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Paid newsletters by Revue

Build a newsletter that pays 💌💰

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Martijn de Kuijper
Thanks for hunting us @bramk! Hi all, we're really excited to be back on ProductHunt to launch the newest addition to our platform Revue: paid newsletters. After years of advertising and click-bait, readers are now eager to pay for great writing. Until now, however, creating a paid newsletter wasn’t for everyone since it required a significant amount of custom coding and configuration. With Revue’s new feature, it is now possible to create a newsletter people love and get paid for it, no developer required. Just connect a Stripe account and start sending. Over the last weeks, an initial 60 existing Revue users have been beta testing the new feature, which is now available to everybody! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below! 💌
Jijo Sunny
@mdekuijper Nice move, Martijn. Big fan of what you're doing for indie writers. We have seen some Revue users share their buy me a coffee link with newsletters, so this must be a much-requested feature!
Martijn de Kuijper
@jijosunny Hey Jijo, thanks! Yeah, I've seen our users using BuyMeACoffee, love it!
Krishna De
Great to see this update for Revue @mdekuijper which I tested when you launched some time back. Given the forthcoming GDPR deadline this May which impacts any of us with business or clients in Europe, is there a page you can refer me to about how you comply and help users of your service creating newsletters on Revue comply. I could not see it when looking in your support area and as I include you in my resources for digital marketing programmes I teach I just need to know if I can continue to include you. Thanks.
Martijn de Kuijper
@krishnade Hey Kirshna, thanks! We're currently in the process of becoming GDPR compliant and we'll make sure we are before the deadline of May 25. We'll keep you posted!
Berg Moe
I have just started to use Revue for Angel Investor Startup Digest ( and love the simplicity and already save 1h+ every week after Techstars converted to Revue. I will follow and see how this initiative spins out and already have one newsletter in my mind that can have a paid potential. Good luck and keep me posted!
Martijn de Kuijper
@odd_moe Hi Berg, thank you! We're really excited to have partnered with Techstars/StartupDigest and we'll keep improving the platform with them. Make sure to share your feedback with them or us! 🙌
Dan Fennessy
Congrats @mdekuijper! Big fan of Revue, and paid newsletters seems like a great, and logical, next step. There's so much noise on social media these days, so I've started to use a few selected email newsletters as my go-to for tech and startup related news - I subscribe to a number of not-to-miss curated newsletters, that are created with Revue, like @bramk's own Startup Watching ( I've also been using Revue for over a year to send my startup's monthly updates & related blog posts and articles - it's so easy to use and well designed. And I just started a new weekly newsletter with it - Join Weekly ( (With 9 subscribers so far, I'm not quite ready to to monetize it with paid newsletters yet though 😄) PS - just discovered the Revue mobile app too, which is super handy for saving content for your newsletter, while on the go. Keep up the great work guys!
Martijn de Kuijper
@bramk @dan_fennessy Thanks for the kinds words Dan! 👊 Talk soon
Asher Harris
As someone who writes a lot, this is a godsend! Platforms built for people of non-tech backgrounds are becoming increasingly important to creatives. Very grateful for another one to add to my list.
Martijn de Kuijper
@asher_harris Thanks, let me know if you need anything!
Nico Lumma
This is great! I'm thinking about using the feature for my daily newsletter Five Things (, but with a premium twist. :)
Martijn de Kuijper
@nico Thanks Nico! Looking forward to it.
John O'Nolan
Massive congrats @mdekuijper ! This is an order of magnitude better than anything else out there right now for making paid newsletters. Really looking forward to seeing how people use it. The execution is 👌🏼
Martijn de Kuijper
@johnonolan Thanks John! 💌 It means a lot
Taha ahmed khan
Great job. Q) Can a new paid subscriber access the newsletter archive
Martijn de Kuijper
@tahaqadri Thanks. Yes, right now they need to fill out their email address to receive it in their inbox, but in next a version, we'll make sure they can simply browse them.
@mdekuijper Does it have RSS to email feature?
Rob Williger
I think this is a great addition to Revue. I recently started a newsletter called The Fortress using Revue and it is simple to add content and send out the newsletter. A Firefox plugin would be a nice addition :) I think paid subscriptions is a great feature as I could certainly see wanting to create an an upgraded paid newsletter in the future.
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
Nice concept, but I'd like to know what are the main differences between Revue and, say, mailchimp+stripe.
Mark Schiefelbein
Hey @aviggiano, good question! First of all, Revue integrates newsletters and payments, so no wiring needed on your part (say adding / removing new subscribers / cancellations). Secondly, we do use Stripe, too, but our newsletter functionality is quite different from MailChimp. It's created for editorial newsletters, rather than marketing ones, with for example a Medium-style editor, highly readable template for (long) texts, and integration with WordPress, Medium and other CMSs.
Kevin Henry
This is fantastic! Congrats on the new launch @mdekuijper and team! Looking forward to see where Revue goes from here!
Guy Kessels
@mdekuijper awesome stuff!
Marius Krämer
I don't do newsletter, but this concept is really really nice! Love it and in case I will eventually start writing a newsletter I will come back to this. :)
Ayush Chandra
Great job !! 😊 Will check it out
David Smooke
Interesting! Of amount subscribers pay, What % goes to publisher? What % goes to Stripe? And what % goes to Revue?
Martijn de Kuijper
@davidsmooke Good question! Stripe's default pricing is 2.9% transaction fee and $0.3. Revue takes 6%
Ilyas Hassani
No other payment option rather then Stripe for non USA users ?
Martijn de Kuijper
@ilyashassani Hi Ilyas, Stripe is becoming more and more global: However, PayPal is on our roadmap as well.
Andrew Meyers
Just enabled membership for my newsletter — super easy!
Martijn de Kuijper
@andrewmeyers Hey Andrew! Great to hear. You know where to find me if you need anything.
How is this different from
Martijn de Kuijper
@realnegotiator Hi! Revue focusses on editorial newsletters for writers and publishers that want to tell a story, share their opinion. is more like an automated content curation platform and serves a different purpose imo.
Victor Bustillos
@realnegotiator @mdekuijper Paypal is indispensable
Joshua Anderton
Super excited for this! Revue already makes running a newsletter not just easy, but enjoyable. Will definitely give this a go. Keep on pumping out these great features team!
Karolina Geller
Anthony Lee
Guys, this is AMAZING.