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Hyper 2

The second generation of the Hyper terminal

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Hey @timothyis_ & @chabou69, Can you explain a bit more about what you've built here, to a non-techy?
Mark Colling
@timothyis_ @chabou69 @jacqvon Hi :-) Hyper is a terminal built by web technologies such as electron, we use xterm js engine that uses it vs code in its integrated terminal. What differentiates hyper from any other terminal are the plugins and themes.
Eivind Lindbråten
Great explanation for a "non-techy". 😛😉
@timothyis_ @chabou69 @jacqvon @markoz lol that was a very very technical explanation. 2/10 for effort 🧐 I’ll have a bash. He has built a fancy new “terminal”. A “terminal” is an interface that’s lets you talk to your computer by typing in words, as opposed to using the mouse and icons.
Kenny Cucchia
@jacqvon amen
@chabou69 @jacqvon That's a really good question actually, since Hyper is for devs (from devs). I'll do my best: Hyper is a terminal emulator, similar to the Terminal.app on macOS or cmd.exe on Windows. Basically, it gives you the ability to interact using text with your operating system; based in a graphical interface. Hyper is special because it's built with web technologies, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is a good thing because these technologies are common-place these days and we find that many developers wanting to contribute have a much easier time with it thanks to the way it is built. What does this mean? Thankfully, it's much easier for developers to come along and contribute to the app using the languages they already know, or if they don't, it's a much lower bar of entry (it's apparent). On from that, this means Hyper is open for vast improvements from the community! It's open-source (https://github.com/zeit/hyper) so it's easy to contribute to from that perspective too. Hyper also has plugins that those same developers can publish, too. That's where our new Hyper Store (https://hyper.is/plugins and https://hyper.is/themes) comes in. We've tried to make it easy for any user or developer of Hyper to find or build what they're looking for in the app just by creating a plugin! I hope this explains Hyper in a non-techy way. It's always a bit hard for me to explain from a different perspective 😅
randi miller
@chabou69 @jacqvon @timothyis_ I told my partner "The new DOS" although... anyone under 30 probably wouldn't get that. :p
Anthony Da Mota
Nice improvements! However I'll still stick with iTerm2 since I need performance before anything :(
Kenny Cucchia
@akdm_ you upvote things that matter 😅
Anthony Da Mota
@kcucchia Even tho I won't use it, I can see the improvements made. It deserves my upvote 🤓
Kenny Cucchia
@akdm_ I was joking and meant it should be “Matter” not “matters” lol
Anthony Da Mota
@kcucchia Oh! Yes you're right, I just modified it haha. Thanks!
@akdm_ I'm sad to hear you'll stick with iTerm 2, although it's your preference that matters! We put a lot of work into making Hyper 2 as performant or more performant than other similar apps. We've seen a lot of the community happy with the improvements there. I hope you'll give it another try 🙏
Arpit Chauhan
@akdm_ @timothyis_ I think that to a large extent, it's Electron developers' responsibility to make it more performant and less resource-consuming. I have no doubt that they must be trying hard, but it certainly isn't good enough (maybe because of no fault of their own). There is a limit to how many Electron apps people can run, and it's way smaller than the number of native apps one can run.
Dominik Serafin
Hyper is awesome after you start it. But starting it takes a while (sometimes even couple of seconds). As a full-stack developer who works with up to 6-10 console windows open sometimes, it's really pain to open/close them when it takes couple of seconds. Where native Windows console opens instantly.
@serafindominik Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. I haven't seen this issue commonly from Windows users. Would you mind submitting an issue on the Hyper repo, with the information it asks for, and we can see if there's a way to help out? 🤞
Dominik Serafin
I'm not talking about like ~10 seconds loading times. I'm talking about 1-3 second loading times 'cause Hyper is based on Electron. Personally, I need that under 100-300ms native console startup times 💆 Nevertheless, Hyper is awesome piece of software and would recommend it to anyone who isn't console power user.
Sid Puri
@serafindominik im sorry did you just say a windows console was better than a terminal?
Dominik Serafin
@purisid not sure what you exactly mean? If you mean terminal like the terminal in macOS, then nope, I didn't say that Windows console is better. Personally I prefer macOS terminal (and Apple products in general), but I'm a gamer, so my main machine is Windows for everything.
Karolina Geller
Very good
Ahmad Awais ⚡
I really like Hyper terminal. It's hackable and easy to use. Built a few themes for it as well. The JavaScript eco-system + terminal is FTW. P.S. Check out Shades-of-Purple-Hyper theme. 🦄 GIF Demo → https://on.ahmda.ws/qvUU/c GitHub → https://github.com/ahmadawais/shades-of-purple-hyper
@mrahmadawais Nice! I saw you submitted this to the Hyper Store, I'll review it soon! 🖤
@mrahmadawais Great theme, can't wait to try it out!
vignesh warar
This is Great But When I saw this first, I thought finally someone developed Linux equivalent commands in windows ☹️ but anyways this is cool
Mike G
@vignestion You can have Hyper load cygwin or connect it with the Windows Subsystem for Linux if you want bash, hyper not required for that though.
Erick Barron
@vignestion Use Linux Subsysrem, that's why I use. I even created Windows aliases to mimic commands that don't normally work, like "touch". You will just have to Google their equivalent Windows form.
Tierney Cyren
@vignestion seems like this may make a good tutorial for someone to write - definitely do-able, especial with the WSL 😅
Mike G
Loved the first version and excited to try the new one but Symantec is flagging it as a malicious file, which makes installing on my work PC a pain.
@mgaruccio That's not good 🙈We'll look at what can cause this 🤞
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will Check it out 😊
Nate Davis
Switched a couple months ago and never looked back. Best terminal experience. The new store for themes and plugins is something I have waiting for, awesome job!
@nate_davis Glad to hear it! Feel free to submit plugins/themes to the Hyper Store if you like them!
Braden Watkins
Awesome!! I’ve been looking for something like Hyper for Windows for a while now.
Devon Bradley
I love hyper term! Wish it had better support out of the box for the Micro text editor key bindings. Those two would be a match made in minimalist heaven.
Someone please tell me why I would accept the overhead of yet another Electron app running over something like iterm2? This is a serious question.
Leon Calcutt
@justuseapen Overhead is minimal and would go completely unnoticed by someone who wasn't aware it was cross-platform. Can replicate your terminal style across multiple operating systems. Plugins support allows for community contributions and it just looks better than iterm2.
Leon Calcutt
Best terminal I've used and can easily copy look and feel across many OSs. Those complaining about performance are just cross-platform haters.
[deleted user]
Very interesting project! I don't think I would use it because of the performance overhead, and don't want an HTML-based terminal. However, a cloud-based OS that can only run web apps (e.g. ChromeOS) would make a great partner to Hyper. I felt the same about Cloud9 IDE and Figma.