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A static site generator by Vue.js πŸ› οΈ

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Amrith Shanbhag
Have you built anything with this @leornadofed?
@ we're big fan of Vue.js over React because of how much smaller and simpler it is. VuePress looks interesting. We strove to find a good seamless static site generator until for our public product documentation until we decided to go for Jekyll. PRO of using something like this instead of Hugo/Jekyll: - Both of those lack support for custom "sources", instead of just markdown files. CONS: - SPAs and SEO aren't still good friends. ---- Edit: thanks @adamwathan. Docsify was a Vue powered doc generator that wasn't SEO friendly at all. I got somehow tricked. :) Here's the link, VuePress is SEO compliant
Adam Wathan
@leonardofed Vuepress sites are fully server-rendered so they are perfectly SEO friendly, one of the big goals of the project as far as I understand in fact. It's only an SPA after first page load for snappier performance πŸ‘πŸ» >Each page generated by VuePress has its own pre-rendered static HTML, p roviding great loading performance and is SEO-friendly. Once the page is loaded, however, Vue takes over the static content and turns it into a full Single-Page Application (SPA). Additional pages are fetched on demand as the user navigates around the site.
@leonardofed VuePredd is SEO friendly
Gautham Santhosh
Do you guys have pre built themes ?
@gauthamzzz yes.. there are some themes for quick spin ups
Maxence Cornet
@gauthamzzz @the_aceix Where can I find the other themes ? I only see the default theme in the docs
Justin Schroeder
Interesting stuff! I’m a big fan of Nuxt, so I’m interested to see how we can leverage this to good effect.
Keith Brooks
This looks great. I've been using Vue for a while now (I used it to build Freezetab), and was considering moving to React for static sites because of Gatsby, but it looks like I won't have to πŸ˜….
Ariel Di
@ksbrooksjr you also have Nuxt thats handled static sites before VuePress came out :) Vue's eco-system is growing really quick and really good
Lars Janssen
Very very cool!
lets try this also.
Derek Bytheway
Sweet, thanks! Forked πŸ‘ Also, +1 for using Stylus; my absolute favorite.
Charly R
Good job with the doc should help a lot of people. I use gastbyjs because React dev but I keep an eye on your project.
Karolina Geller
Great job!
Ali R. Tariq
Neat idea and potential. It'd be nice to see some examples of end-results to get a sense of what users can expect after using this.
Callum Flack
Vue is quite brilliant. I'm using it for everything ATM. I'm looking forward to @vuepress new blogging branch with 🍜