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Beautiful yet powerful tools for agile project management

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Jitesh Dugar
Jira is a great tool for agile project management but it comes with an expensive price tag. While looking for Jira alternatives, I came across this beautiful tool Codegiant that includes multiple features related to software development. Within this single platform, it has issue tracker, git repositories, CI and documentation. The documentation through Codegiant looks beautiful and has rich text editor. It is easy to create documents and share with others. Hope you like it 😇
Rishi Mathur
Hey Product Hunters! 😸 First off, a big thanks to @jiteshdugar for hunting Codegiant! We felt like none of the existing software development platforms focused on simplicity and great UX. We wanted to build a tool that was simple, powerful and could meet the needs of a development team (from issue tracking all the way to documentation). Over this past year we have been gathering feedback from our users and we feel that Codegiant is now worthy of a Product Hunt post. We have decided to keep Issue Tracker, Git Repositories and Documentation free forever. Major UI/UX enhancements and features will be released in the coming weeks. Here is a light list of what we have planned: Git Repositories will be redesigned to have a more native IDE feel. Documentation will undergo a major overhaul to include templates, more rich text items, and an enhanced search. Advanced issue tracker projects will get their own dedicated Epics panel. ….and tons more Look forward to all your feedback!! 👋 Cheers, Rishi & The Codegiant Team
Nguyen Long
it's actual easier to use than Jira ! good product !
Salem Nguyen
@tnlongxp Good product!
Calvin Walzel
It looks pretty amazing, but the pricing is too good to be true. Unlimited private repositories for free? CI that costs a quarter of the industry average? The whole platform is only usable via a desktop app? Somehow this project doesn't make me comfortable storing my code there.
Rishi Mathur
@busk I can assure that the pricing is not too good to be true. Codegiant has been running for over 1.5 years. We are self funded and have had customers using our product for the past 1.5 years. I have an infrastructure company which is what allows us to offer such low prices on CI. We are able to leverage my relationships with ISP/bandwidth providers to have such low costs. Believe it or not we still make money off the low CI prices. We plan to introduce several add on services which we will charge higher prices for: 1) Code coverage 2) A more robust (and simple) deploy tool with a focus on release management 3) More add on features for issue tracking 4) More add on features for documentation
Salem Nguyen
A little bit difference stype from Jira
Navin Gupta
I am so glad someone is building tools that don't make my eyes bleed when I have to manage a project.
Ayush Chandra
Great job!!😊 Super useful and handy
Sean O'Callahan
Beautiful product. Looking forward to testing it out!
Ruthanne T. Norton
No software is without bugs but what makes Codegiant great is the team behind it is proud of their work and care about their customers. Fast-evolving product with a highly agile team. They've listened to our feedback and always addressed concerns and bug reports quickly. Coming from being deeply rooted in Jira--which was rarely used to its full capacity because of how overwhelmingly confusing it is-- I appreciate Codegiant's straight-to-the-point focus on the development pipeline and excited to see what else they'll come up with. Really clean interface, while clearly built for developers by doesn't look like it was designed by one. My dev team works better and hits the ground running immediately.
Finally! This is AWESOME!
Nishchit Dhanani
yet another project management tool, but it looks pretty cool with all stuff which is very useful to the startups, I'm assuming that your plan is to cover up all the stuff for team, from project start to deploy. Great!! @rishikmathur
Ian Walter
Looks nice but why no teams/organizations namespace? If you create a repository, you have to create it under your username which seems nonideal.