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Google Tasks for Mobile

Any task, any goal. Get things done.

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frizurd 👽
I like it more than I thought I would. Love the illustrations
Calvin Chu
@frizurd ditto!
Ryan Hoover
There are sooo many to-do apps. It's often the default first project for new iOS/Android devs. That said, we're building something in this space at Product Hunt (currently in private beta). 😁 I used to use Google Tasks, which has been integrated into Gmail for years. I'm curious: What to-do app do people use and why?
Nivas Ravichandran
@rrhoover I like Asana. Clean. Love their UI. True about the to-do apps part. And I still feel no one has cracked it fully.
Srikrishnan Ganesan
@rrhoover Wanted a simple experience that I could add tasks to on the go, including via Siri / Google Home
Javier Renzi
@rrhoover I use Todoist, highly recommended. Why? Because I can do everything just writing one line, like categorizing using hashtags, add a deadline and tags
Joseph Wood
@rrhoover - Things 3. Does everything I need and is beautiful. But I love trying any new to-do app that comes along.
Paolo Perazzo
@rrhoover We built one (Kyber) for mobile and then ported natively to Slack. We ended up “killing” the iOS app and keeping exclusively the Slack app as we spend already so much time on Slack that we didn’t another app; plus if you want to manage tasks and projects at the team level I didn’t see any other platform but messaging to drive adoption and usage, as tasks are already exchanged there; they just need to be tracked and organized and switching to an external app is just a productivity killer. Needless to say, I use that for both personal and more importantly team collaboration. I'll be interested to see how deeply Google Tasks integrates with emails, which is a form of messaging.
Paul Eiche @ 🇺🇸
@rrhoover I use Keep. It doubles as a general note-taking and to-do app. The only thing I wish it had is support for sub-tasks.
Juan Visbal
@rrhoover Right now I'm trying Google Tasks (started a week before the redesign), but I might switch. Lack of Mac support, Calendar apps support and separation from Google Reminders are big issues for me.
Juan Visbal
@rrhoover @iamjmw Sad that it's not available for Android.
Pedro Wunderlich
@rrhoover Notion is the most versatile, flexible and powerful project management app there is. We couldn't be happier.
Biraj Ghosh
@wavetree try I built it , currently in beta so may have some huge bugs 😣
Ugur Kaner
@rrhoover notion <3
@rrhoover Todoist
Vivek Sah
@rrhoover i use ticktick which is pretty neat because it offers a mac menu bar app.
Bart Boch
@rrhoover Check "Ike" for Android. Its awesome, unfortunately no cloud.
Andrew Richard
@rrhoover I use Ike. Having tried 30 different task apps ike is the only app that made my life easy. I give IKE 💯 points compared to this Google app.
Adam Shapira
@rrhoover @javier_renzi I use Todoist for the same reason. Calendar date pickers feel so clunky compared to just typing out "tomorrow." I wish there was Fantastical for Windows for the same reason.
Benson Giang
@rrhoover @javier_renzi Huge fan of Todoist! The Mac shortcut to add a new task without leaving my context is a total game changer. I can't live without it now.
Greg Gerber
@rrhoover I've tried them all. For work, we switched from Asana to Trello. Asana's "ruled paper" layout didn't make the tasks feel substantial enough. And organizing tasks was cumbersome. We like how each trello card feels like a "unique object" vs a line on a piece of paper. For personal tasks, I use Google Keep. One master "life" note with checkboxes and separate notes for each personal project.
Niesha ✌️& ❤️
@rrhoover I love Nirvana HQ it’s perfect for GTD but it’s missing key features so I use ClickUp. It’s robust and can be used in many ways. I need to do apps to Manage projects but to also keep my life in check. I need daily recurring tasks (that start over after completion), due dates, and reporting. I can’t find an affordable app that is just what I need. It must have a calendar function, a way to email tasks to myself, share tasks, and have a web version in addition to the app. I’ve tried nearly all of them. Excited to try this one as well.
Jason Briscoe
@rrhoover Things 3 is game changer
Alana Russell
@rrhoover - I am the new (day 8) Product Manager at GQueues and long time user. It took me a while to get rid of pen and paper for my tasks, but having full integration with my daily workflow in Google was key.
Varun Dave
@rrhoover Turns out now I have 24 apps built by Google on my phone including this one. I use Keep, it doubles as a note taking and to-do.
