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Sheets by Google

Excel powered with automation and collaboration features.

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Денис Абрамов
excel google really liked for the possibility of working with tables on the Internet.
Dontae Mears
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! Will check it out 😊
Karl Nislow
What are the pros of using Excel over Google Sheets at this point? I'm failing to see many.
Jonathan Laniado
@karlnislow I guess if your Infosec doesn't allow for "unsecured confidential online data"??? There really aren't that many.
Karl Nislow
@jonathanlaniado Interesting, curious what you mean by that?
Jonathan Laniado
@karlnislow Well, I worked at a company last year whose Info. & Security department did not allow Google Sheets to be used organization-wide. They claimed it wasn't secure enough for our confidential data to be uploaded on there.
Karl Nislow
@jonathanlaniado That's interesting. Just researched a bit. It seems like it has to do with how data at rest is secured in each system. Additionally, it appears Excel has more failsafe options using multi-sheet encryption.
Jon Bjornn
@karlnislow Speed. Only thing I ever really run to Excel for is spreadsheets with 400k+ rows. 😅 I also use Numbers from time to time because of the nice charting defaults and mobile friendly UI
@jonbjornn is it still worth using Excel and not some custom solution specifically tailored for the task with this amount of data?
Kaan Aksoy
@karlnislow Speed is an issue with larger files and if they have lots of formulas. Pivottable in Excel is superior to the one you have in Sheets. You can bring multiple data tables in an Excel sheet ( no idea if you can do it in Sheets)
Karl Nislow
@jonbjornn Agreed. Speed is certainly a limitation for larger data sets and more complicated models. I wish you could buy more dedicated bandwidth as needed and set refresh rates.
Karl Nislow
@kaan_aksoy1 Agree that speed is a limitation. What about pivot tables is inferior right now? What do you mean when you say, "You can bring multiple data tables in an Excel sheet."?
Felipe Vásquez
@karlnislow I'm just aware of one. Extracting trendline equations from graphs or even just showing the trendline equation in the graph. I don't see that on Google Sheets.
Benjamin Wilkins
Anyone know if this will work for the free version of Google Sheets?
NaveenKumar Namachivayam
@benjamin_wilkins It will not. I just tried :)
Pranav Reddy
So, macros are called automation here?
Alex Haff
As someone who has been making Google Apps scripts the hard way for repeating processes, the new macros feature will be a game changer!
This will be fun to use!!!! Yipee!!
Charles Nweke
Looks absolutely very promising!