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Derek Shanahan
Anyone got an invite?
Jason Dainter
@dshan i've seen this and am on an early beta. Very impressed so far. We've been using totemapp but i've not been impressed by their lack of support and they haven't really updated the product in years. Pressroom definitely gets my vote.
Derek Shanahan
Still in private beta, wow.
Jason Dainter
Yeah, it's worth the wait though @dshan. Heres a preview, much cleaner than any other tool I've seen and love the twitter testimonial integration
Derek Shanahan
@jasondainter very slick. any clue on pricing model?
Jeremy Benaim
Thanks @jasondainter! @dshan we actually completely remodeled our product in February 2014 which explains why the beta invitation took so long to come :) As for the pricing, during the beta everything is free, the features available right now would most probably remain free for 90% of them, and there will be a freemium model with paying access to more advanced customization features, white-labeling and access to our API to be able to fully integrate our service with your website. There's also another big part which I cannot talk about yet but which will make our users lives so much easier, and would probably be a paying option too. But again, as long as we stay on beta everything is free, so it's the right time to ask for an invitation at :)
Dhanur Grandhi
Need to use this right now, but the site's down. Does anyone know of an alternative (besides Totem, that doesn't work at all)
Kirk McMurray
@dhanur I'm not sure what exactly you meant when you said @PressTotem "doesn't work at all" five months back, but I'd love to hear feedback - the good, the bad, and the ugly - about your experience. Plus, I'd like to invite you to give Totem 2.0 a spin. We just launched a couple of days ago, and you can ask for the @ProductHunt "insider" special.
Rafal Salak
@dhanur if you still need it, check Prowly here on @ProductHunt or simply visit It's a CRM for public relations and you can use it to build newsrooms, publish press releases, send them out to the media and then track performance of each campaign. Prowly will show you who received, opened and clicked your email. All the best!