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Interchangeable 4K 360° & 3D 180° Camera

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Hello everyone! Thank you for hunting QooCam! Before releasing the QooCam, we were making professional VR shooting camera’s (up to $7,000 for one camera). The QooCam is our first consumer 3D camera. QooCam is the world’s first 4K camera that combines the most innovative features of both 360° & 3D stereo filming technology. Thanks to its unique 3 lenses, IMU stabilizer, and cutting-edge depthmap tech, QooCam features shake free, after-shooting refocus, 120 FPS, and time-lapse capabilities. 🎞 Here are its unique features: ~Real-time optical flow stitching - stitching photos will give you a much better result ~Thanks to its three lenses, we can use depth mapping to help you refocus your footage later with our app ~Using IMU sensors and an stablization algorithm, you can now always take shake-free photos ~Create awesome slow-mo’s at 120 FPS Thanks to its innovative features and design QooCam (while just being a prototype), has been already won several awards: CES Innovation Awards 2018, Silver Edison Awards 2018, iF Design Awards 2018, Reddot Award 2018!
@gxtivy is it street view compatible?
Raggy Lau
Looks like a very nice VR camera! Definitely a +1 that their expertise was in professional VR camera's before.
Ayush Chandra
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !! Would love to feature this on my tech website and review device ?
Paul Tomkinson
take my money - but first pls send to Casey for a comprehensive review
Johnny Pappas
Would love to try this for a film project.
carlos garcia
Gives us screw on replaceable lenses and you have my attention, if not, next!