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Spectacles v2

Sunglasses that capture your world, the way you see it.

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Alexey Sekachov
📷 Photo, not just video 💦 Underwater-capable ⚡️ Faster Syncing 😎 Lighter lenses 💰 $149.99
Braxton Huff 🙌🏻
@alta1r wow that's a bit of a hefty price tag 😳
@alta1r @3raxton not really...
Andy P
@alta1r @3raxton @gotimelinr they couldn't even sell them at $129.99
Ryan Hoover
I was hoping Snap would release non-sunglasses version of the Spectacles, but there are some welcome improvements here. Curious to hear everyone's first impressions. Are you going to buy these?
@rrhoover You can purchase replacement lenses, including prescription. While it would cost a little extra, swapping the lenses would do the trick.
Lewis Bertolucci
@rrhoover I'll bite. I can applaud Snap in not waiting to perfect it, but creating a consumer product at the right price-point and iterating on it. Can your phone take pictures and videos, yes. Can it take it from this perspective, I'd argue no (look ma! no hands!). I see the longer-term value is understanding how people are using it, collection of data and the AR aspect. VR is so far behind on consumer adoption and cost, but this.... this is a step in the right direction. I'd anticipate monetization to occur in the form of AR (hey, looky there - it's a dancing taco - Taco Bell), in a 'more natural and seamless' integration (is a dancing taco natural, meh) with your normal wear down the road. I haven't seen any other product similar at this price point / style that millennials (and some others) would actually wear & use. Nicely done on making it more simple to use, the overall charging capabilities and waterproof (resistant) aspect. I'm in for one.
@rrhoover Evan didn't learn the first time around (they lost $40m)? They look better but problem is not with the glasses, its with the app.
Adam Kazwell
@rrhoover if people didn't like v1, I don't think v2 offers enough improvements to get them over the hump. (I own a v1 set, they're fun but I don't use em a ton because it's one more thing to take with me in addition to the camera that's already in my pocket)
Craig Davison
@rrhoover may buy today - although I'm not sure if they're releasing the rumoured $300 "pro" version. not sure if it should wait till those.
Ryan Hoover
@davisonio I haven't heard about the "pro" version. What is that supposed to include?
@rrhoover I remember waiting in line for these for 4 hours when they launched...but gonna pass on these.
Renz Bernardo
I love that their branching out the Snapchat branding and making it their own. Also i like the Made for Snapchat in the end, sorta feels like there are more products made for snap
Ryan Hoover
@ohitsmerenz I expect to see more product lines "made by snap" soon. There are rumors they're working on a drone.
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano
@ohitsmerenz Very well put
@ohitsmerenz @rrhoover "made to snap" would sound better
I feel like people have been especially negative toward the Spectacles and I don't understand why. I own a first generation pair and really enjoy them. They're a great way to capture memories as you go about your day. I especially enjoy using them while traveling: I take short videos throughout my trip and export them each night, giving me a fun overview video of my day. The video quality is good and the updated model is even better. While they could look a little cooler, I don't think they're terrible and I'm considering upgrading to the new ones.
Anderson Faria Santos
So, can I use it for Instagram?
@andersonfsantos Yep. Just import the photos/videos via the Snapchat app then export them to your camera roll.
Craig Davison
@andersonfsantos nah you'll have to stay with good ol snapchat :)
Thomas Burgess
@andersonfsantos @billchase2 Yes, but you can't export in full HD from Snapchat or in anything but a circle crop.
@andersonfsantos @ninjinka I personally don't mind the circle. But if you'd prefer it be square for Instagram, you can use apps like this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/square-specs-for-spectacles/id1213668186?mt=8
Thomas Burgess
@andersonfsantos @billchase2 Interesting. You have to think you lose quite a bit of resolution, and when you have already been forced to export in SD, that's pretty bad.
@andersonfsantos @ninjinka Forced to export in SD? Why's that? Or do you just mean the square resolution? (You could previously import in SD then import HD. If you'd imported in SD then it would export in SD. But if you import in HD then it exports in HD.)
Kathleen Kinnaman Franz
Can I get my prescription put in them?
Fitz Maro
@kathleen_kinnaman_franz A few places did it fro v1, so I suspect it's just a matter of time https://www.glassesusa.com/snap-spectacles
@kathleen_kinnaman_franz @fitzmaro Yes: https://www.lensabl.com/spectacles
Eion Scyne
@kathleen_kinnaman_franz you can get your prescription added at checkout, a ton easier than when I had to order custom lenses for my v1.
Bruno Lemos
How about Instagram Stories? 😛
@brunolemos Just import the photos/videos via the Snapchat app then export them to your camera roll.
Bruno Lemos
@billchase2 Yeah. I was only partially joking, because it would be cool do be able to do Live Stories, for example.
@brunolemos Agreed. Live streaming would be great! Maybe someday Snapchat will add it to the app and enable it via the Spectacles.