@rrhoover I've used Meistertask a lot and love it. That said the damn thing isn't nearly as good on Android as I figured after switching.
@rrhoover Wunderlist fan here. Sad that it is getting killed :(
Vivek Rp
@rrhoover Todoist is the best one. If you want a simple to-do app it can be that, if you want a well planning complex to-do app it can be that aswell. Add tasks from almost anywhere, get location based reminders, awesome features and sleek app.
Fawad Ansari
@rrhoover There are so many great to-do apps and project management tools out there. However, my team and I use our own built tool, the nTask. It is an online task management tool, primarily used for teams but we also use it as to-do list app individually. We will be launching it soon here on Product Hunt. Here's a link if you want to have a glimpse: :)
@rrhoover Definitely Asana.
Ruud Schilders
@rrhoover I use which has all the features one could think of. And quickly responding support.
Andrew Delaware
@rrhoover @pravilz I will use Wunderlist until they pry it out of my hands. I tried using others (Todoist, Asana, Things, etc etc) thinking I had to make a quick change - and then, after settling on Todoist and using it for a couple months, I came crawling back and reimported everything back into my beloved Wunderlist. Hope it never really disappears...
@rrhoover To-do apps are never sooo many Ryan 😊
Muni Perez
Very neat app.. Clean design, interface is simple and easy to use. However, I wonder why it ditched away the standard Material Design guidelines. First, the menu is at the bottom (which is great and I ask myself why it hasn’t ever been there at the first place). Second, the button to add a new task is completely different from the standard FOB. Additional note: it froze after I tapped around the app for a while.
Muni Perez
@munipandita I’m using the iOS version
Nivas Ravichandran
@munipandita Even I am surprised why they ditched Material Design in the Google Tasks App. I think design is slightly half-baked.
I remember looking for a Google Tasks mobile app back in 2015, only to find nothing good enough. It's finally here, and I can't wait to try it out. 😄
Nivas Ravichandran
@aviaryan123 True. The Google Tasks on Web sucked. If this integrates to Gmail and Calendar, it would be such a peace.
@nivasravi Hope they improve the web app too. Would love a PWA with notifications and a cleaner interface.
Raphaël Chabaud
Nice but not usable without the updated web app for me.
Juan Visbal
@raphchabaud It lacks any kind of desktop access that's not directly inside Gmail and G Calendar. Hoping they realize it is not enough.
Raphaël Chabaud
Nice but not usable without the updated web app for me.
@raphchabaud We can access an updated web app from the right side bar of the new Gmail. I wonder if there is a way to access that version of Tasks as a standalone. /cc @nivasravi
Ohad Ron
Nice and slick. Probably some sort of preview for upcoming UI in Android P. But... how are @google not embarrassed that it's not yet possible to add tasks with Google Assistant?
Danny Tran
Is this only available to G-Suite users or all users?
Dan Dan
but but but.... but google keep?
Muni Perez
@tostartafire it is a different approach, a simple app with just tasks. Keep is too cluttered if you only want a task manager.
Biraj Ghosh
@tostartafire Exactly what I was thinking!..they could have just added subtask to keep
James Young
I was kind of hoping they'd just integrate solid Tasks features directly into the primary Gmail app - especially considering much-appreciated advances in 'tasks from email'
Andrew Richard
Is completely useless, probably the worst task app have ever used. They need to integrate keep to the app just like inbox and also allow users to set time on tasks.
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
Finally I will stop using Google Keep for my notes!
Will shared lists be supported anytime soon?
Matthew Hansen
We already use Asana, which is this and and outrageous amount of features more. Hopefully this is the beginning of something larger, but no reason to switch until you can do a bit more with it (shared tasks at a minimum).
Adu Wu
Looks nice. But not integrated well with my inbox by Gmail or Google Calendar. Does it suppose to do so?
Dillon Nichols
@adu_wu It's integrated with the new gmail experience, but I don't understand why they didn't tie it in with Inbox.
Jessy Grossi
What's the difference with Google Keep?
Sravan Kandagatla
@jessygrossi I have the same question! - Looks like Google is jumping here and there, launching and closing apps. Google Spaces is a good example, not sure how many are using this.
Ruben Garcia
It has a nice design to it but it's features are extremely limited when you compare it with other GTD/Task/To-do apps out there. Won't replace Todoist anytime soon
$ ]-[ `/ @ (\/) |2
love the app. does this app have widget in android ? !
Very simplistic and easy to use! I like 😊