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Dank Mono

The rather special coding font

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Phil Plückthun
Hiya, There are many coding fonts out there, but before you judge it too quickly, let me tell you the story of how “Dank Mono” came to be. There a lot of coding fonts out there that focus on rendering well at a wide range of font sizes. But when I previously used some of them, none were as beautiful as some display fonts out there. I really wanted a coding font that is designed with aesthetics in mind at reasonable font sizes like 14px. So this is why I eventually made Dank Mono! With the main goals of italics, having some ligatures, powerline symbols, and small details on every single letter. I hope you all like it! Cheers! Edit: One more thing, if you decide to buy Dank Mono please feel free to use this 15% coupon code: "producthunt27783"; Grab 'em while they're hot, since it's only valid for the first 30 people! :) Edit 2: The coupon has now been extended to more people (45)
Mo Rajabifard
Javier Diaz Chamorro
@_philpl I purchased the font :) Thanks man! Good job!
Zach Hudson
@_philpl anyyyymore coupons out there floating around? :) I'm itching to give this font a shot.
Hung Bui
@_philpl you got anymore coupon, I'd love to get my hand on this, wicked beautiful.
Phil Plückthun
@bcphung @zhud I've extended the coupon to be valid for 45 ppl :)
Zach Hudson
@bcphung @_philpl Purchased!
Leo Daniel
@_philpl could you give that coupon code one more round? So desperately want to use this beaut!
Rashied Imambaks
@_philpl could you provide another discount coupon please
Patryk Karny
@_philpl Is it possible to reactivate this coupon again ?
Stefan Gräwe
@_philpl @patrykkarny would be awesome :3
Zackky Muhammad
Hi @_philpl could you please give us a time-based coupon instead of a quantity-based one? This way, people won't ask you to extend it again and again cause it's really hard to get it this way.
Alex Casillas
This should be always your default font for programming! I've been using it since day 1 and I have to say it worth every single penny, ligatures and cursives makes it a delightful font! 👌🏻 💯% recommended to every developer out there in the wild! You won't regret!
It's pretty much San Francisco Mono and Operator Mono combined. I like it a lot :-)
Stefan Wirth
I write code everyday in life. However £40 for a monospaced font? If you buy this then congratulations, you clearly have money with which to set fire to.
Nico Bistolfi
@mickc79 I agree, it'll be good to have a separate licence for $1 or something similar to support the project and use it in my code editor, and the $40 license if you want to use it commercially or in your webpage for the code snippets
Joshua Pinter
I'd love to try it to see if it makes a difference in coding happiness. Never thought about changing the font, still using the default font in Sublime Text 3. I've only changed the theme and syntax highlighting.
Mike Coutermarsh
@_philpl Bought! Love the simple site you setup btw, very fast. What'd you use to implement the no user/pass login?
Phil Plückthun
@mscccc Hiya, cheers first of all for buying the font! :) I've implemented a custom system for the login and the emails are processed by Postmark
Dimitar Mihaylov
I wasn't sure, if it's reasonable enough to give $40 for a font (for EU citizens it's actually £40, even more). Yet, I decided to give it a go and support Phil's brave idea. I use mainly PHP and the font doesn't come that fancy for it, but front-end languages got a serious improvement. Generally speaking, it's the best font I've experienced on a Retina Mac. Great job! 👍
Gezim Hoxha
I find it quite unreadable...the italics mainly.
Tommy Marshall
Absolutely well intentioned, but overstates itself. Things that increase the value of your product, like research, was purposefully avoided, along with established patterns (Why? No reason given). Jargon like "monotone spacing" (which isn't a thing) is scattered throughout the post without explanation or definition. I fear this is an open source font with some added glyphs, bent corners, a medium post, and somehow got much more traffic than it deserves.
Phil Plückthun
@tommyjmarshall You find the Medium post to be lacking a description of the research behind the font? I find this assessment highly surprising as the post’s topic is not at all about *all* the choices that have been made, which is also a post I'm not interested in creating. Instead it displays a carefully selected set of glyphs to make a point about some of the font’s goals; I’m not a typographer so some of the jargon and phrasing is definitely not on point, but is clearly not something that reflects onto the post. I'd highly appreciate some feedback on Medium though ;) "Monotone spacing" for instance was intended to be just that: Spacing of glyphs that is monotonous thus not breaking the rhythm between glyphs. You're also free to inspect all the glyphs, but they've all been drawn from scratch, so what you'll find is *not* a remarketed OSS font, which would clearly be foul play otherwise.
Justin Scheetz
Just bought it and love it. Great work Phil!
Sujan Sundareswaran
I am no master typesetter, just a dude with a love for typography, and I'd like to offer my two cents— First impression is somewhat mixed, some characters are almost perfect, while most glyphs ooze with an amateurish feel. But as you said, you're a developer who made this typeface, so hats off to you! Next, the ultra-minute features are better off in a display typeface rather than a monospace coding font. They are way too small to make a difference, and I don't agree with the "contribute to the overall feel of the font." statement you made. The 'f' is brilliant. That is a feature that really gets noticed. But it stops there. The stroke contrast is glaringly inconsistent across glyphs, even more so in the Italic version. Some of those finials could use some rework. The italics is a bit of an overkill, in my opinion. I really hate Operator Mono, it lacks the subtle elegance of many of the costlier monospace typefaces, and sadly, this too falls in that bucket. Dank Mono is one of those products that will polarise users— they either love it or hate it. Personally, I think the normal version is brilliant for a first attempt, and I hate the italic variant. That said, I'd love to see a v2, there's a lot of potential here. And oh, its way too expensive at $40, without an trial, that too.
Luis Fernando Alvarez David
I would love to have a free trial :D
Mike Erickson
I have been on the fence for well over a year trying to decide if I wanted to purchase the Operator Mono font (it is quite pricey) and then along comes Dank Mono. Well, easily 6 months, I decided to pull the trigger! This font is awesome, well worth the cost of supporting a developer who has devoted time and energy. As a software development who gets paid for writing code, I think supporting a product such as this is the least I can do. Love it!