey everyone!! We’re thrilled to be on ProductHunt today. EnkiBot is a new bot product by Enki which helps to assess and build skills. It can be used by individuals, teams and mentors to level up skills in just a few minutes a day, and shows results instantly and visually. All without leaving your normal workflow, and without having to download or login to any new apps. I just published a longer post on Medium - https://blog.enki.com/software-is-eating-skills-training-81d16fe77660 - if you’re interested in finding out more about why we built EnkiBot. At the moment we’re inviting and on-boarding teams individually to ensure a great experience, but you can install the demo on Slack here: http://enkibot.com We'd love to hear your guys' feedback on our idea and product!
Mathieu Dutour
@chrismessina @kirill Congrats on the launch!
Vlad Alive
Very cool thing! Just ran the demo on Slack. Didn't realize to know SQL so well :) As I understand, the full version will be paid. What's the fee?
Kirill Makharinsky
@vladalive thanks! price will depend on which and how many topics you choose, but in general will be from $9/user/month. With discounts for volume in a team, and big or 100% discounts for non-profits, schools and many educational orgs.
Artem Kubatkin
@kirill Congrats on the launch!
Sai Lakshmi
Looks amazing if you want to hone your coding a few mins a day!
Mateusz Trójca
What about other platforms, such as Discord that is growing very fast. And it's not only used by gaming community because of the ease of use. Can we expect that?
Kirill Makharinsky
@boczkovsky Someone just emailed me about Discord too! As it happens, one of our devs built a few bots for Discord. So maybe we'll be on there sooner rather than later ;-)
Kirill Cee
@kirill this looks great! I can see this catching on in a big way: in today's hectic work environment no one has the time to do long educational sessions (or even to go and sign up for them on a third party service). This seamless, bite-size approach is perfect and doesn't require context switching. Love it! Question: Will you cater to other disciplines? I'm non-technical but an Enkibot teaching me a language or philosophy/history/art would be awesome!
Kirill Makharinsky
@kirillcee i think that in the short-term (the next few years) we're focused on building the ultimate work mentor. so we'll be focused on skills that improve you at work. which will definitely include various non-technical and soft skills - management, leadership, agile, best practices, communication, mindset, attitude, etc it's possible that long-term we'll be able to automate what an ultimate friend could do and expand to non-work topics. BTW, specifically for languages, I think there are already a few products that are trying to do something similar already. but for hard / work-related skills, no-one has built a good product here - so we're focused on this.
Kirill Cee
@kirill Awesome - maybe I should use it to start to learn some coding!
Călin Gabriel
Pros: Friendly language and intuitive, easy to understand interaction with the bot system . Good follow ups, recommendations and knowledgeable resources on atomic concepts tackled while learning a particular subject. Cons: Not so many ‘hot’ subjects available & need of a way to control the difficulty of the questions at any given time
Kirill Makharinsky
@calindotgabriel thanks for your feedback! Just curious -- what would you deem as 'hot' subjects?
Matt Henderson 🚀
🚀 Congrats on shipping! @olivia_oddo @kirill
Olivia Oddo
@juhaszhenderson thanks Matt!
Armond St Juste
Looks like a great way to keep you on your toes!
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Is there a Slack account to use this instead of the personal group ? Would like one ?
Benjamin James Lambert
@kirill Congrats on the launch. Are you going to implement some sort of team competition? Current methods of learning can be boring. There is potential to turn part of this into a sort of game where people compete on a leaderboard and they can win a monthly prize?
Kirill Makharinsky
@benjamin_james_lambert thanks! yes, the idea is to use leaderboards and gamification in a way that motivates everyone to participate and make progress. Slack and other team messengers are a great platform on which to do this, but the incentives and interactions need to be right for everyone. We're working with a few teams closely to iterate on that.
Andrew Hallberg
I love that the robot adapts to my learning so it asks me questions at the appropriate level. Also, finally a robot that pushes people to be better! Very nice work you guys!
Daniel Alvarez
Bot looks great! Can't wait to be able to do the JS exercises!
Joseph Cooper
Sounds incredibly useful. Congrats guys!
Nikita Bayev
Do you have any plans to create the same bot in Telegram?
Kirill Makharinsky
@bayevn medium-term, very likely. short-term, it'll depend on demand from teams. if we see a lot of teams asking for it (or if one especially large team would use it there), then we'll prioritise telegram over other chat platforms.
Niklas Lindblad
Lovely product, only had one small issue. If I missed one day and started to complete the assignment from earlier it got a bit hard to follow what was what. Replies to assignmentsubmissions from the bot would be great to have as a thread on the assignment :)