Devon Wilson
Do my spectacles come with these very attractive friends? Perhaps that would justify is 150$ price tag
Zachary Shakked
I feel like people totally underestimate how good these are for documenting if you use Snapchat regularly. Loved my first pair, already ordered these!
Nic Acton
My original pair of Spectacles, which I stood in an actual line in NYC to get them from one of their Snapbots, have been a ton of fun despite a few technical issues here and there! All that being said, I care about the photo quality and the hardware and I'm finding it hard to justify the additional $20 from the previous version. Does anyone have specs on camera quality?
@nic_acton I also own the first pair and am deciding if I want to upgrade. Resolutions of both are listed here: https://support.spectacles.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000047246-Not-Sure-
Nic Acton
@billchase2 Thank you! A tl;dr for anyone, video quality is 1216 x 1216 vs 1088 x 1088 for video capture, photo quality is the same at 1642 x 1642 after an apparent software update for V1 spectacles.
Nic Acton
Another point: the video is circular when exported to camera rolls. I understand this works with the Snapchat application really well, but sometimes I want to share them more permanently and it obviously looks like a weird video when exporting anywhere else. Effectively, need more apps like this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/square-specs-for-spectacles/id1213668186?mt=8
Eion Scyne
@nic_acton to be honest, I’m surprised y the still photo quality I’m getting out of my v1. I’m not planning on going on a dive any time soon so I’m holding off personal for now. I don’t expect specs to output dslr quality, I just want them to be an effortless camera and they work for that. Well at least when it comes to TAKING photos and snaps. I can see how v2 will be better for transfers... but meh... is it really $20 better on top of what I paid for v1?
Craig Davison
@nic_acton they're slightly improved
Sarvasv Kulpati
Don't think it's shipping outside the USA, especially to asia for a while :(
Evan Kimbrell
@sarvasvkulpati use an shipment forwarding service
Pooran Prasad Rajanna
I have old version... does this have 2 cameras like rumored? With dual camera, can we expect some 3D videos?
@pooran Nope, just one camera but two microphones.
Rafael Morgan
I'm not a snapchat user but this looks super sexy. Also the landing page, it's marvellous. Kudos to the team!
What's the difference between Spectacles and Google Glass regarding privacy?
Craig Davison
@sekodev you know when someone is recording with spectacles (light flashes), google glass you don't
@davisonio from what I see on the video, flashes doesn't seem that significant to rule out privacy issues.
@sekodev What privacy issues are you referring to?
@billchase2 I'm against the idea of people taking pictures / videos with wearables, in this case, glasses. I know you can easily do that with your phone but I'd still like to keep it that way and not add wearables to the mix.
@sekodev IMO Snapchat did a decent job making the camera obvious, especially in the original model. Both the camera and lights have a visible ring around them and the lights move to get your attention when you are recording or snap a photo. I can understand not being the biggest fan of "hidden" cameras on our bodies, but technology is heading that way so at least they're making the camera visible.
@billchase2 I think we can ask for more regarding privacy like we did back at Google Glass. Also, I guess the lights are pretty easy to modify to prevent flashing and I don't think the lights could easily be seen in broad daylight. By the way, I'm not sure technology is heading this way for consumers, at least not worldwide. Considering GDPR and other privacy acts, I don't think it would be that easy to convince European consumers for this kind of wearable gadgets.
Neil Sardesai
What I really want is AR Spectacles so I can perpetually have the dancing hotdog in my field of vision. (But these are still nice improvements over v1.) 🌭
Craig Davison
@neilsardesai that would be awesome
Elliot Volkman
I have the first gen ones, used them for a few things, but otherwise found them to be an overpriced piece of plastic. This is hardly even an upgrade and not worth the attention.
Devon Meyer
There's a great market for these-- wealthy young people who can afford a $150 gadget. So this might turn out to be a successful product, despite adding little of value to the world.
Fiona Nic Fhinn
What a miss on launch timing- 1) Would have imagined aligning with their market of influencers and positioning an announcement and use at Coachella or a major event would have been more impacful; especially for sunglasses 2) partnership with a glasses designer or brand would get more traction/ twice the market share (if raising the price slightly). Is it meant for the style/design to be distinctively "Snapchat"?
Nicolas Van Hoorde
Underwater-capable! It's sunglasses. Have fun swimming underwater with SUNGLASSES.
Craig Davison
@nicolasvh true I'm worried they might fall off and I won't see haha
Andy P
@nicolasvh water resistant for use in "shallow water" as described in the FAQ. Basicaly go underwater at your own risk it seems like.
Brian Lee
It is an upgrade, the price is reasonable, and the features are decent for the price. I just can't get over the look.
Ben Nesvig
@kay0stheory Though they look a lot less goofy than wearing a GoPro on a headstrap.
Brian Lee
@bennesvig That's very true but that's not the competition in terms of look. The competition is from Luxottica's brands: Oakly, Ray Ban, etc...