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The coding app for beginners by Google

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Ben Tossell
Saw the article on TC: and downloaded straight away! I look back to when I first tried to learn to code about 6 years ago and remember thinking I found it too hard or couldnt keep up with doing it. Now I think, why didn't I just do little bits where I could to keep learning?! I'd be able to actually build my ideas myself! So I've started using Grasshopper! :D lets see how it goes! I think my issue with learning to code is not know where or what to start with....I almost want something or someone to ask "This is the platform I'm looking to build, these are the features, what language and frameworks can I learn to do this?"
@bentossell Similar to you I always got stuck on completing courses, then someone advised me to build sth I need / want / can play with. Led to me finishing my first rails web app. So I'm passing the baton, keep playing with Grasshopper and start building sth you need 😄
Thanks for hunting @fearofpoets what were some of the hurdles you faced when trying to get this off the ground?
Laura Holmes
@abadesi Oh goodness, so many things :) We were testing for about 9 months tweaking to get stuff right. The custom code editor designed for beginners took a long time to get right, and we also had to tweak the curriculum a lot to optimize for students actually learning (e.g. we would introduce a new lesson, and then we'd get the stats back and realize that it was too confusing, so had to swap it out for something different). We also had to do a lot of iteration on our progress indicators (progress bars, points, and achievements). We still have a LOT more work to do to add more curriculum and keep motivating more people through to graduation, but we think it's a good start. :)
Omar Gabr
The app looks great! Congrats @fearofpoets 🎉
Laura Holmes
@okgabr1 Thanks for all your help with Instabug! @All - Omar's the CEO of Instabug, and it's been great integrating with them and getting streamlined feedback from all our our testers before yesterday's announcement.
Wiktor Sobolak
As a non-dev digital marketer, I find it extremely usefull to expand my skills. Nicely done!
Laura Holmes
@wiktor_sobolak Thanks!
Hi @fearofpoets, I followed a few lessons today and I like the way the app and the different topics are presented as a whole. I just started to learn Swift so a lot of topics like functions, variables and arrays look familiar and are easier to follow. I'm no so far in the app yet but will you also build lessons where basic apps are built for example? This part helps me during my Swift coding course. Congrats on the launch!
Laura Holmes
@angeliquesocial Building basic apps takes a fair amount of knowledge and complexity, and since we're starting folks from the very beginning, we haven't gotten to that level of depth yet... but we are working on gradually making our way there! Stay tuned as we continue to add more curriculum. :)
@fearofpoets thanks for your reply looking forward to what is next :)
Ritwik Debnath
I've been using this for a couple months now and the bite sized lessons are really easy to digest and remember for someone getting started! Just another awesome Google product.
Laura Holmes
@ritwik1 Thanks for the review! :D
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
Laura Holmes
@ayush_chandra Awesome! Thanks for the support :)
Del Williams
I downloaded this last night and played with it some. I like it. I use JavaScript quite a bit, so it was neat.
Laura Holmes
@delwilliams Awesome! Glad you're having a good time so far :)
Brian Wadley
The just-in-time onboarding features allows for a fast and welcoming start up as a new user! I love the pathway for viewing my progress and the gamification of the lessons. I think a few tweaks to the directions in some of the exercises might help. I notice that some of the exercises are learn by exploring and failing and that is good, but doesn't feel intuitive in a few of them. That feedback, however, is just a product owner being picky. This is amazing! I love the notification setup flow, the way that you pull the user further into the experience with the onboarding and first exercises. This is great! I set a daily plan and am looking forward to the reminder notification tomorrow!
Laura Holmes
@brian_wadley Thanks so much for the review!!! :D Glad you're liking it.
Joseph Cooper
Sounds awesome, could definitely be helpful to beginners. Great work :)
Saurabh Hooda
Tried the app on iOS. It's really solid stepping stone for the beginners. Kudos on a great launch too :) Feel free to submit it on's Intro to programming category: We would love to feature it there!
Rohit Duggal
Great app. Very well executed! Kudos @fearofpoets!
Volodymyr Grinchenko
Please correct your offensive promo, you have Ukraine under Russian flag: and the same on TC
Heather Smith
@volodymyr_grinchenko Grasshopper Curriculum Manager here — that's the Haitian flag: blue at the top, red at the bottom. It was brought to our attention just after we launched that this can easily be mistaken for Russian. We've since updated that puzzle, which you can see reflected in our app and on the homepage: . So thank you for flagging this, it allowed us to make the quick change.
Volodymyr Grinchenko
@heathermacsmith thanks for removing the possibly confusing element and thanks for your quickly reply!
Jeremy Bauer
This is so fuuuuun. Serious kudos! Really well executed. I thought it was interesting that the get help links go to Discourse posts. Just curious, why use this method instead of a pop-up window or in-app kb? I’m not knocking either method, I’m just interested in learning the thoughts behind this Discourse method.
Paul Banks
anyone else think, Google is going to start using this app for recruitment purposes down the road?
Raheel Ali
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Samuel Miller
Played with it and it does seem different from all of the other methods of coding for newbies. The real test will be when we get to a project. It is fun to start, but there is a feeling that you don't go anywhere with this. As with any coding course: different methods work for different personalities. I guess 10 lessons are not enough to evaluate the app.
will it be in Russian?
Vova Tereschenko
Great branding and idea! But unfortunately it won't help you to learn any JS.
Malin Bowall
really a good app for those who wants to learn how to code