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Admin panel made simple

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Hey @codecalm & @beeman_nl, I'm not the most technical person, so I don't quite get what this is. Can you elaborate on what you've built here?
@jacqvon It's building blocks that helps developers to save their time working on complex user interfaces
@codecalm @beeman_nl @jacqvon This is actually a Bootstrap 4 template that you can use in order to build the user interface of your website (if you're a web developer). It has plenty of available components that you can place where you want and show the data you want so that you're building your website. This is a developer tool.
Vivek Sancheti
Looks pretty cool. Will surely be using in some of my projects.
Will be great if you attach sketch ui kit, it needs for designer, designer does screens and dev uses your framework
Michal Pancak
Great work.. It looks very good and there are a lot of usefull components.. We consider use it in our next project..
Matthieu de Luze
Looks pretty good :) I'm not a dev but just curious: is it mobile friendly also or does it need any set up to be?
Muni Perez
@matthieudeluze Bootstrap in general is pretty responsive ;) in most cases it works well on mobile out of the box. Usually a developer has to be aware is to adjust the visibility of some elements that wouldn’t do well on a small screen.
I think this panel will be very useful for the administrator of the network, the site and will speed up its work.
Rufat Mammadli
This is a great dashboard! I will definitely use it for our current project. We would like to see a React version too. Good luck!
Harris Novick
I love the practical additions Tabler has made to the Bootstrap component library as well as the sensible theme. For my use case, I needed this to work with Ruby on Rails and without the use of Require.js so I built a gem which you can get here (if you have the need):
Christophe Vercarre
@themta Kind of new to Rails. Do I understand correctly that if I start a new Rails app, and follow your install instructions, I'll be able to access Tabler components through my Rails App?
Bilal Budhani
@themta awesome!
John Forstmeier
It looks clean and simple to use - two big pluses! How does this compare to alternatives like Grafana?
Muni Perez
Great work! The components are very clean and look really good on mobile.
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
Csaba Kissi
Most beautiful free admin panel I've ever seen. Great for SaaS admin area. Great work guys! Will definitely use it in the future. Any plan for additional components?
Simi Oluwatomi
Great work!!!! But I would love to see Select2 and Dropzone components. What is available in the premium version that isn't in the Open Source version? I can't see any links to the premium version
Anthony Lee
Very nice!
Jay J
Looks very nice!
Great job!!!
Sean O'Callahan
Very clean!
Bryce Evans
First of all - this is amazing! 😍 Apologies if this is a really dumb question, but I'm currently learning React and wondering if I can utilize this within my project. I noticed you mention it uses Bootstrap, but also that you need to set up Ruby in the documentation. Can you explain? 😅
Bryce Evans
@codecalm or @beenam_nl ✨🙏🏼✨
Mark Panado
Wow and it's free! Thank you so much!
Bilal Budhani
This is really good. I've already started using this in one of the projects where we are in the phase of rebuilding the admin's dashboard. Good job!