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Blogging for Business

Build a blog that grows your business.

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Dennis Moons
Signed up a couple weeks ago, excited to see what you have to teach Tim! I look to the Ahrefs blogs for fundamental truths about SEO instead of old things rehashed into new blog posts. So as a teaser, what's one thing you see most people doing wrong with their blogs that hurts their chances of success?
Tim Soulo
@dennismoons if we define "success" as the growth of the revenue of your business, I see the main mistake is that people don't focus on topic that revolve around what their business does. I mean I can write about "how to make a gif image" and this will bring me a ton of traffic from Google, because tons of people are searching for it.. but I won't convert this traffic into customers of our SEO tool :)
Harris Roberts
@dennismoons @timsoulo I would define "success" as the growth in profit for your business. It's easy to get stuck focusing on revenue, but profit is what matters. Ads, for example, are an easy way to grow revenue, organic can really help your long-term profit.
Tim Soulo
@dennismoons @harrisroberts well.. my course focuses on passive search traffic.. so the ROI of your content marketing efforts go through the roof ;)
Enstine Muki
anxiously waiting for it
Tim Soulo
Hey guys & gils! I'm super excited to share our content marketing knowledge & experience with the PH community! This training course is based on a true story of how we grew traffic to Ahrefs Blog by 10x in the past 2 years and turned it into a solid customer acquisition channel for our business. I've shared almost everything I know about blogging & SEO and I'm sure that even experienced people will learn quite a few strategies. Looking forward to see you all inside ;)
Artëm Klimkin
Let's see what you got, Tim! Looking forward ;)
soner haci
I think there is a great need for b2b Tech startups to create a content marketing page and blog. I will signup and see what we can do. Looking forward
Asher Harris
Signed up! Looking forward to it.
Joe Goldstein
If I couldn't use Ahrefs, I'm not sure I'd stay in the industry. It's just that good. Listen to this dude. He knows what he's talking about.
Henri Lupen Alphonse
Looking forward to it
Armand Jay
Signed up! I can't wait 🙌
Looking forward to this one Tim :)
Brenda Cain
Very resourceful tutorials.