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Derek Steer
Hi! I'm the CEO and one of the founders of Mode. The product we're launching today is completely free and includes the core elements of Mode — a clean interface to do analysis in SQL, Python, or R, take that analysis and build it into visualizations and reports, and then share it with anyone at your company. I'll be around all day to answer questions. Benn, Josh, and I started Mode four and a half years ago because we wanted to empower Analytics and Data Science teams. It's a for-profit business, but it has enabled us to do things for the Analyst community — for free — that we really wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. Some of the things I'm most proud of doing at Mode are the things we released on, from SQL School, to our Analytics Jobs Board, and more. When we considered how to build the business as we head into our next phase of growth, we decided to double down on being open and accessible. We believe that it's the best thing for the Analytics community, and will be best for Mode as a result. There's a lot more info if you click through to our website. I'm looking forward to your questions and feedback!
Jeremy Jarvis
@dereksteer is there somewhere that compares what's included with Studio (free) and the Business plan please? Mode as a tool is awesome, but I have some pricing worries :) We started playing about with Mode paying $19 per seat a while back. But then we were informed the price was going up to $250 so we stopped using it - then it went back to $19 per seat - we never did get established using it due to a concern of spending time creating our reports etc only for the pricing to skyrocket.
Derek Steer
@jeremy_jarvis All the details are here, with a really explicit breakdown at the bottom of the page: The gist is that you will need the Business plan in order to automate work (run things on a schedule, send automated emails, etc.). We are committed to offering Mode Studio for free, forever, so you should feel confident that you won't have to abandon work you do there. We also offer special startup pricing on the Business Plan for companies with few employees and limited funding. You can schedule a call with our sales team through the website to see if you qualify.
Jeremy Jarvis
@dereksteer ok, thanks 👍
Jason Ehle
@dereksteer I haven't used Mode, but looking at this for presenting reporting data to customers. Are the White Label embed features available as part of Studio as well?
Rehab Analytics
@dereksteer Hi - can you clarify the pricing bit more? I took a look at Mode Studio and was extremely impressed with the capabilities. I then had an intro call with your sales team, expecting a quote between $19 and $250 per month for a single-user working on a proof of concept. But I was told that to be able to share embedded data the price is into the thousands per month. This seems like an incredible product - but why not more price transparency?
Derek Steer
@rehabanalytics The $19/month pricing was for a limited offering that we’ve discontinued in favor of Mode Studio (which is free). For our business plan, we do our best to meet folks where they are based on what they need out of the platform, which is why we ask for the quick call first. I hear you on not wanting that to be on a long back-and-forth, and on the mismatched expectations based on what you’ve seen around the internet about Mode’s pricing. The particular feature you’re referencing — Embedded Analytics — isn’t priced on a per-user basis because its value (and its cost for us to support) is in how broadly it gets distributed, not how many people on your team will use it. Happy to continue the discussion if you have more questions specific to your use case/quote. I'm
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
Congrats! This is an amazing product!
Philip Johnson
Looks cool! Currently using ReDash and experimenting with superset which includes notifications / emails for free, but am interested to see how this compares.
Nathan Maas
Mode is a wonderful product. Excited for good things to come for you all @dereksteer and team @bennstancil @besquared Thank you!
Anthony DeLuise
Curious if anyone has any insight into Mode vs Metabase?
Michael Kennedy
I was looking for a little more R functionality. There are not a lot of good R UI utilities (jamovi? what else). As a qualitative researcher I use R to perform statistical analysis on my own raw datasets rather than a database. I would be looking to load/manage R libraries and perform a templated version of my analysis on an imported dataset.
Derek Steer
@mikewkennedy Thanks for the feedback. Yours is a pretty common use case -- we're definitely going to build that functionality.
Michael Kennedy
@dereksteer heck yeah!
Pat Eskinasy
This looks great! Any plans to allow uploading CSVs? Excel Spreadsheets? Tapping into Airtable? Or Google Sheets?
Dontae Mears
Congrats on the launch!
[deleted user]
so... why this over Jupyter Lab ?