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The new version of Gmail web

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Julian Miller
Does anyone know how to enable this for G Suite accounts that were not/are not in the Early Adopter Program?
Yury Molodtsov
@julianmiller There isn't a clear way to do that yet.
Jean-Philippe Boily
@julianmiller Could not find it either.
Julian Miller
@y_molodtsov I wish they'd prioritize the folks who pay for G suite.
Matt Gardner
@julianmiller Ugh.
Julian Miller
@thatmattgardner agree or disagree? =)
Matt Gardner
@julianmiller Oh totally agree. Apps teams need to play ball with the other teams and vice versa, if google wants to be a player in enterprise cloud apps they need to stop leaving us out to dry on half their damn products. Pretty sure apps users still don't get all of the google home/assistant functionality. It's one of my biggest gripes about google apps.
Julian Miller
@thatmattgardner great points. I hadn't even considered the relevance of the home/assistant ecosystem as applied to business cases!
Yury Molodtsov
@julianmiller Personally I'd gladly switch our G-Suite to it, but I assume most organisations would actually prefer to wait.
Matt Gardner
@julianmiller I have 9 or 10 google homes at this point. The fact that "what's my schedule" didn't work for ANY G-apps user drove me bonkers. Like, who is using google calendar the most????
Julian Miller
@thatmattgardner immediately thought of use-cases. Imagine being able to ask "what times are free for a 30 minute team-meeting today?" and having the power of that technology return an answers across calendars, schedule it and send invites.
Julian Miller
@y_molodtsov I'm checking every hour. G Suite support said they thought it was rolling out widely in the next 6 hours.
James Gentes
@julianmiller I found the option under G Suite > Settings for Gmail > Advanced Settings > New Gmail Early Adopter Program (Allow my users access to the new Gmail UI and features)
Julian Miller
@jgentes we got it up and running yesterday, after which most of my team immediately reverted to the old interface. I'm toggling back and forth until @mixmax gets their new integration done. What are your thoughts so far?
Arun Sathiya
@julianmiller This should help.
Ahmed lShazly
looks neat <3
Chris Frantz
Here’s the most interesting bit: “Finally, a new confidential mode allows you to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print messages—useful for when you have to send sensitive information via email like a tax return or your social security number. You can also make a message expire after a set period of time to help you stay in control of your information.”
Aaron Lee D'Souza
@frantzlight Question, wouldn't a screengrab defeat this purpose?
Chris Frantz
@aaroniclee Maybe? Here's a line from the WSJ write-up: "When you compose a message, you can turn on Confidential Mode. As the sender, you can set the message to be deleted after a period of time. You can un-send any Confidential Mode message. You can even require the recipient to enter a passcode before they can read it. Messages still live in your sent folder as long as you let them, though, so you should periodically purge the most important stuff."
Justin Miramontes
@aaroniclee @frantzlight *runs off to purge sent mail for the first time ever*
Jack Treseler
@frantzlight I actually appreciate that.
Didi Medina
@aaroniclee @frantzlight I feel like they're just merging in plugins like mixmax into the native experience. Which s great, one less sub to pay for :)
Michael Klein
@frantzlight This doesn't bring any kind of security - especially not with AI reading your emails... There is no option for encryption, just for making a passcode which at maximum stops a hacker to view that information.
Seth Williams
Looks great! I'd love to try it out but it's not showing up in settings like the blog says.
Harsha Halvi
@sethbwilliams So i am not the only one then :/
@sethbwilliams Same. I'm dying to try it out, I think this new update will readily kill Boomerang! Now if they can put in calendar scheduling, then Mixmax is also going to be in trouble...
Will's Myth
@sethbwilliams @halvi same...
@sethbwilliams @halvi @jucaslames I have the setting now! It's GLORIOUS! :D
Seth Williams
@helloitsdrea Awesome! Glad you got it! Where do you see the notification in settings? Is it at the top? Easy to find?
Seth Williams
@helloitsdrea I see it now! :)
Adu Wu
@helloitsdrea @sethbwilliams still couldn't find it in my settings :(
@sethbwilliams @adu_wu Give it a bit of time if you still don't see it - I've been chatting with friends about it and some still don't see the setting yet, so looks like rollout is still in phases!
Loralee Hutton
I'm using Gsuite Standard (the grandfathered free plan) and it looks like they may not be rolling it out to us for a while (if ever). Thought I'd mention it unless someone else who doesn't see it, is also on this plan.
Kestas Vaitelis
Same issue how do I try this thing?
Harsha Halvi
@kestasvv According to the blog post you are supposed to click on the settings wheel on the right side and you should see the option. I haven't got it yet and it seems to be the same for so many people.
Kestas Vaitelis
@halvi Worked for me finally for my personal gmail. Looks like not yet available for business gmail.
Paul Jarvis
Want :)
Harsh Vakharia
Just when I finally got comfortable with Apple Mail 😓
Tudor Baidoc
Well, I'm seeing the option. It should be available to everyone soon.
Luke Hamilton
Is this intended to replace Inbox?
Yury Molodtsov
@lukemhamilton Inbox has turned into their beta testing tool.
Luke Hamilton
@y_molodtsov Ahhh okay, thanks! I wish they would make Inbox full screen on the iPhone X
@y_molodtsov @lukemhamilton yea thought they were going to have to: surely soon
Dillon Nichols
@lukemhamilton Google says it's going to update Inbox. I hope they do
Luke Hamilton
@dillon1337 Thanks!
For those who don't see the "Try new Google" button, simple clear your cookies for the GMail tab, and log back in, you'll see it after that! :)
I think I - kinda - like it. But i've seen better design concepts over the past few years. The 'compose' button is one of most ugly buttons I've ever seen...
Ajay Goel
A couple things to know here: The rollout of the new Gmail is STARTING today, so everybody won't get it as an option right away. I'm a Gmail extension maker, and most extension makers were given early access to the new Gmail a couple months ago so they could start adapting their extensions to the new Gmail UI. (I'm actually a bit behind on adapting my extensions, so I'm hoping for a slow rollout.). My personal prediction is that Google will soon abandon Inbox. Here's the evidence: 1) This rollout of the new Gmail, 2) The fact that most Gmail extension makers never adapted their extensions to Inbox, forcing users who rely on them to stay with classic Gmail, and most importantly 3) The introduction of Gmail Add-ons several months ago, which are plugins for Gmail that work on both desktop and mobile. Here's the rub though...the new Gmail Add-on platform ONLY work on Gmail, not Inbox.
Julian Miller
Looks like the checkbox to enable the new gmail it is live in G Suite! Go to your admin panel -> apps -> gmail and you'll find it right below the checkbox for "Inbox."
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Looking to try it out but doesntsee an option on gmail
Kestas Vaitelis
@ayush_chandra click on the gear top right corner for me only worked for personal gmail not business gmail account
Will google ever release a unified inbox? I have 4 email accounts, to check my email I'd have to switch accounts 4 times. Same for mobile, and yet nearly every 3rd party client allows for this. I'd love to use Google's UIs but it'd be too much work.
Eric Wilson
@grantgamesgames There are power user ways to do this. But at the rate Gmail adds new features, I wouldn't expect something user-friendly and native until 2025 at the earliest. (I'm a bit salty about "New Gmail" if you can tell. Very disappointed.)
Nick Sarro
Love the new layout! And the side bar!
Dardan Thaçi
I use in mobile Inbox, but I don't know why I couldn't adopt to Inbox in web. Thank you, I really needed this.
Yury Molodtsov
It looks really interesting, I'm seriously considering moving to it from Spark that I use now.
Danny Tran
The design looks great! Excited for the change.
Vova Tereschenko