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Visual tool for building custom deep learning models

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Pretty compelling offer, building deep learning models with simple drag and drop and no code. How does it work? @mbeissinger
Markus Beissinger
@abadesi Thanks! Under the hood it is a web interface that let's you interact with computation graphs. So you can use existing building blocks like a Hand Tracker that others have built and shared, or group a bunch of them together to make your own building block to use in creating machine learning applications. A fully modular system to work with high level concepts all the way down to Tensorflow operations.
Daniel Brinch
I can already see how this can revolutionize a few industries. My mind = Blown after watching the video on your website. Applied for the beta. You guys rock!
Adam Menges
@danielbrinch Thanks for the kind words!
Michael Humphrey
I love this! I've been using the Clarifai API but I hate that I can't download a TF model. This is great!
Jack Etherington
The example looks neat, but I'm curious how effortless this will be in practice. I've got a handful of experiments I would like to test this on so have signed up for the beta ✌️
Raphael Mimoun
Product looks really good. I can already think of use cases for our apps. Good luck!
John Higgins
wow, just wow.
Ryan Hoover
This is the best product landing page I've seen since Muzzle.
Brad Bitler
@rrhoover hahah classic notifications on there
Adam Menges
@rrhoover Thanks! We really appreciate hearing that.
Dan Dan
Very excited about making deep learning more accessible. This service looks amazing.
Christopher Brereton
Before I was even able to get back here to leave a comment I shared this with 10 people. Very awesome, gents! Excited to experiment with Lobe!
This is dope!
Fantastic website Where are you on hotdog identification?
Kevin Lou
@kristofertm Asking the real questions here 🌭
Adam Menges
@kristofertm By popular demand, Hotdog / Not Hotdog made with Lobe: https://lobe.ai/examples/not-hotdog/
Zach Handley
@kristofertm @adammenges I love you
@kristofertm Very wholesome thread, love it!
Philip Källberg
This looks really awesome, great job guys! I'd love to know if you have any plans to build models around text, for example classification & sentiment?
Markus Beissinger
@philip_kallberg we are working to support text processing when we get time series features in the product, so coming soon!
Joe Anderson
@philip_kallberg @mbeissinger would love this as well! Waiting for this before applying for the beta.
Paolo Perazzo
@philip_kallberg @mbeissinger looking forward to it as well! Applied to beta. The product even know looks mind blowing. Awesome job, congratulations
Jose Niño Pérez
Looks amazing, looking forward to trying it. I have to say that you did a great job explaining the product. Video, landing page and examples are very well made.
Pierrick Ganon
Looks amazing! How to simplify Machine Learning in a very sleek interface. Does it only work with image recognition?
Markus Beissinger
@pierrick22 Thanks! We support many formats currently and are working to expand. You can use images, csv's with numbers, text, or filepaths to images, or xml files of bounding boxes. Our next plans are to work with more time series data for things like text processing, video, and other sequences of vectors.
Vlad Calus
Wow, this landing page is beautiful 😍. Impressive
Cory Boatright
That’s one of the coolest applications and platforms ideas I have ever seen!
Lava Kafle
Damien Tsnkff
I haven't been excited about a product that much in a while! Applied, can't wait.
Tom Hughes
looks awesome guys
<3 <3 <3